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as what you can put into this flip like what did you pay for it and how much can you invest in it with your budget based off of what the comps are showing. To me the same applies if you are doing your personal home because you want to make sure that you have equity in your personal home. Just because it’s your personal home, you don’t want to over invest in it so you’re upside down that if you had to sell it you can’t get out of it because you put too much money in it and you’ve got to take a loss. So I would say the same thing applies, but you have to be extra careful on a flip because of the fact that you’re flipping it and you’re doing it to make money. AM: We love how throughout last season and based on the first episode of season 2, that we continue to see the rebuilding in a post Katrina era which makes New Orleans a character in the show as well. What is it about this city that you love so much and why is it important to continue to drive the point home that the effects of this devastating storm are still being felt today? ST: Considering it was one of the largest natural disasters I think it’s important to constantly let people know that certain areas of the city are still recovering and they haven’t fully recovered. What I love about the city of New Orleans is the history, the culture, the architecture, the music, and the food. When I look at other areas throughout the United States it’s hard to find the laid back kind of lifestyle that we have here with so much rich culture where you can just walk outside and have music on the street and see an artist painting. When you walk around the streets of New Orleans, you feel like you're in Europe as far a the architecture and the history and the beauty of it. It's different to me than any other area. I love New York and New York has a lot of great areas and history and culture, but it's so big and moving so fast that

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