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Bingely Streaming naries. In one of the episodes, he actually records his podcast Hip Hop Saved My Life (which focuses on hip hop) and in another he has Lupe Fiasco in the TV show which is the inspiration for the name of his podcast. We highly suggest watching the show as well as checking out his star studded podcast!

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Season 6; July 27th Netflix Originals It's season 6 of one of our favorite Netflix shows, Orange is the New Black! Avid readers know that we have had 2 actresses - Vicky Jeudy and Alysia Reiner on our covers. We continue the journey of the female inmates of the Litchfield crew as the season ended with the 3 day riot that took place at the prison.

HIP HOP SAVED MY LIFE ROMESH RANGANATHAM Spotify We became obsessed with Romesh Ranganatham when we binged his Showtime TV Show, 'Just Another Immigrant' which covers this UK based comic who comes to America to do a show at the famed Greek Theater. Throughout the season (which you can watch On Demand), we see Romesh trying to promote his show with his family and various comedic

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Season 6 begins with our favorites in a new environment in maximum sexurity. Although there will be a few new faces to be sure, we will also see how a number of characters post the riot are continuing on. Will they continue to be connected with one another, will there be new alliances or will this be a new beginning in a completely different direction?

ESPN 30 FOR 30 | BIKRAM Spotify In the third season of 30 For 30, ESPN's podcast focuses on Bikram yoga for five episodes available

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