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The Space Thursday 24 November 2011 We had such a fantastic day at The Space on Thursday – we have made a booklet to let you all know just what we thought . Primary 3/4

I really enjoyed the demonstration by Ruairidh, Max and Steve. It was cool because they were able to do fantastic tricks. I learned how to solve a problem as a team. I would definitely go back again. By Daisy

I enjoyed going over the ramps on a scooter. It was quite difficult but I kept trying. I learned to balance on a skateboard and how to use it. I had a great day and I really want to go back. By Callum

I really enjoyed going on the BMX, especially after I watched the cool demonstration. I learned how to balance on a skateboard. I was very excited. By Ruairidh.

I loved going in the skatepark and going up the ramps. It was a great school trip. I liked playing table football with Ruairidh and we won. I got better at balancing on a skateboard. When we were building the bridge out of newspaper things didn’t go to plan but we kept trying and it worked. By Finlay

I really liked using the scooters. It was the best day this year! Before the trip I did not think I would like it but I loved it! I learned how to go on a skateboard and really would like to go there again. Thank you Steve, Max and Adrian. By Courtney.

I really enjoyed going on the BMX bikes and the scooters. My favourite part of the day was sliding down the big ramp at the end. I learned how to skateboard because I had never done this before. It was a fantastic day! Thank you. By Seb.

I really enjoyed when I went down the ramp on the scooter because it was very fast! I learned more about skateboarding and how to balance. I also learned how hard you need to work to be a champion at something. I really enjoyed it – thankyou! By Emma.

I really enjoyed when I was on the scooter and was able to go from one big ramp to the other. I learned how to stand and balance on a skateboard. Every time I fell over, I tried again and then it worked! By Lucy.

I especially enjoyed the scooters because we got to go really fast! My favourite part of the day was when we got to run around the skatepark. An achievement for me was that I was able to stand up on a skateboard and I learned how to skateboard. By Jonathan

I had an amazing day with my school at The Space. I thought that I was good on the BMX and learned more about skateboarding. I also thought I got better at using a scooter. Snooker was fun with Seb. By Robbie

Yesterday I went to The Space with my class. There was a very cool ramp. Max and Steve were the teachers and were very good. I liked the skateboards and the scooters. By Max

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The Space Feedback  

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