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MT. TAHOMA KEY CLUB took on the difficult task of running a huge team of more than 40 members for Relay for Life. President, Nina Thach, has worked 24/7 to make the joint team successful, as well was Vice President, Malee Chau, who commuted several days to pick up agreement forms from clubs all around the division. All Key Clubbers from Mt. Tahoma have exceptionally done an outstanding job with raising money for the team. One Key Clubber by the name of Danielle Dimmerman, raised over $150 on her own for the team. Great work Danielle! Props to this amazing club for doing such a great job with Relay for Life!

Special Thanks To: Nina Thach — For being amazing and an exceptional leader that has been on top of her game this month with Relay for Life AND school. She has worked so hard to get the whole division involved in Relay for Life and I appreciate all that she has done. She was such a great person to work with and I wouldn’t have asked for a better Team Captain! Thank you Nina!

Relay for Life Photo Credit: Ricky Rath Description: Mt. Tahoma Key Clubbers volunteering for Relay for Life and having an amazing time with their new friends from the PNW Tiger Sharks team!

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Athena (Tina) Sok 1845 E. Harrison St. Tacoma, WA 98404 (253) 310-3271 Oovoo: tinasok Skype: tunasock90 Twitter: TunaSock Instagram: TunaSock SnapChat: TunaSock Kik: _tunasock

What’s poppin’, Sharks! I hope you all are having an amazing start to your summer vacation! Thank you all who came through to Relay for Life and Tacoma Rally — we had a blast! Even though it’s summer vacation, keep in mind that there’s still work to do. Use this break to plan what you are going to do differently for the next year or continue the things that worked previously. Be sure to use the time you have wisely! Our ELIMINATE Carwash/July DCM is coming up soon. Since this is both a fundraiser AND a DCM, I expect a big come out and I would really like our fundraiser to be successful. Another thing, I have a new phone! Save my new number in your phones, (253) 310-3271. Keep working hard, you all are THE BEST. See you all real soon! With love and service,

Athena Sok

Thavy Thach (253) 301-9976 Oovoo: tuneupw2 Skype: tuneupw2

Hey fellow Key Clubbers! My only update for you for this month is that if any of you went to Relay for Life, I would love for you to send me all the photos you Key Clubbers have taken to my e-mail. Thank you!

Thavy Thach

What are your hobbies or your favorite past times? One of my hobbies is dancing and I’m super tech savvy, meaning that I’m a gamer and last of all I’m a upcoming IB student at Foss High School! What was your most memorable Key Club experience? I'd say one of my most memorable Key Club experience would be when I volunteered in October to do Haunted Trails. We all dressed up as monsters to scare little kids. I dressed up as a zombie... I put red lipstick all over me and my friend put all that make up on me. I was scary and I scared myself! Haunted Trails! BOOOO! What is your favorite pick-up line? You’re so beautiful you made me forget my pick up line.

July 1-8—ICON! July 5—Secretary Report Due July 9, 16, 22, 31— Paint Tacoma Beautiful July 11— Kiwanis DCM

July 20—July DCM/ELIMINATE CAR WASH! August 12*— Seattle Rally August 31*— August DCM/BBQ & Bonfire

The JULY DCM will begin at 11:30 sharp! We will have a brief PCM where the Presidents will announce what their club has been up to and we will talk about upcoming events including Seattle Rally. After our DCM, we will get ready for our carwash and have a great time together!

Who: All of Division 34—Other divisions are welcome! What: A car wash fundraiser to contribute to the efforts of eliminating MNT When: Saturday, July 20th, 12 PM—4 PM Where: Rite Aid 1912 N Pearl St, Tacoma, WA 98406 Why: To make a difference not only in our community, but in our district, by raising as much money as we can at the car wash! * - Date May Change




1-8, 2013


One baby dies every 9 minutes from MNT

160 babies die each day from MNT

38 countries remain at high risk for MNT

Kiwanis will help save or protect more than 61 million mothers and their future babies

On average, health education and a series of three doses of tetanus vaccine cost $1.80

The Eliminate Project is a joint project with Kiwanis and UNICEF to internationally terminate MNT. In 30 countries around the world, maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) can quickly turn the joy of childbirth into tragedy. Neonatal tetanus kills one baby every nine minutes—nearly 60,000 newborn children every year. It will take $110 million— and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis family. Our goal as a district is $24,000. With each member contributing $2, this goal can definitely be achieved. Like the Facebook Page: PNW Eliminate Project

Division 34’s upcoming efforts in support of the ELIMINATE Project: Division 34’s Car Wash at Rite Aid (1912 N Pearl St, Tacoma, WA 98406) on July 20th, 12—4 PM. All money raised will go towards the ELIMINATE Project. All other divisions are invited!



Contact your Lieutena



ant Governor if interested!

TANKS: $10



Relay for Life was such a wonderful experience for me, being it my first time actually attending the event as a walker and a volunteer. I’ve had the same reaction as the other Key Clubbers in our division at this event — amazement and inspiration. I was so amazed by the hard working Key Clubbers that raised over $100 in such a short window of time. I was amazed by all the amount of walkers that came together on this track to walk side by side for the fight against cancer. I was most definitely amazed by the friendship, love, and care that was shared in the team we created, the “PNW Tiger Sharks”. My favorite part was the Lighting of the Luminarias. Once it got dark, the candles in the Luminarias were lit. These luminarias were set up on the bleachers of the track spelling specific words out. One word that stood out to me the most was “HOPE”. Seeing that word in the darkness of the night, really gave me hope. This event has truly inspired me, but not only this event alone, but the teams that walked together for one cause. Hope is what brought us together, and hope it what made us stronger, I hope that we continue strong in this fight for cancer, I also hope that we continue the tradition of the bond we created with the Sharks and Tigers, in the PNW Tiger Sharks Team. Always celebrate. Always remember. Always fight back. - Athena Sok

Interested in participating in our Relay for Life team next year? Contact the Mt. Tahoma President and the PNW Tiger Sharks Captain, Nina Thach, at

Relay for Life was an unbelievable experience. I have never attended one of these of events so everything was new. I had fun throughout the course of the night with my friends, well I did get a little cranky in the morning but it was all good. It was also nice to volunteer and offer support. I am hoping to be back for next year and be more prepared! - Ricky Rath, Mt. Tahoma High School

Honestly it indeed was quite fun. Had a great time, music was rocking and really fun activities. Even though I wasn't there for the whole night. However, I would say that it was a once in a life time enlightenment. - Charles Tran, Lincoln High School

Relay for Life was really fun and a new experience for me. I’ve never seen so many people around one track and it was really exciting! - Voun Vat, Lincoln High School

Interested in being part of the Tacoma Rally 2014 Committee? Contact Lieutenant Governor, Athena Sok, through Facebook or e-mail,

The first annual Tacoma Rally was an absolute success! Members had a blast by meeting new Key Clubbers and reconnecting with old friends. Key Clubbers also had a great time in their training workshops as well as the “How To Get a Date” workshop. All the divisions at the rally fought hard for the spirit stick, but in the end, Division 38 took the Tacoma Rally Spirit Stick home. It’s all good, Sharks! There’s always next year! Besides, we don’t need a stick to show people how cool we are! The Key Clubbers were also inspired by our Key Note Speaker, Katie, from Free the Children, who talked about serving our community in areas of poverty. They also took home service projects and fundraising ideas for our District Project, the ELIMINATE Project, from our District Governor, Trang Tran. Thank you all once again for making our first rally quite amazing! Let’s be sure to continue the tradition! - Athena Sok

Hey yo, it was best time of my life. Shout out to all the non-Asians that went! I don’t know how it feels like being not Asian and being surrounded by Asians. The workshops were good and the talent show was off da chain. Ya know we should really go on America’s Best Talent. Shout out to Division 38 for the dancing!! Y’all cute! Cant wait for Seattle Rally. #253isready #letsgotaccity - Annie Hung, Lincoln High School

My favorite part would have to be opening and closing session because we started off Tacoma Rally together with so much energy and ended it the same way. It was good vibes all around. I loved the talent show. It was entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I appreciate how it was set up in a similar way to DCON's closing session with an act in between presentations and such. That way, everyone was able to stay alert and energized throughout the whole thing. I would rate Tacoma Rally a 5/5! - Ena Artugue, Lincoln High School

It was a function! Just kidding. The rally was whassup~ Everyone should come next year. The more people the merrier! The people were great and they were nice and friendly of course. - Savanna Yann, Lincoln High School

Join the Pacific Northwest District Key Clubbers at the biggest rally of the year! Seattle Rally 2013 will be held at Hazen High School (1101 Hoquaim Ave NE Renton, WA 98059) on August 12, 2013. Early bird tickets will be $5. Regular tickets will be $6 and at-the-door tickets are $7. Meet many new people and even reconnect with old friends from all around the district, including Divisions AYN and AYS from Alaska, and Divisions 13/15/17 and 11/18 from Canada! Seattle Rally will be hosted by Division 32. Let’s show off that Seattle Rally spirit stick we won last year! Have any questions or concerns about Seattle Rally? Feel free to contact Lieutenant Governor, Athena Sok, or Seattle Rally Chair, Alan Yeh, at

Join the Lincoln High School Team for Paint TacomaPierce Beautiful! The upcoming dates are: 151 S 46th St. Tacoma, WA 98418 July 9th, 16th 8402 A St. Tacoma, WA 98447 July 22nd, July 23, July 31st Interested? Contact Volunteer Coordinator, Marlene Carrillo at or (253) 534-6563.

Camp Crestview Oct. 18-20, 2013 Corbet, OR, USA (Portland area) For more information, visit All Key Clubbers are welcome to come to Key Leader!

Send a picture of you and your Key Club to!

Like the divisional page: PNW Key Club Division 34 PNW Key Club Division 34 was created to keep the Tacoma area community updated with the latest Key Club news and events. This page is open for sharing pictures from events as well as posts. Compliments are also open to share to everyone in the community. Please message your compliment to the page. All compliments will be posted anonymously unless stated otherwise.

School Lincoln

Leadership 325


Spirit 75




Gig Harbor Stadium




Mt. Tahoma




Fife Peninsula Bellarmine

Wilson has guessed last month’s Questionnaire: For 30 Points: What is our District Project and what is our Goal? The District Project this year is the ELIMINATE Project, eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus around the world. Our District Goal is $24,000 and can be reached if all accounted members donate $2. For 50 Points: What are the Key Club colors and what do they stand for? The Key Club colors are white, blue, and gold. White stands for purity. Blue stands for unwavering character. Gold stands for service.

LINCOLN KEY CLUB is in the lead with 410 points! Questionnaire of the month: First club to send in the correct answer receives these bonus points! For 30 points: Who is our District Mascot? For 50 points: How many divisions are in our District?

The Shark Cage is a point system that recognizes which club is the best! The Shark Cage will ONLY work through effective communication within our division. The club that ends the year with the most points receives a special prize! Get recognized! Show us what you are doing! Have fun! How to earn points: Leadership:


5 pts per DCM attendance/Kiwanis DCM (per person)

1. 5 pts per icebreaker lead

10 pts per Rally Attendance (per person)

2. 20 pts per creation of chant

20 pts per President’s monthly update (via Email, Text, or FB)* 10 pts per Secretary Report sent to LtG* Service: 5 pts per hour of community service (as group)

*I will personally keep track of who

10 pts per service project

has sent me reports and updates.

20 pts per divisional service project 30 pts per project for district project

Lincoln High School

Gig Harbor High School

President– Selena Sok

President– Evelyn Lundeen

Vice President– Ena Artugue

Vice President– Olivia Gates

Secretary– Tommy You

Secretary– Anela Barber

Treasurer– Miko Davis

Treasurer– Ayane Kawaai

Foss High School President– Jaazia Moran Vice President– Jackie Nguyen Secretary– Ken Jung Treasurer– Alan Ngo Editor– Thavy Thach

Editor– Monika Krupnik

Peninsula High School President– Elisa Han Vice President– Daniella Smith Secretary– Kayleen Levreault Treasurer– Mariah Pennington Editor– Max Mikelson

Stadium High School

Mt. Tahoma High School

President– Sarah Kim

President– Nina Thach

Vice President– Nicolle Soriano

Vice President– Malee Chau

Secretary– Katie Na

Secretary– Sacha Ausage

Treasurer– Vanessa Lapitan

Treasurer– Annika Thach

Editor– Dominic Le

Co-Editor– Janrick Peros

Wilson High School

Co-Editor– Princess Ausage

President– Joan Vo

Fife High School

Vice President– Madison Casseday

President— Kyona Koo

Secretary– Cole Peterson

Vice President— Courtney Hartman

Public Relations– Rosette Nguyen

Secretary— Alison Pak Treasurer— Lynae Mortan Public Relations— Kodi Cumbo

District Governor

Comm. Director

Trang Tran

Katie Chanthakhoun

District Secretary

Projects Director

Hakikat Bains

Ha-Vy Le

District Treasurer

Growth Director

Eric Grewal

Mary-Ellen Reyna

District Editor

Convention Aide

Sara Thomas

Cleo Tsang

Convention Chair

Convention Aide

Denny Lim

Susan Hur

International VP

District Administrator

Caitlin Stroup

John Jay

Finance Administrator

Assistant District Admin.

Kevin Buyer

Tom Saunders

“Caring – Our Way of Life.”

Division 34 Newsletter | July Edition  

Division 34's Newsletter. The Shark Tale. The July Edition!

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