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Make sure all abandoned dogs in the Coconut Grove Sailing Village of Miami Florida never make it to Miami-Dade Animal Shelter . Ever.

YOU adopt foster

Contact Information Coconut Grove Dog Rescue 3072 Mary Street Coral Gables, 33133 Phone: (786) 566-1303 Email:

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About Our Organization Coconut Grove Dog Rescue, a Florida Corporation is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of community stakeholders who ensure integrity, its adherence to organizational goals, work on developing long-term strategies, and provide advice and oversight to our Board of Directors. This volunteer Board manages all day-to-day responsibilities of the organization, including foster and adoption, event planning, database management, and the recruitment and training of additional volunteer staff.

WHY ADOPTING | MAKES CENTS Training Cost Training (both housebreaking and obedience) can become costly, especially with a stubborn or strong-willed dog. Often older dogs from a shelter will come to you either fully or partially trained. This allows you to avoid the expense and hassle of training. Costs such as carpet cleaner, paper towels, and new throw rugs are all a part of housebreaking puppies. Also, obedience classes are not cheap!

Breed Cost Purebred dogs are prone to a problems. These problems can range from hip dysplasia to eye problems to skin ailments. Diagnosis and treatment of these ailments can become

costly–often running into the thousands of dollars. Mixed breed Over the life of a dog, this can save you a bundle in vet visits and medicines.

You are saving not only one, but several lives. Pets are euthanized less the more fosters there are. Remind yourself that your permanent homes. Never feel saddened or guilty that you’re giving your foster pet to another home. As long as they’re treated with love and kindness, they will continue to adapt to their new family. You have great memories of saving lives; never forget them. According to certain studies, children brought up with pets have more stable immune systems than those in non-pet owning homes, and missed fewer school days through sickness.

Upfront Cost On average shelters only charges $100 to adopt a canine that is 6 months or older, and $120 to adopt a younger puppy. Purebred puppies can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Health and Vet Cost The initial health costs associated with a shelter pup are also much lower. Shelter dogs typically receive their initial vaccinations, and are spayed or neutered before becoming available for adoption. Just having a dog spayed or neutered through a veterinarian

Paws for thought

Older people who regularly walked their dogs, walked faster and had better mobility than those who didn’t walk regularly.

can cost hundreds of dollars, not to mention the cost of vaccinations. most shelters now microchip dogs as part of the adoption package to prevent lost animals from ending up unclaimed. Having to microchip

For children, there’s evidence to suggest that owning a pet can help to improve their social skills. Pets encourage children to develop compassion, empathy and respect for living things.


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