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HIP AREAS Karitsi Square (J10

Syntagma )

A leading hotspot in Athens's nightlife


t has been the place-to-be for the last few years and is now struggling to hold this position against Agias Irinis Square. Here’s some name-dropping...

Toy Bar A favourite haunt of journalists and the old Karitsi guard, this place was the first in the area and it thrives to this day while competitors open up and close down on a weekly basis.

Gin Joint More than 65 varieties of gin shaken to imagina-

tive cocktails and combined with really interesting music by a different disc jockey every night.

Stin Priza Many have tried to count them but after a few

drinks, none ever remembers how many sockets feature on its walls. It loves 90s music, especially Britpop or Manchester classics.

Pairi Daeza The oldest bar on the square. Took its name

from the Persian word for “heaven”. Vespa friendly and always ready to throw a party.


(Map K9



t stands for “dance over thinking”. Industrial architecture, green garden, a huge variety of cocktails served in spectacular glasses and music ranging from funk/soul to disco/house.

Ktena 1, Syntagma

(+30) 6942 400897

Drunk Sinatra

(Map J9



he in-joke has it that this is the place for Athens’s avid Twitter users but you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the bar or outside on the pedestrian street even if you don’t have an account. You could call it the most popular bar in Athens over the last couple of years. Posters of Frankie on the wall, of course.

Thisseos 16, Syntagma


(Map J8

(+30) 210 3313733



eally cool place – how could it be any different when the name is inspired by “The Big Lebowski” – with the typical narrow corridor of Athens bars and an “allinclusive” music suggestion.

Kalamiotou 14, Syntagma


(Map J8



n impressive décor inspired by the interwar period. It hosts different kind of performances. You can call it a modern cabaret if you please.

Athinaidos 12 & Kalamiotou, Monastiraki


(Map J11



RS bestofwaww. thens.g r amazing view The roof garden of the hotel A For Athens

(Map J7 Monastiraki) is one of the best places to have your cocktail, with a stunning view to the Acropolis. Miaouli 2-4, Monastiraki (+30) 210 32 44 244

HIP AREAS Agias Irinis Squaree (J7



he currently most spoken about piazza of Athens. Outdoor tables on the pedestrian street and forward and gay-friendly café-bars in the shadow of the St. Irini church. A new, hot addition this season is the pizza-bar “School”, a hip hangout place with school-like décor. The other “in” place at the moment is the all-day café bar “Zaf”. Buy a souvlaki from the famous “Costa” place (it closes at 16:30). “Throubi”, “Tailor Made”, “Magaze”, “Rooster”, “Kapaki” and "Osterman" are popular choices for coffee, drinks and homemade sweets.

74 _ CITY GUIDE summer 2014


(Map J9



(+30) 210 3234095


f there is such a thing as a classic bar, this small place in downtown Athens is one of them. Mr. John behind the bar serves every night –in typical “Mad Men” manner– the city’s arty types, politicians, journalists and bohemian urbanites.

Stadiou 10, Syntagma Closed Sun

(+30) 210 3227733


ts owner used to live there and he really handmade it himself giving the place an authentic friendly “homy” atmosphere. Soul/jazz/funk/reggae soundtrack and 30someting “easy” crowd.

Thisseos 18, Syntagma


(Map J10



he exact opposite of its name, a tiny bar located in a central “stoa” (gallery), featuring eclectic electronic and funky tunes.

Leka 10

(+30) 211 0145804

Say "sketo" when you want your drink straight.

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