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FINANCIAL FLUENCY Spreadsheets, budgets, and fundraising plans—all are necessary skills for business and organizational leaders. But to be successful, you need to take charge of your personal finances as well. Are you concerned about renting or buying an apartment, managing debt, or understanding your investments? Then these workshops on both basic and advanced money management skills are for you. C1. A Beginner’s Guide to Financial Planning Monday, September 13, 20, 27; Monday, October 4, 18, 25: 7–8 PM [$399 for series] Andrea Davila Learn the basics of money management in this six-part course. Intended for the beginner, you’ll learn how to set financial goals, plan a budget, and manage your spending, savings, and debt to begin building a nest egg for the future. You’ll gain the tools and good habits needed to make educated and responsible financial decisions during college and beyond. Andrea Davila, formerly operations director for Let’s Get Ready, a nonprofit that helps prepare low-income high school students for college, and now a student at Columbia Business School, teaches financial literacy classes throughout the city.

C2. Preparing for Life after Graduation Wednesday, September 15, 22, 29; Wednesday, October 6, 13, 20: 12–1 PM [$399 for series] Saturday, October 2: 9 AM–4 PM [$349] MP Dunleavey Intended for college juniors and seniors, this course teaches you the tools for building a secure financial future. Whether you plan to be an artist or a financier, to work for a nonprofit or in the private sector, travel the world or move back home—feel competent and confident in planning your financial future. Learn how to survive financially on a starting salary, build your credit history, grow your savings through investments, and save for retirement. MP Dunleavey is editorial director for DailyWorth, a free personal finance daily email for women, columnist for MSN Money, and the award-winning author of Money Can Buy Happiness: How to Spend to Get the Life You Want.

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C3. Smart Women, Smart Money [$799 for all six Mondays or the weekend; $229 per single unit] Take charge of your financial future in this six-part course on the basics of financial planning and investing. Participants can take all units over six Monday evenings, in a single weekend, or sign up for any of the individual units. Unit 1: Day-to-Day Financial Planning—Spend Wisely, Save More Monday, September 13: 7–9 PM Galia Gichon Learn how to set financial goals and organize your financial life to meet them. Learn to track and prioritize your spending, savings, and debts, and how to work effectively with different types of financial advisers. Galia Gichon, who has had a long career on Wall Street, now runs Down to Earth Finance, which educates clients, especially women, about investing and financial control. Saturday, November 6: 9 AM–12 PM Vanessa Wilson Vanessa Wilson retired in 2007 from Deutsche Bank Securities, where she had been a managing director and equity research analyst with primary responsibility for the U.S. life insurance industry. Unit 2: Planning for Retirement—From your First Job to your Last Monday, September 20: 7–9 PM Ronda Gelb Calculate how much you will need for retirement and learn strategies to reach your goals. Compare employersponsored and individually-established retirement plans, and learn the tax advantages of each. Ronda Gelb, who retired in 1997 as a vice president in the Trusts and Estates department of J.P. Morgan’s Private Bank, handled financial planning with high net worth clients.

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