2021 Athenaeum Foundation Annual Report

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2021 is behind us, and a second year of the pandemic has come and gone. The world is reopening, and all of us are forever changed in a myriad of ways. Not only have all of us grown and learned to ride the rollercoaster that has been the last two years, but I must say that I have been honored to watch the Athenaeum rise to the challenges of this period in history and reaffirm our centered ideology of a community space where culture, art, and entertainment meet to serve the public need for sound minds and sound bodies. All of us have risen to the occasion in our own ways, and I have been so proud to work with such an incredible team of staff, tenants, Board members, volunteers, and all of our wonderful partners. While many organizations have struggled and been forced to close their doors, we have found ways to think creatively, remain inventive, and let our passion and love for the Athenaeum and all it represents guide us into a new era. And we have certainly arrived in a new era. The time we have been afforded to slow down and reevaluate during the pandemic was also the catalyst that ultimately led us to here— an Athenaeum that is changing with the times while remaining rooted in its history, beauty, culture, and cause. In 2021, we reimagined our summer fundraiser and introduced Das GartenGrillFest to our annual event line up. In the true fashion of what a “gartengrillfest” is meant to be, we hosted a German barbecue party in the Athenaeum’s own backyard—the Biergarten. And in the spirit of the Athenaeum, we brought the community together to celebrate, dine, learn, and enjoy a bier together. 2021 also saw the return of GermanFest to its full capacity in October. The festival occupied its new home surrounding the Athenaeum on Michigan and New Jersey Streets. I was humbled to see a happy and grateful crowd coming out to support and join us in celebrating a return to some degree of normalcy. Now, in our new normal, spending time together and engaging in activities we have long loved are bringing the Athenaeum back to its full grandeur as a cultural center and community space for all to enjoy. Not all of 2021 was spent focused on turning out some of Indy’s best events. The Athenaeum and our Board or Directors, with the aid of a capacity building grant from the Lilly Endowment,

spent a majority of the year looking inward and focusing on what’s next for the Athenaeum, how we will get there, and who will help us get there. I’m happy to report that we’ve come out of this process with a renewed focus on moving the Athenaeum forward while honoring the original intent of the building set forth by the founding members all those years ago. One of the most exciting things to happen in 2021 is a new approach to the Foundation’s internal staffing structure. As previously mentioned, the pandemic provided us with a rare opportunity to evaluate our current systems and make necessary changes to prepare us for the future. In the last quarter of 2021, we looked critically at the roles and responsibilities of our team, and we began the search to fill two important positions on our staff. We are proud to introduce you to the exceptional candidates filling these positions - Francie Cohen (Program Manager) and Meghan Quinn (Director of Advancement). Please join me in welcoming them to the Athenaeum family! Wer rastet, der rostet is an old German saying that roughly translates to He who rests grows rusty. With that in mind, we’ve got a lot planned over the next couple of years. Although our calendar in 2022 is pretty full, we figured it was time to add one more big German heritage program to the roster. It’s still kind of a secret, but check out the back page of this report for a hint! 2023 will mark the 125th anniversary of the completion and official opening of the Athenaeum. You all know the Athenaeum knows how to throw a party, so prepare now to join us for a year’s worth of celebrations! From all of us here at the Athenaeum Foundation, I would like to thank you for supporting us over the last couple of tough years. It speaks volumes as we continue our stewardship of this amazing building and the people it serves.

Herzlichst, Craig Mince President Athenaeum Foundation

Thank you for sharing your 2021 with us!

Thanks to our 2021 Donors

David Kingen Frank Basile Giles & Dolores Hoyt Gudrun Staub Bennett Matthew Whitten Ruth Reichmann William Waldschmidt Brandt Construction Central Indiana Community Foundation LAZ Parking Samuel L. Westerman Foundation STAR Financial Bank

Claudia Grossman Coila Stevens Diane Turner Vande Bosche Eleonore Harle Eric Wilson Gary A. Hood J. Scott Keller James Glass, Ph.D. Jerrold L. Bridges Jessica Lipman John K. Erny John C. Hart Jon Igelmann Jonathan Birge June Ann Krug Justin Sufan Kate Warpool Kent Robinson Linda Zeigler & Mary Ann Brookshire Marcia Ann Gascho Mark Bradley Marla K. Taylor Meghan Joy DeMars-Kiger Michael & Catherine Coscia Michael O. Khalil Raquel Ravinet Rich Rardin Richard & Carole Darst Richard W. Schnute Ronald & Veronica Fritz Rosemarie Kuntz Ruth E. Huitema Susan Niermeyer Taylor Advising Ted & Chris Sputh Terri Czajka Todd Shelton Tonya Whaley Trina Dingle William L. Selm Mid-America Elevator Co., Inc. Rogowski Consulting Inc.




Arts Council of Indianapolis Allen Whitehill Clowes Foundation, Inc Block 20 Development, LLC Small Business Administration


Daniel C. Jacobs Gregory L. Henneke & Martha O’Connor Frenzel Family Charitable Lead Trust Lilly Endowment Inc.


Anthony Najem Christel DeHaan Family Foundation DANK Indianapolis Chapter 16


Bose McKinney & Evans Marian Inc. Nicholas H Noyes Jr Memorial Foundation


Barbara Lawrence Blake Wetzel Craig & Natalie Mince J. Richard Sparks John C. Kemper John Mutz John Seest Philip J. Burck William McNiece American Structurepoint Inc. H.J. Spier Co., Inc. Indiana German Heritage Society Indy Pride


Anonymous Barbara Goddard Bob & Suzanne Stanis Charles P. Sutphin

Amelia Smith April Armstrong August M. Hardee II Barbara R. George Bernhard Wurger Blake Kaldahl C. Christopher Brandt Chelsie Willoughby Christine Sterling David Hudson David Rose Diana L. Morris Eugenia Jecmen Gerry & Sue LaFollette Jack Leicht James Barnhart Joseph A. Shearling Justin Nkata Karen K. Muir

Karin & Dale Ogden Kurt E. Green Kurt M. Phillips Larry D. Zook Lucille Mueller Marianne S. Wokeck Marion S. Haerle Mark Renholzberger Meg Alice Hart Natalie Clayton Nathan Inskeep Norbert & Katherine Krapf Pat Trowers-Johnson Pat Van Valer Philip Sutton Rebecca McClaren Robert Boehler Robert & Jean Gernand Sven Schumacher Timothy C. Yarling Travis Jerde Ursula Nicola


Big Lug Brewing Bit-by-Bit Networking Bose McKinney & Evans Cash and Carry Paper Co., Inc. Circle City Orchestra City Dogs Grocery Coat Check Coffee DeFur Voran LLP Downtown Indy, Inc. German-American Klub of Indianapolis Heidelberg Haus Hirons & Company Hitherto Coffee and Gaming Parlour Hometown Comics & Games Indianapolis Monthly Laser Lab Mark’s Vacuum & Janitorial Supplies Moonshot Games Rathskeller Restaurant Sun King Brewery Three Dog Bakery Winzerwald Winery WTTS Yelp


Adolph Renholzberger Elfrieda Lang Frank Wurger John Leininger John Niermeyer Wm. Haueisen


Cassie Stockamp Jim Gould

Financial Highlights 2021 Athenæum Foundation January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 Assets


• Cash & Equivalents: 156,816

• Operational Income: 936,339

• Grant Funded Acct: 42,894

• Contribution Income: 105,947

• Receivables and Other Current Assets: 134,952

•G rant/Donor Restricted Income: 769,179

• Endowment Inv Acct: 860,545

• Events/Parking/Misc: 145,667

•B uilding and Improvements: 9,050,380

Total: $1,957,132

•L and: 695,593 •E quipment: 729,629


•L ong-term Receivables: —

• Salaries & Wages: 306,589

•O ther Assets: 69,690

• Utilities: 250,329 • Insurance: 107,154

Total: 11,740,499

• Repairs/Maintenance: 177,496

Less Depreciation: 9,462,563

• Professional Fees 97,858 • Other: 240,630

Total: $2,277,936

Liabilities • Accounts Payable: 42,199 • Other Current Liabilities: 36,979

• Temporary Restricted Assets Release: 242,418

Total: $1,422,474

• Long-term Liabilities: —

Change in Net Assets: $ 7,897

Total: $79,178

Net Temp Restricted Assets: $526,761

Net Assets: $2,198,758

Excess Revenue: $534,658

Total Liabilities & Equity $2,277,936



Marianne Isaacs

Coat Check Coffee


Flores Law Group

David Johnson

Indiana German Heritage Society

Building & Facilities Manager

Erin Marshall Events Manager

Craig Mince

Indiana Performing Arts Centre KLF Legal Levo Massage Therapy


Max Kade German-American Center

Patrick Rutledge

Mercy Road Church

Development Coordinator

Monroe Legal

Justin Tyler

The New Harmony Project

Asst. Building & Facilities Manager

Rathskeller YMCA

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Meghan DeMars-Kiger, Chair

Rich Rardin

Natalie Clayton, Vice-Chair

Bob Schultz

Barbara Lawrence, Treasurer

Trina Dingle

Nabeela Virjee, Secretary

David Hudson

Brad Boyd

Kate Warpool

Gregory F. Hahn

Todd Shelton

Thomas Haynes

Kert Toler

Greg Henneke

Suzanne Stanis

Giles R. Hoyt, Ph.D

Justin Sufan

David Kingen Dan McMichael

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