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It's summer, the time we have all been trying to get in shape for. Now that summer is here, who wants to spend more time in the gym? Not me. And why should we? This is the PERFECT time to break up the routine a bit, take advantage of the outdoor weather, and stimulate new muscle growth and tone with a different type of workout. Personally, in the summer I switch to body weight and plyometric workouts for strength training. The awesome part of these workouts, is that although they are excellent at toning and strengthening your muscles, is for the most part, no gym is needed. They can be done on simple pieces of equipment such as pull up and dip bars, stairs, or resistance bands, most of which are found in regular public parks, or can be easily acquired at home. If you’re like me, NOTHING beats breaking a sweat in the outdoors with the sun shining down…..just replenishes your soul. What do you need? Less than $70 to $225 in equipment, depending on your preference. That’s pretty short change for being able to work out in the beautiful outdoors. 1. Resistance bands – typically $30-40 for a decent set 2. Push up bars - $30 3. If you really want to get fancy, you can purchase your own “power tower” for around $150, which typically is a simple piece of equipment that has a pull up bar and leg raise bar and dip station. So here’s my routine: In the summer, I’m typically trying to stay a little leaner and am less focused on putting on size, so my workouts typically involve a good amount of cardio, and maintain a very brisk pace, with less than 30 seconds of rest between each exercise. This type of training, which is typically called “circuit training", keeps your heart rate up, and burns fat as well as keeps you toned.


by Dr. Greu

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