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February 9, 2011 Vol. LXXX No. 17

Concord Charlie predicts early spring Check us out By Liston Pennington

Staff Writer Concord’s Groundhog Watchers gathered early Wednesday Feb. 2 in the Jerry L. Beasley Student Center Ballroom to celebrate the University’s 33rd Annual Groundhog Day Breakfast and to find out how soon spring will be here. The Watchers shared food, fellowship, and Concord folklore as they were joined by the Grand Groundhog Watcher in anticipation of the yearly prediction. This year’s Grand Groundhog Watcher honor was bestowed to Concord graduate and Mercer County native Scott A. Martin. Martin graduated from Concord with a degree in Commu-

nications in 1993 and has since gone on to become a film industry personality known for his work with Sorry Dog Productions. During the ceremony Martin shared his personal ties to Concord and the Athens area when he originally enrolled. “My roots are here. My family, my mom, my dad, my fiancée, they’re all here,” Martin said. He also shared some of his experiences working in the film industry. “Finally, one day I got a call from somebody on the film ‘High Fidelity’ and they wanted me to be John Cusack’s stand-in,” he said. Martin went on to explain his role during 59 days of shooting as a stand-in on set. “If John Cusack had to jump in the mud, then I had

to do it 20 times,” he said. He concluded by expressing that, “Any dream takes persistence.” Following Martin’s speech, the ceremony moved into the announcement portion of the morning’s program with University President Gregory F. Aloia. “I have a dilemma; I have not been able to reach Concord Charlie,” said Aloia to the crowd. “I went by his burrow this Photo by Sterling Snyder morning, I left a message, I’ve texted him, I went to President Aloia speaks with University alumnus Scott Martin, his Facebook, I tweeted who spoke at the Groundhog Day Breakfast Feb. 2., where Conhim…and we’ve been in cord Charlie predicted an early Spring. touch over the last few days because we’ve been trying to line this up,” contin- up the festive mood while the ued Aloia in jest during the Groundhog Watchers waited good-natured ceremony. for the official results of the Aloia shared the goings-on morning’s outing. He even See Spring on page 2 of Charlie’s family to keep shared Concord Charlie’s

Beautiful madness SGA addresses grievances, discusses new amendments By Kelly Connors

Opinions Editor This week’s SGA meeting began with a reminder that the position of secretary is still open and that applications will be taken until the end of the day. Also discussed were policies that the SGA Office Manager, which in the past was the secretary, had put in place. Attorney General Chris Matheny announced that no one in the SGA Of-

fice, including the President, Vice President, or any other SGA Officer, was required to enforce any rules the Office Manager decided to create, such as no food or drink in the SGA office. There were two complaints brought up to the SGA this week, one being the lack of a punching bag in the fitness center, and the other was the absence of the Nickelodeon channel after a short power outage on campus. The punching bag was said to be broken and in the process of

being replaced, while Nickelodeon has recently been restored to campus cable so students can once again get their fix of “The Nanny.” Then, Attorney General Matheny addressed the issue of missed court dates. Several students had recently complained about missing their court dates and wanting to make them up. Matheny explained that all students

will be the victim of sexual assault during her academic career. A common problem is that the term “sexual assault” often has a different meaning per individual. Sexual assault is clearly defined in the Concord Student Handbook as “sexual intercourse and/or sexual intrusion with another person without the consent of that person. Lack of consent may result from forcible compul-

sion or incapacity to consent.” Therefore, an individual under the influence of drugs or alcohol would be considered lacking the mental capacity to consent, causing any sexual acts to possibly fall under the umbrella of sexual assault. While it is defined, the concept of sexual assault seems

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Service Council All-Nighter Eco Club

Campus police, university Polar Bear Plunge work to fight sexual assault Arts &

By Jeremy Sallie

Staff Writer Last semester, a Concord student was sexually assaulted on the Athens campus. This student is not alone, according to Kathleen Hirsch, author of “Fraternities of Fear: Gang Rape, Male Bonding, and the Silencing of Women.” At least one in four college women

Photo by Joel Hagy Matt Hamilton portrays Papagano, a patient in a mental asylum, whose madness drives him to catch beautiful birds, portrayed here by Jessica Stewart. CU’s opera, “The Magic Flute” begins Thursday in the Fine Arts Building.

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Students, staff pleased with Open Mic Night News Editor Concord University SAC sponsored its first Open Mic Night Jan. 31 at the Subway stage with over 30 students attending and over a dozen performers. “For the short amount of time we had to advertise for it, I’m pleased with the turnout and the number of student performers we had,” Anna Hardy, Director of Student Activities, said. Open Mic Night is a monthly event that will eventually become a fully SACsponsored event, complete with the attendance sheet that will allow students more opportunities to win prizes in SAC’s raffle drawings. “Open Mic Night has a lot of

room to grow,” Hardy said. “If there’s enough interest, it will happen every other week, instead of monthly, and if it gains enough popularity, we’ll provide free drinks and popcorn.” Freshman Cassie Goodwin said she thinks drinks would encourage more people to attend, but she had fun without an extra incentive. “I’d go again just to go,” Goodwin said. “It was entertaining and it gave me something to do besides sit around.” SAC member James Blankenship also feels that refreshments will help promote interest. “Free refreshments draw people,” Blankenship said. “People show up to get them and then they stay to see what’s happening.” Timothy Brown read a few original poems as his

performance for the event. “I just felt like doing it. I had my poetry, so I read them,” he said. Brown said that the opportunity to perform was very rewarding and that his response was generally positive. “It was actually a lot of fun and it gave me some real-world experience with being in front of a crowd,” Brown said. In addition to poetry readings, there were acoustic performances, beat boxing, character impersonations, and short testimonials. “There was a lot of really good stuff,” Brown said. “The beat boxing was really cool, because you don’t see a lot of that. There was quite a bit of talent on stage. I was surprised.” Hardy said that the idea for a monthly event came

from conversations with students who were interested. “It was a really nice idea. It’s an inexpensive way for students to enjoy each other’s talents,” she said. Hardy also said that the variety Open Mic Night offered was something SAC wanted to try in response to some of the criticisms that the Comedy Caravan received. “We’re still looking for the best route in regards to Comedy Caravan,” she said. “It’s really hard to find a comedian everyone likes. I think we’re just still not sure what kind of humor is best for Concord.” Blankenship also said that Open Mic Night offered more to the audience as a whole. “Comedy is a personal thing,” Blankenship said. “Open Mic gives you variety. You can read poetry; you can

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do anything. Everyone gets to show their special talents in a freeform environment, which can speak to more people. Comedy is hit and miss.” Hardy said that the Open Mic Night talents could become a more common spectacle on campus if there was enough interest. “We want to set up various venues for students if they want to perform,” Hardy said. “I want to find new ways for students to be involved.” SAC meets every Sunday at 9:30p.m. at the Subway stage. Hardy said that all ideas are welcome. “The group really works on suggestions,” she said. “We’re just trying to keep the students happy.”

Weather Trivia What is the record for the most consecutive hours below zero in the lower 48 states?



Snow Possible Partly Cloudy 31/20 33/16






Sunny 38/20

Mostly Cloudy 42/29

Sunny 50/32

Mostly Sunny 51/35

Partly Cloudy 48/34

Precip Chance: 30% Precip Chance: 10% Precip Chance: 0% Precip Chance: 10% Precip Chance: 0%

Precip Chance: 5% Precip Chance: 10%


Answer: In January 1969, Havre, Mont. sank below zero for nearly 400 hours.

By TJ Meadows

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Florida judge shoots down ‘Obama-care’ plan

was deemed unconstitutional. USA Today reports that “Obama White House officials called the ruling ‘judicial activism,’ and the Justice Department announced it would appeal: ‘We strongly disagree with the court’s ruling today and continue to believe— as other federal courts have found—that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional.’” This marks the second federal judge that has ruled against President Obama’s healthcare bill—the first coming from Virginia earlier this year. The bill has also been deemed constitutional by two other federal judges. Because of the split decision of the groups, it is highly Photo from probable that “Obama-care,” Depicts President Obama as a doctor. This form of propaganda as it has become known, will originated during the 2010 midterm elections and has continued be a contentious case to head through the continuing court battles over the legislation. to the U.S. Supreme Court. It is not clear which way the federal court will lean on This ruling came through this case if they were to hear By Dustin Blankenship a suit brought by 26 differ- it at this time; however, the Student Life Editor ent states. Judge Vinson, in American public appears to his opinion, declared that re- be split. The bill was a maOn January 31, 2011, a quiring Americans buy health jor issue in the midterm elecshot was heard around the insurance violates the rights tions and all 47 senate Recountry. U.S. District Judge of American citizens. Ac- publicans have vowed to Roger Vinson of Florida cording to Judge Vinson, support a repeal of the law, if deemed the universal health- penalties for mandatory in- it is discussed by the senate. care laws, passed through the dividual insurance are key The U.S. House of Represendemocratic congress in the components of the bill. Be- tatives voted earlier this month last session, unconstitutional. cause of this, the entire act to repeal the law and it is to be

heard by the Senate. Democratic Senators have vowed to block any such repeal attempts through legislation, and President Obama has already planned to veto any such measures. Because of this, clarification won’t come any time soon. According to USA Today, “The States that sued argue that Congress and the federal government cannot force to engage in commerce; i.e., buy health insurance. The federal government argues that it—and the taxpayers—often pick up medical costs incurred by the uninsured, making healthcare a legitimate object of regulation.” BBC reports, “The president’s landmark legislation, passed last March, would provide coverage to more than 30 million uninsured people. The law would also expand a Medicaid program for the poor and provide tax credits to make premiums more affordable for the middle class. Republicans have attacked the reform as costly and job-killing.” With an appeal looming by the Department of Justice, time will only tell whether the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. And, until this decision is made—and even after— there will be much arguing on both sides of the fence for universal healthcare reform.

olence against women […] a society where violence is seen as sexy and sexuality as violent.” This essentially provides support for sexual assault in our society. Officer Dawn Smith of Concord University aims to change this cultural norm. As a member of the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), Smith works to prevent sexual assault by

time to get involved,” aimed at bystanders in an effort to prevent the spread of sexual violence by promoting awareness. Officer Smith is working closely with the Concord staff to schedule multiple events for the month of April, including speeches at both male and female dormitories, along with activities such as Jeans for


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to be misconstrued by what many call a rape culture. In the 1993 book, “Transforming A Rape Culture,” the term “rape culture” is defined as “a complex of beliefs that encourages male sexual aggression and supports vi-

making students aware of potential dangers and educating them on tough issues. “Awareness, plus education, equals prevention,” Officer Smith said. She hopes that Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) will help spread awareness. At the start of April, the 2011 SAAM will kick off with the theme: “It’s


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New Years’ Resolution. “Concord Charlie said he, ‘wanted to live forever.’ So the next day I texted him and asked him how that resolution was going and he texted back, ‘Well, so far, so good,’” Aloia said.


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are given court date notices in their mailboxes since there is no other reliable way to get the information to students that were written up, and that if a student misses a court date because they do not check their mailbox, there is nothing the SGA can do to help. SGA President Belcher announced that some progress is being made with the Student Center renovations, and renovations will begin once the renovation committee decides where to relocate the bookstore. Belcher also announced that the dining contract that Concord University has with Aramark is up at the end of the semester and that Justice and the wearing of a teal ribbon to represent sexual assault awareness. Officer Smith also had the following suggestions for sexual assault victims: •Do not wipe or brush away any possible evidence •Place evidence in a dry paper bag •Refrain from showering •Seek medical attention Now is the time to get in-

The Concordian Announcements Board Don’t waste time and paper putting up flyers all over campus. Reach your audience using

The light humor lead up to the anticipated text message from Concord Charlie, which Aloia announced as stating, “I did not see my shadow. Spring will be here soon!” The anticipation and jests of the morning were rewarded with a promise of warmer weather to come at the close of this year’s Groundhog Day breakfast. there is a committee that is going over the new contract. The SGA body voted to discuss four amendments on Wednesday the 9th. These amendments move SGA elections up to February, restructuring committees and correcting discrepancies regarding the number of absences allowed before an organization’s voting rights are revoked, and that no bylaw can be discussed if it conflicts with the SGA’s constitution. Vice President Dustin Blankenship announced that he is beginning to plan Spring Fling, and asked that any students with suggestions submit them to him. Also, Chelsea Rowe was appointed to the position of senator in order to fill the position after a senator resigned last semester.

volved. If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a SART member. Their contact information can be found on flyers posted throughout campus. Oficer Smith and the rest of the SART team want to prevent any further incidents on campus to maintain a safe environment for students.

The Concordian Announcements Board. All organizations, individuals, and departments are encouraged to submit short announcements about events on campus or requests from the community. Email to submit an announcement or to inquire for further information. Mile End Community Mission`s Annual Singing Valentines. Monday, February 14th, 3pm - 7pm We call friends, partners, spouses, children, grandparents, granchildren to sing a valentine to the person chosen. Contact: Lori Olson at (514) 274-3401 The Student Center Office will be collecting greeting cards for the St. Jude’s Ranch Recycling Card Program. The backs of the cards should be removed and all must be 5” x 7” or less in size. No Hallmark, Disney, or American Greeting cards are accepted. Deadline for submission is February 22, 2011. For more information, contact (304) 384-5310 or email either or The Greenbier Classic promises to be the most exciting stop on the PGA TOUR FedExCup Series. From record-setting finishes to megastar concerts, The Greenbrier Classic will be the envy of the PGA TOUR FedExCup Series. Complimentary admission to the 2011 Greenbrier Classic Concert Series are available with the purchase of your weekly badge package. Concert tickets are not sold separately. This year’s line-up includes Tim McGraw and Luke Bryan performing on Thursday, July 28th and capping off an exciting week of golf with Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert performing on Saturday, July 30th 2011. Don’t miss your opportunity to be apart of the biggest and most exciting stop on the PGA TOUR this summer. Buy your weekly badges today! EXPLORING ELITE OPPORTUNITIES Webinar Featuring: Don Asher, Jason Morris and Nichole Fazio-Veigel February 16, 2011, 3:30 pm Library Room B19 •Most recognizable awards •Most elite experiential programs •Equity-based opportunities to support underrepresented students •Resources for international students •Writing compelling personal statements •Eye-catching resumes •Obtaining strong letters of recommendations

The Student Government Association (SGA) has regular meetings Wednesdays at 4p.m. in the Stateroom. All students are invited to attend. Concord Color Fridays-Show Your Concord Spirit! Wear maroon and gray or your Concord gear on Fridays! Go CU! LinkedIN or LeftOUT Webinar Featuring: Jenny DeVaughn February 24, 2011. 1:00 pm Rahall Technology Center 315A Webinar will cover: •Optimized LinkedIn profile to make a positive first impression •Understanding of LinkedIn functions specifically for college graduates and professionals in transition •Daily and weekly activities to boost your professional brand online using LinkedIn •Advice, tips and much more! Did you have a dull Tuesday night? You should have made an appearance at Movie Night hosted by SAC! Next time, come out and enjoy the fun. Sara Cameron, Staff Writer Fall 2011 Student Teaching Applications are due in the Division of Education Office by 4 p.m. February 11, 2011.

The Spanish Program and the Division of Languages and Literature at Concord University is happy to present Portafolio. Portafolio is an online magazine that showcases critical and creative perspectives composed by Concord students on issues surrounding Hispanic or Latino Spanish communities. The purpose of this publication is to create a forum for an interdisciplinary discussion in both English and Spanish about contemporary social, political and cultural issues of importance to the Hispanic world. In this the inaugural edition, the editorial committee asks for submissions that directly deal with notions of social, political, cultural, and/or sexual difference and debate. This call is open to all genres of artistic creation and may include, but is not restricted to, short story, essay, and photography and other plastic art forms. All entries will be reviewed by an outside committee and all participants will be notified. A selection of entries will be chosen for publication. The entry the selection names as the feature will receive a monetary award. For more information, contact: Matthew Edwards Ph.D., Concord’s Circle K International is helping sponsor a fundraiser with the Princeton/Athens Kiwanis Club this Thursday, February 10, 2011 from 5-8p.m. at the Bob Evans in Princeton, WV, to raise funds to charter an Aktion Club in our community. Aktion Club is a service organization branched from the Kiwanis family that is tailored specifically to adults with disabilities. 15% of each sale made with a fundraising flyer will be donated by Bob Evans to our cause. Please contact Julie Meikle at for more information. Fall Student Teacher Placement Meeting Wednesday, February 23rd at 3:30 p.m. in Marsh Hall Room 320

Miss Nguyen Thi Kim Chung, a law professor at the National Law University in Hanoi, Viet Nam, is scheduled to deliver a talk to Concord University on Thursday, February 10. 2011. At 2 PM in ADMIN 321, Miss Chug will discuss the Constitutions of Viet Nam and the United States. Miss Chung earned her undergraduate and masters degrees in law in Hanoi and presently is a lecturer in law at the National Law University of Hanoi. This academic year, she is a Fulbright Scholar visiting George Washington University in Washington, DC. When Ho Chi Mihn wrote the Constitution of Viet Nam following the Second World War, he is said to have consulted the U. S. Constitution as a model. Miss Chung’s talk will address similarities of the constitutions of the two countries. All interested persons are invited. Miss Sophie Woodruff is scheduled to speak in the Marsh Library Presidents Room from 2-3 PM on Thursday, February 10. Her talk will concern how Concord students may become involved with Fulbright Program study abroad opportunities. Admission to Miss Woodruff’s talk is open to all interested students, faculty and staff. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Woodruff got interested in the Fulbright Progam and studied in Germany. She now works for CDS International, a New York City firm that promotes global training opportunities.

February 9, 2011 Page 3

Lewisburg up for “Coolest Small Town”

By Crystal Poe

This is not the first small town in West Virginia to be Staff Writer up for this honor though; in 2006 Fayetteville was That’s right; West Virgin- up for this nomination and ia’s own Lewisburg is up for won. Still, what makes Coolest Small Town and as it Lewisburg such a cool town stands right now it’s winning to visit? One reason is that the race followed by the close Lewisburg is home to one second Astoria, Oregon. The of only four Carnegie Halls competition is held annually in the world, which brings by Budget Travel, a maga- great musicians and theater zine dedicated to finding performance to the state. great places to go. The defiAnother reason Lewisburg nition given by Budget Trav- is a great choice for Coolel for Coolest Small Town is est Small Town is the annual a town with a population un- Lewisburg Chocolate Fesder 10,000 that is starting to tival held every April. Durget a lot of attention. To be ing this festival the mayor of considered the Coolest Small Lewisburg dresses as Willy Town the town has to be Wonka as the town celebrates edgy, not a place that would the beloved dessert. If these make for a great retirement two things are not enough community. Out of the 80 to convince you, the sheer nominations received, the beauty of the town should. list was narrowed down to The historic district is full 20 potential candidates, and of beautiful buildings and after all the votes have been in the winter they have wacast, the list will be narrowed terfalls that freeze in place. down further to name the top Lewisburg has truly earned 10 Coolest Small Towns in its nomination and hopefully America. Some of the nomi- will with the competition. nees include Clayton, NY; La The polls close February Pointe, WI; and Cedar Key, 11 and you are allowed to FL, rounding out the top vote once every five hours. five as the votes stand now. If you think West Virginia

Charleston, W.Va. The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (Commission) has launched an online efficiencies project. The online project is the result of the work of the Efficiencies Task Force, which was established by the Commission’s Chancellor Brian Noland and chaired by Marshall University President Stephen Kopp. The Task Force’s final report, which was presented to the Commission in late January, provided a framework for the discussion and implementation of public higher education operational efficiencies, cost-saving measures, and improvements at both the statewide and institutional level. This effort to create sustainable improvement for the benefit of the state’s students is available at www. Dr. Brian Noland, the Com-

mission’s Chancellor said, “the launch of the West Virginia Higher Education Efficiencies Project is a commitment from higher education to increase cost savings while expanding college access opportunities for all West Virginians. Through the leadership of President Kopp, the Task Force has created a foundation for greater communication, information-sharing, and collaboration as a means to help overcome anticipated budgetary challenges facing higher education and the State of West Virginia during these uncertain economic times.” “Without a doubt, every public college/university has the incumbent responsibility to utilize its resources to generate the greatest value that it can possibly create for the constituents it serves. Service on this task force has been rewarding because of the commitment shown by members and their advocacy and attention to this responsibility,”

Photos from Lewisburg, WV, is nominated for “Coolest Small Town” in the US for its cultural landmarks and beautiful architecture.

should get the honor of being home to the Coolest Small Town in America again, go to Budget Travels website and vote for Lewisburg. There is also a link on Lewisburg’s website (www. that will take you straight to the vot-

said President Kopp. “However, they recognize, as I do, that for almost four decades we, as a nation, have been deceiving ourselves with public policy decisions and actions that have slowly divested government from its obligation to fund student access to affordable public higher education. The notion that somehow we can cost cut our way to improving the quality, access, and affordability of public institutions of higher learning is simply not realistic. The time is now to rethink and reframe our public discourse and public policies in ways that amplify the extraordinary value created by our public higher education institutions as economic multipliers, as well as the profound, direct influence our universities have on the health and well-being of our people and our diverse social, cultural, ethical, financial economic, environmental, and global foundations. I, for one, look forward to a vibrant and

‘College Goal Sunday’ offers free assistance in applying for financial aid this free workshop. Anyone planning to attend colAthens, W.Va. lege next fall can participate, including graduating high The West Virginia Higher school seniors, returning colEducation Policy Commis- lege students, or adult stusion (Commission) will dents interested in returning host the second annual Col- to school to earn a degree or lege Goal SundaySM event certificate. Students, or poFebruary 13 at 18 locations tential students, who particithroughout the state. Stu- pate in the workshop will be dents and parents can receive entered in a drawing to win assistance completing the one of 18 Apple iPads being Free Application for Fed- given away across the state. eral Student Aid (FAFSA) Many sites will also offer during the free workshops. free income tax preparation Dr. Adam Green, Director services through a partnerof Student Success and P-20 ship with the West Virginia Initiatives, said, “we are ex- Volunteer Income Tax Astremely pleased to offer this sistance (VITA) program. opportunity for our students Students and families and families to receive per- should bring a driver’s lisonalized, one-on-one sup- cense, both the student’s port in navigating the finan- and parent’s Social Security cial aid application process.” number, 2010 tax records (or Financial aid experts will be 2009 records if 2010 forms on hand to help students and are not yet available), 2010 families complete and submit untaxed income records, and the FAFSA and explore addi- information about investtional financial aid resourc- ments and bank account bales that may be available. ances. All information that is Online pre-registration is provided will be submitted recommended, but not re- through the federal governquired for participation in ment’s secure FAFSA net-

work. Volunteers at College Goal Sunday sites will keep students’ and families’ financial and other information private. A full list of site locations, times, items families should bring, and other details is available through the College Foundation of West Virginia (CFWV), the state’s college access web portal, located at College Goal SundaySM was created by the Indiana Student Financial Aid Association with funding from Lilly Endowment, Inc., and with supplemental support from Lumina Foundation for Education. College Goal SundaySM West Virginia is coordinated by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission in partnership with the West Virginia Association of Financial Aid Administrators, the YMCA, college access organizations such as TRiO and GEAR UP, and the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Bureau for Children and Families.

dancing at Club Maximus. There, the 17-year-old colBluefield Daily Telegraph lege visitor was allegedly On January 24 Depu- punched in the face by a ty W.E. Rose received a Bluefield man, resulting complaint by phone from in a broken orbital bone a mother, who said her and a crushed sinus cavity. Rose located the suspect, son was visiting Concord University to con- who did advise that he sider playing football. punched someone at the club During his visit, the after they argued verbally. The officer was awaitmother advised that the ing further statements, son and several Concord but he reported that a Univeristy football playwarrant was pending. ers went out drinking and

The Aluminum Show comes to CMC

ing polls. Is the town of By Catherine Jackson Lewisburg really the Coolest Small Town in the United Staff Writer. States? For now it is, and hopefully come February The Aluminum Show is 11 the rest of the United States will believe so too. an impressive spectacle that tours the world and has combined dance, music, art and (as its name implies) aluminum, all of which combined create a visually stunning masterpiece: and it’s coming to town. The Aluminum public dialogue on this topic.” Show will perform at PrincThe online project, a part- eton’s Chuck Mathena Cennership with the West Virginia ter on February 10 at 8p.m. The concept for the AlumiCouncil for Community and Technical College Educa- num Show was developed by tion (Council) and the state’s Ilan Azriel and Ella Munkpublic colleges and universi- Azriel, who wanted to create a spectacular event based on ties, includes a collection of the personification of indusnational, regional, and insti- trial and recycled materials. tutional reports and best prac- The show debuted in Jerusatices. “The new Master Plan: lem during the Israel festival 2010-2015 calls for increased in 2003 and has since taken efficiencies and cost-saving off and continued to sell out initiatives by all community night after night in notable and technical colleges. This venues, including those in project will assist our colleges in meeting the goals outlined in our Master Plan.”, said Mr. James Skidmore, the Council’s Chancellor. The project is intended to provide a platform Press Release for institutions to increase access to information and gain Athens, W.Va. a better sense of understanding regarding the opportunity The Concord University for the development of new Board of Governors will efficiencies and the expanmeet Tuesday, Feb. 15, sion of existing efficiencies. 2011 at 10 a.m. via teleconference from The Concord Room (201A Marsh Hall.) An agenda will be available prior to the meeting. Minutes and in-

Greece, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Germany, and are currently in the middle of their U.S. tour. According to the Aluminum Show’s website, the show “tells the story of a young machine determined to reunite with its parents. During its travels through a futuristic world ruled by bizarre technology, it finds adventure, excitement and even a human friend, who does whatever it takes to get it back home in one piece.” If you are interested in attending the show, you can purchase your ticket by calling the Chuck Mathena Center at (304) 425-5128, or you can go online at, or pick one up at the box office. The tickets are an affordable $25 for adults and $20 for students and children. To learn more about the show, check out their site:

CU Board of Governors to meet Feb. 15

Check us out online at

Press Release

CU visitor maliciously wounded

As reported in the

State higher education system launches online efficiencies project

Press Release


formation about board meetings may be accessed on the University’s web site. Log on to, Administration, Board of Governors. For more information, contact Sharon Manzo, administrative assistant to the president, at 1-304-384-5224 or

Upcoming Events: “Like the Back of My Hand” Gameshow for couples/ friends - Feb. 9, Subway Stage 8p.m. The Magic Flute opera - Feb. 10-12, Fine Arts Auditorium 7:30p.m. Anti-Valentines Up-All-Night - Feb. 11, Gameroom 11p.m. Free Date Night showing “Life As We Know It” - Feb. 12, Admin 237 9:30p.m. Ping Pong Tournament - Feb. 16, Gameroom 8p.m. Leah Morris Songs of the Civil Rights Movement - Feb. 17, Subway Stage 8p.m. Free Friday Giveaway - Feb. 18, Student Center Ground Floor 11a.m.-1p.m. “Hotel Rwanda” showing - Feb. 22 & 25, Admin 237 7p.m. Chicken Soup for the Multicultural Soul - Feb. 23, Subway Stage 11a.m. Concord Idol - Feb. 23, Subway Stage 8p.m. Open Mic Monday - Feb. 28, Subway Stage 9p.m.

Page 4 February 9, 2011

Student Life

WHAT DO YOU THINK... About Greek Life at Concord? By Dustin Blankenship

Student Life Editor

Josh Warden Freshman “It’s kind of cool, but I haven’t gotten to participate yet.”

Grace Hurney Junior “It’s a great opportunity to grow as a person.”

Jeff MIller Senior “It’s been a fun experience. I highly recommend checking it out. It’s not for everyone, but I’m proud to be a Phi Sig.”

Concord service council sets goals for spring semester By Crystal Poe

Staff Writer This past Tuesday Concord University’s Service Council held its first meeting of the semester, and it has a lot of projects planned for the upcoming semester. Service council, for those who don’t know, is a place for all organizations to come and discuss the service projects they have coming up and if they need help they can ask other organizations to participate. These meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month, and all organizations are encouraged to join in. There were many projects discussed at this meeting. The United Way is planning to partner up with the Athens tutoring program and do

a spaghetti dinner at Athens Baptist Church, tentatively scheduled for February 28th. The ladies of Delta Zeta are planning to do their no talenttalent show again this semester, no set date yet. Bonner brought up 2011 WV Make it Shine, which is a state wide clean-up, spring break service project in Wheeling, box city, and Earth Day. The Service Council as a whole has chosen to support the Athens Skate Park Project, and plans on holding a Community Night Out fundraiser event at the gym and pool. The proceeds earned from this event will go toward the project which has currently raised a total of $1,400 and expects to receive a grant for $3,500 for the spring. The money they have earned so far will go toward clearing and paving an area for

Paige Robbins, Sophomore “It’s Great!!!!”

Cody Smith Sophomore “Greeks could be a little more involved with athletics, but I have several Greek friends and enjoy their company.”

the park, but more funds will be needed to purchase ramps and other equipment for the skate park. The tentative schedule for this event is Saturday, April 9, 2011 from 3-7p.m. If your organization would like to participate contact Anna Hardy at anna.mills@gmail. com for more information. The Service Council would also like to know what service organizations are doing around campus. If your organization has service projects coming up or any pictures of projects your groups have done you can send them to Anna Hardy. These will go up on the Service Council board on the second floor of the student center, and will show the Concord community the good that the students are doing locally.

First all-nighter Feb. 11 Eco club begins film series

Photo from King-Corn The Movie

By TJ Meadows

News Editor

The first Gameroom all-nighter of the semester is scheduled for Friday, Feb.11 in celebration of “Anti-Valentine’s.” Gameroom Manager Eric Cox said that the theme was created to be different from the usual Valentine’s affair. “Anna [Hardy] came up with the theme. It was just an idea,” he said. “We’re not discouraging couples or that kind of stuff, but Valentine’s Day is over-

done, and we wanted to do something different.” Cox said that the all-nighter would have the usual free foods available for students including the six-foot sub, chips, cookies, etc. “Beyond the food though, nothing is really planned yet. For now, it’s mostly movies,” Cox said. The movies being shown are still under discussion, but Cox said he would like to show the “slasher” movie “Valentine,” though he was going to steer clear of the horror genre otherwise. “I just feel like, other than ro-

mance movies, you take your girlfriend to horror movies and hold their hands or whatever, and I’m trying to steer clear of that vibe,” he said. Cox said he’s still open to suggestions and the student body dictates what other activities he could have. “We have a small budget for each all-nighter; I just need more ideas to put out there,” he said. Cox works in the Gameroom Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10a.m.-3p.m. Other Gameroom events and activities can be found in the Student Activities Calendar.

By Gary Thompson

and discuss opinions you may have on topics covered. Guest Writer This week’s film is titled “King The CU Eco Club will be Corn” and covers many relehosting a documentary se- vant issues related to the growries throughout this semester ing and use of corn in America. focused on pressing issues “King Corn is a feature docufacing our generation. Ev- mentary about two friends, ery week a documentary will one acre of corn, and the subsibe shown in the film room dized crop that drives our fastof the Administration Build- food nation. In King Corn, Ian ing, room A237, followed by Cheney and Curt Ellis, best an open discussion for view- friends from college on the ers to voice their opinions. east coast, move to the heartThe series offers an oppor- land to learn where their food tunity to receive free enter- comes from. With the help of tainment, meet new people, friendly neighbors, genetically modified seeds, and power-

ful herbicides, they plant and grow a bumper crop of America’s most-productive, mostsubsidized grain on one acre of Iowa soil. But when they try to follow their pile of corn into the food system, what they find raises troubling questions about how we eat-and how we farm,” according to King Corn. Showtimes may vary from week to week, but will be posted on the CU Eco Club organizational board located on the 1st floor of the Student Center and various other locations throughout campus.

TKE hosts Polar Bear Plunge to fight Alzheimers By Dustin Blankenship Student Life Editor On Saturday, February 5, 2011, Tau Kappa Epsilon and the campus community descended upon Bluestone Lake to take part in the 2011 Polar Bear Plunge. Over 70 people from all over campus and the surrounding community came out to watch the spectacle or par-

ticipate by diving into the freezing water. The project occurs annually as a fundraiser for the Reagan Alzheimers Foundation. Pictured to the right is a group of participants for the event. Center is Joshua Hanna, TKE member and event planner, depicted being lifted by TKE brother Richard Babich.

February 9, 2011 Page 5

Arts and Entertainment

Bridges delivers standout ‘The Magic Flute’ begins performance in ‘True Grit’ performances Thursday

By Samantha Ricketts

By Joel Hagy

Editor-in-Chief True Grit, one of the most anticipated movies of the year, did not disappoint audiences. Starring Jeff Bridges (Rooster Cogburn), Matt Damon (LaBoeuf), Josh Brolin (Tom Chaney), and Hailee Steinfeld (Mattie Ross), the cast truly makes the film. This version is actually a remake of the 1969 film of the same name (starring John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn), and was originally a book by Charles Portis. The plot begins with Chaney murdering Mattie’s father. To avenge his death, 14-year-old Mattie seeks the help of the toughest U.S. marshal around. She finally finds Cogburn, who she says has “true grit,” despite his drinking and nonchalant attitude. Mattie insists on joining him in the search, and the two are later joined by LaBoeuf, who is searching for Chaney himself for other crimes. The group encounters many obstacles and dangers on their quest, and slowly brings them together in a special bond, emphasized by their personal growth in the end as a result of their difficult endeavors. There are not many actors who could follow in the footsteps of the classic John Wayne, but Jeff Bridges does an outstanding job. Bridges brings the character to life with his raw portrayal of the rough-around-the-edges character of Cogburn. Damon

A&E Editor

and Brolin also gave strong performances. And as a newcomer to the big screen, young Steinfeld held her own as the strong, determined Mattie in search of her father. Though rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and disturbing images, this is still a film for almost any age group.

The adolescent character of Mattie allows a younger audience to relate and stay interested in the plot, while the older audiences will be caught up in the excitement of the chase. I would recommend this movie to those who enjoy westerns or action films, or just any fans of Jeff Bridges.

Video of the Week:

Do the creep: watch?v=tLPZmPaHme0 Comments, questions, complaints, suggestions? We’d love to hear from you! Send them to!

This week, Concord’s music department is putting on a modern interpretation of “The Magic Flute” by Mozart. The setting is in a sanitarium in comparison to the original Egypt in which they would have to have a lot more money and time put into the production. So, this representational form allows for us to put on a classic production that has been redone many times for that ageless effect. A lot of work has been put into this produtction by the department and it has brought an almost musical feeling to the opera. The casting and thought process for actually producing this all started about four weeks into the fall semester of 2010, and since then the actors have been Photo by Joel Hagy learning lines, music, building sets, putting together Mike Dorsey portraying Timino in this modern day production wardrobes, and rehearsing. of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.” The department had Lynda Holiday, a professional lighting designer, come in and The “light” Timino is find “the light.” A important show them how to properly searching for, as shown theme behind this play is that focus the lights. They also above, is his sanity. Assisting music is not only beautiful have Mr. Taylor Baldwin as him in this quest are Papa- but it is also a very powerful the accompaning pianist, and gano and Pamina. These two and magical medicine that he is also the music direc- characters are extremely im- can overcome any adversity. tor and Adj. Prof. of music. portant to Timino’s quest to

‘Tron’ sequel fails to deliver By Jae Wharton

Sports Editor Tron Legacy is the newest remake of the popular 1982 movie Tron. With its new age technology, special effects and better visuals, Tron Legacy is a visually better movie because of the newer technology we have now. In my opinion the movie was a good remake to the original and did some justice to it by keeping the original plot and enhancing the overall image of the movie. Tron Legacy will entertain audiences but it isn’t what one would expect going into the movie, especially after seeing the original Tron. Tron has a very weak plot in some areas where one cannot follow along because of the confusion. In my opinion Tron is a drama movie that has action ev-

ery now and then just to keep the watcher entertained if not awake. According to, “‘Tron: Legacy,’ a sequel made 28 years after the original but with the same actor, is true to the first film: It also can’t be understood, but looks great. Both films, made so many years apart, can fairly lay claim to being state of the art. This time that includes the use of 3-D. Since so much of the action involves quick movement forward and backward in shots, the 3-D effect is useful, and not just a promiscuous use of the ping-pong effect. It is also well-iterated.” Ryan Fleming commented “There is perhaps one noticeable exception to this that you must accept and overlook. While the CGI effects used to make Bridges look 20 years younger for the role of Clu are extraordinary, they are also a bit difficult to accept, espe-

cially when he is talking or smiling. There is just something unnatural in the way his lips move, and in some scenes it looks like it is just very good CGI from an animated Pixar movie. That could be explained away within the plot as just being the nature of the program character coming out, but there are enough flashback scenes with Bridges as Kevin Flynn that make it obvious that the technology, while impressive, is somewhat flawed. Like the plot, this is something that you will just have to overlook.” I would not say that I would encourage one to see the movie Tron, but if you are into all the computer digitized and sort of dark monotone movies, then Tron is something you should see. But if you are into funny, lighthearted but still action movies then Tron is not the movie for you.

Adam’s Apples; A Review This Week’s Box Office:

not expect Ivan to take so seriously. Ivan takes his request Staff Writer to heart and requires that Adam must bake the pie with The other night my hus- the apples that he tends from band and I were going the tree in the churchyard. about our usual routine: What I loved most about me, sitting in the middle Ivan was how he did not of a sea of papers, peck- pass judgment upon the ing on a computer, search- people that were entrusted ing for a pen that disappears to his care. They continue and never returns, while their misdeeds, but Ivan he sits next to me, winding does not meddle in their afdown with a Netflix movie. fairs. He provides them with I was not really paying at- shelter, food, companiontention to the movie at first ship, and a sort of quiet love. (they were speaking DanI especially enjoyed the ish) but after glancing up dynamics between Adam and seeing an absurd cast and Ivan, they are refreshof characters that includes ingly unpredictable. Ivan is a Neo-Nazi, a burglar, and stubbornly optimistic while an alcoholic kleptomaniac, Adam is obstinately unremy interest was piqued. pentant and bitter. It is a All three of the characters classic tale about the conare sent to a small religious flict between faith and reacommunity for rehabilitation son, the struggle between with Ivan, a priest, and the the innocent and the evil. situation proves to be anyIt is during Adam’s time thing but orthodox. In order at the vicarage that he finds for Adam the Neo-Nazi to be out that Ivan’s life has been rehabilitated, Ivan tells him extraordinarily difficult: his he must complete a task dur- son has cerebral palsy, his ing his time at the vicarage. wife committed suicide, and Adam sarcastically responds he was molested by his fathat he would like to bake a ther as a child. Yet, in spite pie, a trivial task that he does of his personal hardships,

By Catherine Jackson

Ivan maintains his faith, which proves to be difficult when Adam cynically points out that God hates Ivan. He becomes angry with Ivan, he sees his faith as naïve and vows to break it. Perhaps this is Adam’s way of trying to save Ivan from himself. However, even though his faith may seem unfounded and ridiculous to Adam, it is like a life boat for Ivan; it is the only thing that has been holding him up and it is the only thing he can rely upon, at least until Adam broke his rose-colored glasses. Ivan finally comes to grips with reality, which results in the loss of his will to live when he finds out that he has a brain tumor. Ivan’s community of misfits falls apart. This is the moment Adam has been waiting for all along, but when he actually sees the anguish and despair in Ivan, he realizes he went too far. I do not want to spoil the movie for you, because if you decide to watch it, you should be able to experience the unexpected ending for yourself. Overall, it is

this beautiful mix of spirituality, black comedy, cynicism and general bizareness. The mood alternates between Technicolor happiness, and pessimistic cynicism. It is intriguing and irreverent. It was such a gratifying experience to watch because so many of the movies pumped out into the mainstream today are just the same shallow story, with different plastic faces. This feels real, like you can touch it. It is an expression of the human experience, which is not neat and tidy, and it does not pretend it is. It is irrelevant whether it is God or Satan afflicting Ivan. The more important message is that Ivan’s positive attitude is determined by what he believes, and in turn, he is able to bring tremendous comfort to his family of misfits. I suppose in the scheme of things, we are all “misfits” and we can only hope that through our unconditional acceptance of those in our lives we can create a little world of happiness.

The Roommate Rated - PG-13 Genre -Thriller Sanctum Rated -R Genre - Action, Thriller No Strings Attached Rated - R Genre - Romatic Comedy The King’s Speech Rated - R Genre - Drama

The Green Hornet Rated - PG-13 Genre - Action, Adventure, Crime The Rite Rated - PG-13 Genre Psychological Thriller The Mechanic Rated - PG-13 Genre - Action, Thriller

Check us out online at

Page 6 February 9, 2011


Scammers strike at CU

By Scott Noble

est surviving relative of

Staff Writer some wealthy person who We live in a world of Con-men, Grifters, and Scammers. Of the three, I’d say the Scammer is the lowest form. All three are despicable in their own way, but a Scammer is the one who plays on your guilt and fear instead of coming up with some elaborately (and sometimes very intelligent) way to fleece someone. If you’ve ever watched “The Sting” or “Confidence,” you would know what I’m talking about. A prime example of your basic Scammer are the cats that hang out in internet cafes overseas telling you that you are the clos-

just died. You send some money and he’ll send you the inheritance of so many millions being held in a bank on his side of the pond. Then there is the fake lottery scam asking for filing fees and such so you can, again, claim your millions. The one that has been on a comeback is the ink cartridge scam. Recently a staff member here at our fine institution of higher learning received a call from someone asking to verify the type of ink cartridge she was using. The caller really needed the information to make sure her records were correct. Well, had our astute staff member not

been wise to this little trick, the bottom feeder on the other line would have sent a cartridge and later a bill for that item would follow. Some would be likely to pay it at an exorbitant mark-up instead of questioning the invoice. Part of it is the knowledge they used it and the lack of knowing better than to pay for it. According to the Federal Trade Commission, one is not required to pay for something they did not order, regardless of use. There are times when a person contests the bill, but once again they are goaded into paying by way of hollow threats. Do yourself a favor and have a little fun with them.

Tell them you will pay up as soon as you are allowed a look at their annual report. Make up a name and model number for a fictional cartridge and ask for the floor model. Tell them they need to call you back on another line and give them the local Better Business Bureau phone number. Just do not fall for their silly little game anymore. If you would like to better arm yourself against Scammers, perform a Yahoo search for “Top Ten Scams.” If memory serves, Yahoo recently published this list in the last week. Now, has anyone seen my wooden nickel collection?

Your weekly Crossword Puzzle and Sudoku: Look for the answers in next week’s issue!


Crossword Puzzle

The challenge is to fill every row across, every column down, and every 3x3 box with the digits 1 through 9. Each 1 through 9 digit must appear only once in each row across, each column down, and each 3x3 box.

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Roommate Review

By Kelly Connors

come to school, constantly get in trouble with the RA, Opinions Editor a friend that made a better friend than roommate, Trailers for “The Roomand one girl that paid for mate” have recently begun the room but never actuairing on TV, and seeing ally stayed there. My those trailers has made family actually calls me the me think about my room“Roommate Slayer” and mates. Granted, none of is trying to convince me them stalked me or tried to become an RA so I can to kill me, but I’ve had have a room to myself. my fair share of issues. It The thing is that you seems that, according to don’t really know a person movies, your roommate is until you’re crammed in either going to be your best a small room with them friend or is going to try and for a semester. You can’t kill you, which isn’t true. escape the smell of body When you move in to a odor or perfume or ignore room with someone, you their alarm that goes off lose all sense of privacy and eight times before they stop have to learn to deal with hitting the snooze butother people in a way that ton and finally wake up. neither of you are really Being roommates means comfortable with. Some being respectful of someone people are messy, some else, even when it interare neat freaks, some stay feres with what you had up all hours of the night, planned or what you need some sleep all the time. In to do. If your roommate my experience, it is incredcan’t sleep with the light ibly difficult to find someon, get a desk lamp or head one that is just as clean or to a study area. If he or she messy as myself, or that leaves their hair all over has a somewhat managethe shower, let them know. able sleep schedule. Come up with a cleanI am currently in my ing schedule if you share a sixth semester, and am on bathroom, clean the miroommate number nine, crowave if you heat someand going through roomthing up and it explodes all mates is a lot easier than it over the place, turn your seems. I’ve roomed with music down while your people that stay up all hours roommate is sleeping. If of the night, sleep all day, both people do these little don’t clean up after themthings, it will make living selves, decide last minute together so much easier. that they didn’t want to

DOWN 1. Cult 2. 6th month (Jewish calendar) 3. Corn syrup brand 4. Attribute 5. Those who make the food laws (abbr.) 6. Lubricated 7. Embankment 8. Fights 10. Forestalls 14. Robbery 17. Askew 18. Condescend 19. Prove 20. Sea mammals 23. Animal insect 24. Opaque gem 25. Memorization 27. Alternative (abbr.) © 2010. Feature Exchange

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February 9, 2011 Page 7


Lady Lions come up short in basketball By Zack Sowder

Staff Writer It started out rough, and only got rougher. The Concord Lady Mountain Lions basketball team tried to duke it out with Shepherd, but they came up short, 80-73. The loss moved Concord to 10-9 and 7-8 in the WVIAC. Not only did both teams play a very physical game, but they also had a tough time taking care of the ball, committing a combined 43 turnovers, with Concord committing 22 and Shepherd 21. Both teams also combined for 42 fouls, and the teams shot a combined 57 free throws. Concord fell behind early 17-9, but a quick run would give Concord the lead after two free throws from Amanda Smith at 19-18. The rest of the half would be back and forth, until five unanswered points at the end of the half by Shepherd would give them a six-point advantage, 36-30. Shepherd would try and continue to build their lead, but Concord would continue to reel them back in. Con-

Photos by Sterling Snyder, Zack Sowder Concord played a very physical game, but they were out muscled at the end by Shepherd.

cord would bring the deficit to just three with a little over eight minutes remaining with a basket by Sidney Lindsay, but they would not get closer. Shepherd would make enough free throws down the

stretch to keep Concord off their back, and leave the Carter Center with a big road win. Jolysa Brown led Concord with 25 points and 16 rebounds, going 11 for 14 from the charity stripe. Amanda

The WVIAC named Shawnee Carnett and R.J. Anderson as its Week 1 Athletes of the Week, after their performances at the Marietta Open #2 on January 21. Carnett (right) won the 1000 meters at Marietta, setting a new school record – and a new facility record -- with a time of 3:00.74. She is also ranked 3rd among qualifiers for the NCAA Championship meet in the 800 meters, with a

provisional time of 2:14.19. Anderson (left) set a pair of CU and facility records at Marietta. He won the 55 meters, at 6.31 seconds, which was the 6th-best time in the nation this season. He also won the 200 meters, in 22.14 seconds, the 13th-best mark in the country. Both times provisionally qualified Anderson for nationals Concord made history

Smith would also have a nice shooting night, adding in 19 points, going 6 of 8 from the floor and taking advantage of all six free throws she took. Shepherd would be led by three players, all with 13 points. Jerica Hewitt and Carrie Saunders both

scored 13, as well as Hannah Safren who came off the bench to also score 13. Concord would have trouble finding the bottom of the net, shooting just 38.6% for the game. Concord will finish their three game home stand with

a makeup game against West Virginia State on Thursday, February 10th at 5:30 in the Carter Center. The game will be broadcast on 102.3 ESPN The Ticket, with the pregame show starting at 5p.m.

CONCORD TRACK & FIELD: Conference Honors By Kyle Cooper

Sports Information Director Concord’s Track & Field teams have been setting a slew of school records during their indoor schedule, and they’re starting to earn some notoriety. The West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference has included the Mountain Lions in its weekly awards for the 2011 season.

Photos by Sterling Snyder LEFT: Shawnee Carnett preparing to run her specialty the 800m race. RIGHT: R.J. Anderson representing CU well this season.

MEN’S BASKETBALL: Out of chances

By Kyle Cooper

Sports Information Director With the clock and his team’s chances running out, Javaughn Acree-Manuel found himself with the ball and wide open 25 feet away from the basket. If the Concord guard could sink a three-pointer from there, the Mountain Lions would force overtime in a game they never led. The shot didn’t connect, symbolic of the day for the Mountain Lions. Concord misfired on several opportunities to take the lead late in the game, and lost to Shepherd 79-76 in a WVIAC game Saturday afternoon at the Carter Center. The Rams opened the game on a 13-2 run. Concord countered with a 17-7 spurt to get within 20-19 midway through the 1st half. Shepherd would push its lead to 33-25 with 3:00 left, but CU pulled

within 36-31 at halftime. The Rams opened the 2nd half like the first, moving out to an 11-point lead at 4231 just 1:21 after the break. The Rams would hold a double-digit lead at 53-43 with 11:51 remaining, but CU responded with a 9-2 run – with seven points from Rick Alderman – to get within 55-52 at the 9:31 mark. The Mountain Lions stayed close, then tied the game at 70-70 on an Alderman layup with 2:52 left. But Shepherd bolted back in front with back-toback three-point shots from Sidney McCray and Jonathan Motichka and a 76-60 lead with 1:03 remaining. Concord closed to 79-76 Photo by Jennifer Logan on Aaron Fluellen’s layup Alderman doing a lay-up against with :17 to go, then fouled Shepherd University McCray. He missed both field goals than Concord, free throw attempts with largely due to their sig:14 left, setting the stage for nificant advantages in reAcree-Manuel’s near-miss. bounds (43-26) and three Shepherd won despite point shots (9-26 vs 0-12).. committing 29 turnovers Alderman led all scorers and attempting six fewer

with 29 points. The sophomore shot 9-14 from the field and 11-16 from the line. Acree-Manuel added 11 points, and Fluellen and Rafee Smith 10 each. Chad Moore topped Shepherd (9-12, 6-10) with 21 points and 14 rebounds, but committed eight turnovers. Motichka had 17 points and was 4-8 from three point range. Aeron Spencer and Dave Karlson each posted 11 points. B O X S C O R E / P L AY- B Y- P L AY The Mountain Lions (811, 5-10) will try to snap their four-game losing streak in a WVIAC matchup against Alderson-Broaddus at the Carter Center on Monday, February 7, at 7:30 pm. The game will be broadcast on ESPN Radio 102.3 The Ticket as part of a doubleheader with the women’s game, which begins at 5:30 pm.

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in the WVIAC’s Week 2 awards. The Lady Lions’ 4 x 400 relay team was named Athlete of the Week, the first time a relay squad has won the honor. The quartet of Rachel Williams, Lydia Powell, Megan Savioli, and Shawnee Carnett set a new Concord record, at 4:03.33, good for 4th place in the Division I-dominated meet..

Upcoming Sporting Events: Men’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball

2/10/2011 WV State Carter Center 7:30 pm

2/10/2011 WV State Carter Center 5:30 pm

2/12/2011 Ohio Valley Vienna, WV 4:00 pm

2/12/2011 Ohio Valley Vienna, WV 2:00 pm

2/14/2011 Glenville State Carter Center 7:30 pm

2/14/2011 Glenville State Carter Center 5:30 pm

2/19/2011 Fairmont State Carter Center 4:00 pm

2/19/2011 Fairmont State Carter Center 2:00 pm

2/23/2011 University of Charleston Charleston, WV 7:30 pm 2/26/2011 Bluefield State Bluefield, WV 4:00 pm

2/23/2011 University of Charleston Charleston, WV 5:30 pm 2/26/2011 Bluefield State Bluefield, WV 2:00 pm

February 9, 2011 Page 8

H $ CAcollege for

You can get help getting yours. It’s that time of year again — time to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you’re a college student, you should submit a FAFSA for every year you plan to attend college. Sound confusing? There’s good news; you can get free, expert help completing the FAFSA by attending a College Goal SundaySM workshop. Even better — students who attend a workshop will be entered for a chance to win an Apple iPad.

Visit to learn more. The College Foundation of West Virginia (CFWV) is coordinated by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission in conjunction with the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education, the West Virginia Department of Education and West Virginia GEAR UP. The College Goal SundaySM program was created by the Indiana Financial Aid Association with funding from Lilly Endowment, Inc., and with supplemental support from the Lumina Foundation for Education.

The College Goal Sunday workshop on your campus will be held:

February 13 from 1 to 4 p.m. in the University Point building For details, additional locations, a list of what to bring, and more ways you can find money for college, visit

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