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Greece explained. Sort of.

ATHENS: WHERE’S THE GLORY? ASCENT & DESCENT Most parts of Athens look like San Francisco. Readjusting your balance is what walking is about as much as trying to avoid holes on broken pavements. It’s an adrenaline rush. Enjoy it. SMALL SIDEWALKS Small enough for a Hobbit. Lately, Athenians are grateful for the center’s large new pedestrian circuit uniting archaeological sites. ONE WAY STREETS Everywhere. PARKING SPACE Minimal. FACILITIES FOR THE DISABLED Forget it. 14 _ CITY GUIDE summer 2014

RICH & POOR In Athens, the “good and rich” areas don’t look very different from the poorer ones. Only inside the houses you can tell. Maybe it’s one of Democracy’s effects... NEOCLASSICAL HOUSES Unfortunately, all too many of the beautiful neoclassical buildings of the 19th century were demolished during Athens’s rapid expansion after WW II, but several have survived. DO GREEKS SPEAK ENGLISH? Many Greeks know English but appreciate a two-way effort. MALAKA Meaning wanker. The most common offensive verbal abuse especially if you add a certain gesture. Otherwise it’s rather mild. It is even used in a tender, softer spoken

Eng Guide 2014  
Eng Guide 2014