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We are fans of CNBC, especially their primetime programming. With the second season of The Deed launching on June 13th, we were excited to talk to developer, Sidney Torres on the show, his success at flipping houses, his advice, and his passion for the city of New Orleans which is still coming back from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. ATHLEISURE MAG: We're excited for season 2 of The Deed. For our readers that may not be familiar with you, tell us about your background (would love to know more about SDT Waste and Debris Services) as well as (The Cove in the Bahamas), FQ Task Force, IV Capital and how you got into being a successful flipper. SIDNEY TORRES: I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do when I got out of high school and I had to get a job to figure out what I wanted to do. I went to work in the music business, first working the graveyard shift at a radio station and then I got a job working for a musician, Lenny Kravitz, traveling the world for a year and a half. I got fired after living the rock and roll lifestyle and thinking that I was Lenny instead of working for Lenny. That pushed me into going and getting a job working at a construction company sweeping the floor and learning that whole thing. I really enjoyed architecture and I liked real estate I just didn’t know anything about it so I got a job starting from the bottom and worked my way up to a foreman and then I ended up getting my own general contractors license and started doing my own real estate flips. The success in real estate is what gave me the ability to take on other challenges in the community like the crime app and other charity type events. When Hurricane Katrina hit and the city was in need of help and someone to clean it up, I ended up getting into the garbage business. There was a huge need and I ended up housing a

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