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We had the pleasure of talking with professional tennis player Sloane Stephens, who is ranked in the top 10 by the Women's Tennis Association. Her accolades include winning the US Open in 2017, as well as 6 WTA singles titles as well as representing Team USA in Tennis at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016! We took a moment to chat with Sloane about her early days of tennis, going pro, her goals for this year as she prepares for an array of matches, the importance of staying healthy, as well as information on the Sloane Stephens Foundation. ATHLEISURE MAG: At what point did you realize that you were going to be a tennis player and at what point did you realize that you were going to go pro? SLOANE STEPHENS: Well I started playing tennis early because I played across the street at the club and my mom always wanted me to be a tennis player and I don’t know why. I just started playing and it was just for fun. I started in summer camps and just across the street at the club and that’s just how I started. And then obviously, when I turned Pro, you have to decide whether you’re going to go to college or if you’re going to turn Pro. I got to that little middle ground and I was like, “ok I’m just going to try it and see what happens” and it worked out. Obviously when you’re starting out it’s tough because at the beginning you’re making the transition into Pros and it’s a different ballgame. That’s how I decided, it wasn’t anything that was profound, I just wanted to try it to see and hoped that it would work out – so I just went for it. AM: You won the US Open in 2017, what are your goals to reclaim that title this year? SS: Well obviously, every tournament that you go into each year, the draws are always different in terms of who you will be playing with, so there is a whole different scenario. I think that for me, the important part is staying

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