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American Atheists Essential Reading List Books on this list have been selected to provide introductory information on topics of interest to Atheists. They address a wide range of important subjects such as: the history of Atheist thought, the origins of modern religion, the role religion plays in modern culture and politics, Atheist parenting, and the ongoing battle for the separation between church and state. While these titles represent only a fraction of the books available from American Atheist Press, collectively they provide a broad overview of Atheist thought. Atheism Advanced: Further Thoughts of a Free Thinker by David Eller

stock# 16010 $22.00

490 pp.


Christianity before Christ by John G. Jackson Christian doctrines are traced to their origins in older religions.

stock# 5200


237 pp.


The Case Against Religion by Albert Ellis A psychotherapist’s view of the harmful aspects of religious belief.

stock# 5096


57 pp.


Living in the Light by Anne R. Stone stock# 5588 $12.00 157 pp. Subtitled “Freeing Your Child from the Dark Ages,” this book serves as a manual for Atheist parents.


Our Constitution: The Way It Was by Madalyn O’Hair stock# 5400 $6.00 70 pp. stapled American Atheist Radio Series episodes about the myth that our founding fathers created a Christian nation. What on Earth Is an Atheist! by Madalyn O’Hair stock# 5412 $18.00 American Atheist Radio Series episodes on various topics of Atheist philosophy and history.

288 pp.


The Bible Handbook by G. W. Foote, W. P. Ball, et al. stock# 5008 $17.00 A compilation of biblical absurdities, contradictions, atrocities, immoralities and obscenities.

372 pp.


An Atheist Epic by Madalyn O’Hair stock# 5376 $18.00 302 pp. paperback The personal story of the battle to end mandatory prayer and bible recitation in schools in the United States. 65 Press Interviews by Robert G. Ingersoll stock# 5589 $15.00 Ingersoll’s 19th-century newspaper interviews as a Freethinker and opponent of superstition.

262 pp.


An Atheist Primer by Madalyn O’Hair stock# 5372 $6.00 A humorous look at god concepts will help children (and adults) have a clear view of religion.

30 pp.


An Atheist Looks at Women & Religion by Madalyn O’Hair stock# 5419 Why attempts to reconcile religion with civil rights for women are self-defeating.

42 pp.



The Jesus the Jews Never Knew by Frank R. Zindler stock# 7026 $20.00 544 pp. A search of ancient Jewish literature yields no evidence for the existence of any historical Jesus.


The Great Infidels by Robert G. Ingersoll stock# 5197 $7.00 How nonbelievers and Atheists have contributed to civilization and enriched our lives.

80 pp.


The Myth of Nazareth: The Invented Town of Jesus by René Salm

401 pp.


stock# 16014


Sex Mythology by Sha Rocco stock# 5440 $8.00 55 pp. A scholarly study explores the sexual origins of religious symbols including the Christian cross.


Jesus Is Dead by Robert M. Price


stock# 16005


291 pp.

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july 2008 Vol 46, No.6

American Atheist

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From the Acting President In Service of the Cause of Reason by Frank R. Zindler

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From the Editor

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Where This All Began by Frank R. Zindler


The American Atheist Vol. 1, No. 1


Urgent Appeal


Seeking New President for AMERICAN ATHEISTS, INC.


Seeking New Editor for AMERICAN ATHEIST

by Frank R. Zindler

from the acting president

In Service of the Cause of Reason Frank R. Zindler


adalyn Murray O’Hair would be quite astounded — indeed, a bit dismayed — to see me occupying the president’s chair of American Atheists, Inc., an office she herself first filled when she created the organization back in May of 1987. I say this because even though Madalyn was like a second mother to me and to my wife Ann, it was always clear that she expected the organization to be ruled by a dynasty of which she was the progenetrix. Indeed, the presidential mantle fell quickly upon the shoulders of her younger son Jon Garth Murray. There was ever the expectation that the third-generation president of American Atheists, Inc. would be an offspring either of the never-married Jon or of her granddaughter and adopted daughter Robin Murray-O’Hair. (Robin was the daughter of Madalyn’s estranged elder son William Murray, Jr.). Mind you, it is not that Madalyn would have felt me to be unqualified to hold this office. She would have known that I have been a member since 1977 and was elected to her board of directors in the early 1980s. She would have known that I was the author of several Atheist books, over fifty articles in American Atheist, and I had taken part in over 400 commercial radio and television talk-shows and debates against priests, creationists, theologians, religious apologists, enemies of the ‘Wall of Separation between State and Church,’ and Right-to-Single-Cell-Lifers. She would have known that for thirteen years after her death I had served faithfully as managing editor of her beloved American Atheist Press, publishing newsletters, magazines, books, and Atheist ephemera. No, she wouldn’t think I was unqualified (except perhaps because of my age) to be Acting President; but she probably would not be entirely pleased. I suspect that Madalyn would have been less disappointed when Ellen Johnson took the helm of her flagship, although I suspect that “the most hated woman in America” would have been more than a trifle jealous of the glamorous and suave woman who captured media attention almost as much as she had — certainly more effectively than had her son Jon Murray in his prematurely terminated tenure in office. Perhaps because my occupation of this office will be brief, there is something slightly surreal about my present status. Can I reii

American Atheist — july 2008

ally — in any significant sense — be a successor to Madalyn Murray O’Hair? How could two people of such different temperaments and talents fill the same office, serve the same purpose, pursue the same goals? Are not the needs today of American Atheists different in many ways from those satisfied by the Murray-O’Hair family? Are not many needs the same as well? Would it be wise — or prudent — for me to imitate their practices in the face of changed circumstances? It is hard for me to grasp my successor status in large part because I never sought it and had little warning that it was imminent. I never seriously expected that Ellen Johnson would ever be removed from office. I always had hoped (and expected) that the increasing number of disagreements — concerning policies, practices, and priorities — between her and the boards of directors of the five affiliated American Atheists corporations would be resolved and that Ellen would be their president until the end of my life. Alas, that proved not to be the case. During the two weeks leading up to April 29, 2008, duly noticed special meetings that had been requested by majorities of all five boards of directors of the affiliated corporations were called by the Secretary for the purpose of “ironing out” the differences. A decision had to be made, for example, whether or not the boards of directors were the controlling authorities of their respective corporations (as mandated by all five constitutions and bylaws) or not. A seem-

ingly irreconcilable difference of opinion concerning who controlled American Atheists had to be resolved. But even more important was the question of who should be held most responsible for what American Atheists does — or doesn’t do. The president or the board? Board members felt that under the constituåtion and bylaws their fiduciary responsibilities were decisively greater than those of the president. For reasons of which I am unaware, Ellen did not participate in either meeting. Then, on the evening of April 29, 2008, a jointsession telephone conference was held by the boards of directors of American Atheists, Inc.; American Atheists General Headquarters, Inc.; Charles E. Stevens American Atheist Library & Archives, Inc. (CESAALA); Society of Separationists, Inc.; and United Secularists of America, Inc., with Ellen Johnson participating by cell-phone. Of the eleven men and three women comprising those directorships, constitutionally mandated majorities considered it their fiduciary duty to remove Ellen Johnson from the office she had held for thirteen years. I was among that majority. It was one of the most painful decisions I have ever had to make. Minutes later, I was nominated and unanimously elected Acting President of the five corporations. Thus began the surreal sensations that I still experience. It should be noted that the resolutions passed by the corporations effectively terminating Ellen’s presidency sought to respect her dignity by giving her 72 hours in which to submit a resignation — failing which she would be removed from office. Public notices needing to be given before the deadline were deliberately nonspecific as to whether she had resigned or been fired. No resignation was forthcoming. Let me make it absolutely, bluntly clear: Ellen had done nothing illegal or even close to being illegal leading up to her termination from office. Nevertheless the many issues in dispute were substantial and of great importance if American Atheists is to remain secure, stable, and positioned for growth. As I have observed in reply to several letters I have received concerning the circumstances of the separation, it is like a divorce “for irreconcilable differences.” Just as such divorces can nevertheless often be anguished and painful, so too is the present split. But it is also the case that even bitterly fought divorces can often lead to reconciliation after wounds have been healed by time. We earnestly hope that will be the case here as well. There is, however, a remaining area of dispute of which readers should be made aware. The Board of the Atheist library corporation CESAALA is asking Ellen to return diaries of Madalyn Murray O’Hair and other memorabilia salvaged from the Murray-O’Hair home back in 1996 after the murder of the ‘First Family of Atheism.’ According to the terms of their joint will, all such personal property was to become the possession of CESAALA “with the stipulation that the library shall forever have the purpose of finding, preserving, and keeping Atheist and related books for research and enlightenment of Atheists.” The Board of Directors considers obtaining the diaries of its corporate founder a fundamental fiduciary duty. As this issue of American Atheist goes to press, no response from Ellen on this issue has been received. What, then, is the plan for my pro tempore presidency in succession to Madalyn Murray O’Hair? Perhaps because I am serving without salary and the job is extremely difficult, my plan is quite simple: to put myself out of office as soon as possible and to be succeeded by someone of whom Madalyn might be more proud. The boards of directors have asked me to publish an advertisement in this issue of American Atheist soliciting applications to fill the office of president. I am confident that we will receive applications from at least several men and women of whom not only Madalyn would be proud but — more importantly by far — you will be proud. k

The Founders’Friends... So many of you help American Atheists with donations and other financial support—and we want to find a way to say “Thank You!” We are pleased to announce the re-establishment of an American Atheist tradition—The Founders’ Friends, begun by the Murray O’Hair family. Those contributing $50 or more to American Atheists will have their names and amounts entered in subsequent issues of the AA Magazine. Just fill out the blue card with the information requested, include your gift, and mail it back to us in the enclosed envelope. Be sure to check the appropriate box authorizing us to thank you by printing your name and contribution amount in the Magazine. Mailing addresses will not be mentioned. This is our way of saying THANK YOU to an extraordinary group of people—those of you who want to “do more” and financially support the critical work of American Atheists! American Atheists Thanks The Following Persons For Their Generous Contributions To Our Cause.

Madison Arnold, NY – $100 Jim Rawls, FL – $50 Jon Buratti, MD, CA – $50 Ralph B. Shirley, TX – $50 Tommie Morrison, CA – $50 John D. Crumpt, TX – $50 Norbert Mathias, MD, PA – $50 Joe Vikin, NY – $50 Deborah Patterson, VA – $250 Larry Jones, NY – $3,000 Scott B. Wagner, TX – $100 Woody Kaplan, MA – $1,000 Sidney Kass, CA – $100

New Life Members American Atheists Welcomes New Life Members Tony Pasquarello – Mansfield, OH Richard Dawkins – Oxford, UK David Toorchen – Columbus, OH

In Memoriam Lance Wilhelm – Piscataway, NJ Donald F. Clausen – Park Rapids, MN july 2008 — American Atheist


from the editor

Where This All Began Frank R. Zindler


ow did this all begin — how and where did the magazine you hold in your hands get started? What did it look like? In 1996, when I restored publication of this journal after the disappearance of the Murray-O’Hair family the previous fall, I could not decide what volume number to assign to my first issue that would pass through the press. The magazine had become moribund and had failed to be issued for several years even before the murder of my editorial predecessor Robin Murray-O’Hair. I wasn’t even able to determine the year in which the magazine began. I traveled from Ohio to our Austin headquarters to search through the library and archives in order to find the very first issue of the journal. To my dismay, I could not find any magazines at


American Atheist — july 2008

all dated before 1974. When the Charles E. Stevens American Atheist Library & Archives was moved to Cranford, New Jersey (its present home), I still could not find the elusive publication. Then in May of this year, after my unexpected election to the acting presidency of American Atheists, my wife Ann and I went to Cranford in order to deal with official business at the American Atheist Center. While there, I searched the periodicals rooms of the library once more with care. To my delight, order had been restored to the chaotic assemblage of publications brought up from Texas. There, in the place where Volume 1, Number 1 was supposed to be, I found three faded and slightly smudged surviving copies of our inaugural issue. I was both stunned and gratified when I picked one of them up and carefully paged through it to see what it comprised. I was stunned by the realization that this bold foray into the world of print obviously had been undertaken with no budget whatsoever. Part even of the front cover had been hand-lettered, and the quality of the printing was so bad that some of the print and illustrations hardly showed up at all. The memory of a tiny printing press not much larger than a mimeograph machine flashed in my mind. It must have printed this first issue. It rapidly must have been replaced by the larger press with which so many of our magazines and books were to be printed. (No commercial printer in Texas would do business with Atheists, so we had to do all of our own printing.) It probably had been left in Texas. The labor pains with which this magazine was brought fourth were stunningly evident in the typewriter-set, right-justified text on some pages and in the coarse paper on which it appeared. I was gratified, however, by the fact that the magazine was to improve in quality very quickly. The launch of Volume 1, Number 1 (January, 1971) had been a success. Obviously, many Atheists had rallied to its call and the cause of reason had found an effective periodical expression. I was gratified also by the realization that such humble beginnings had made possible the quarterly journal I edited for eleven years and the monthly magazine edited by Ellen Johnson for the last two years. It is an immense pleasure to share that first issue of The American Atheist (with the definite article and sub-titled Poor Richard’s Reports after Madalyn’s husband Richard O’Hair) with present-day subscribers and readers. It is reproduced in facsimile as accurately as possible in the following pages. It ought to become a collector’s item. I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I do. k

URGENT APPEAL From Acting President Frank R. Zindler


uring the last week of May my wife Ann and I visited the American Atheist Center in Cranford, New Jersey, in order to attend to urgent business relating to my unexpected election as Acting President of American Atheists, Inc. We were alarmed to discover that leaks that had developed in the roof more than a year ago not only had not been repaired, water had damaged hundreds of dollars’ worth of books in our stockroom. Ceilings in many parts of the building were soiled and warned us of greater problems to come. Fortunately, the ceilings in the climate-controlled, fire suppressant-protected library section of the building were still intact. Nevertheless, careful inspection showed that the Charles E. Stevens American Atheist Library & Archives (CESAALA) was in imminent danger. The entire roof, it turns out, is old and had to be replaced immediately. Nearly fifty years ago, the founder of American Atheists, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, began the daunting task of gathering together the books, publications, and other documents which tell our history — the history of American Atheism. Out of this effort grew CESAALA, named after one of Dr. O’Hair’s earliest patrons and supporters — Charles E. Stevens. Wherever the O’Hairs traveled, they visited bookstores, libraries, and other potential sources for books. Members of American Atheists sometimes willed their own personal libraries to CESAALA, greatly enhancing its holdings. The late Robin Murray-O’Hair spent much of her free time adding to this collection as well, often pouring through dealer catalogues and bidding at auctions. Today, the Charles E. Stevens American Atheist Library & Archives is the largest depository of Atheist, freethought, and related materials in the nation. It is also the repository for the organizational history of American Atheists, Inc. In it are to be found the last known copies of books, pamphlets, and ephemera that have managed to elude the fires of book-burning religious fanatics over the course of the last two centuries. We will not allow these precious milestones — paper markers that have guided the march of so many free minds through so many superstition-infested jungles — to escape the fire, only to be destroyed by water! As you are reading this, a new roof is probably finished and the library is safe — almost. The new roof is very large and very expensive. When every expense is totaled up, the roofing cost will come to around $77,000.00! This is a stunning expense for a small cause organization run mostly by volunteers. Mind you, this is the lowest estimate we received from those roofing contractors we deemed reliable. We simply do not have that much money in our operational budget. We need your help. We need your help to pay this staggering debt. I am serving without salary as I carry out the office of Acting President. I am working as hard as I can to preserve our library and our organization. I am giving all that I can give — but it is not enough. In a few months we will have a new president who will, I am confident, lead us across new frontiers to achieve goals of which Madalyn Murray O’Hair could only dream. Please don’t let my successor be saddled with so great an undeserved debt. Please put an extra contribution for the roof in the envelope that falls out of this magazine. Indicate that it is for the roof and please let us know if it is okay to list your name in the honor rolls to be published in the next few issues of this journal. Note added in proof: As this issue goes to press, water has damaged three areas in the ceiling of the library itself.

july 2008 — American Atheist


Seeking New President for AMERICAN ATHEISTS, INC. Closing date for applications August 24, 2008

The Board of Directors of American Atheists is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications to fill the position of President, American Atheists, Inc. Applicants must be Atheists with a history of Atheist activism and must be in agreement with the following statement: American Atheists, Inc. is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, educational organization dedicated to the complete and absolute separation of state and church, accepting the explanation of Thomas Jefferson that the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was meant to create a “wall of separation” between state and church. To apply, applicants must send their autobiography to American Atheists Acting President Frank R. Zindler, at via e-mail and should deal with items suggested below. Your biography is your application and it will be evaluated by the American Atheists Board of Directors. This evaluation is expected to evolve over a three to four month period during which the board of directors may request additional information. Please restrict your application to under 1000 words. Checklist of Items to Include (1) How long have you been an Atheist and/or Atheist activist? Please include a brief description of your activist experiences. (2) Our national headquarters is located in Cranford, New Jersey. Residency in or near this area is desirable but may not be an absolute necessity. To what extent could you comply with this desideratum? (3) Define your experiences or impression of working closely with a board of directors or, specifically, a corporate board of directors. (4) The president shall devote full time, skill, labor and attention to the day-to-day operation of American Atheists – including, but not limited to —organizing/reorganizing office procedures and working with administrative staff. Please include a brief description of your office skills and operational leadership. (5) The backbone of American Atheists, Inc. is made up of various levels of “behind the scene” volunteers as well as more visible volunteers such as the board of directors, national spokesperson, legal director, and state directors. Please discuss your experience or impression of working with volunteers on a national or local level. (6) Your biography may include a number of additional areas of experience important to American Atheists, Inc., such as: fund raising, public speaking, working with the media, and sociability. (7) Please submit a general over-view of your background including your education, field(s) of employment, hobbies, and personal interests. The position of President of American Atheists is a salaried position enhanced by a number of fringe benefits which will be personally discussed with those candidates deemed viable by the board of directors. Thanking you in advance for your application, American Atheists Board of Directors.


American Atheist — july 2008


The Board of Directors of American Atheists, Inc., is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications to fill the position of Editor for our monthly journal American Atheist. Applicants must be Atheists with a history of expression of Atheist thought and activism and must be in agreement with the following statement: American Atheists, Inc. is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, educational organization dedicated to the complete and absolute separation of state and church, accepting the explanation of Thomas Jefferson that the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was meant to create a “wall of separation” between state and church. To apply, applicants should send a letter of application to American Atheists Acting President and American Atheist Press Managing Editor Frank R. Zindler, at via e-mail and should include exemplification of items suggested below. Your letter of application will be evaluated by Mr. Zindler in consultation with the American Atheists Board of Directors. Applications will continue to be evaluated until a suitable candidate is found with whom mutually agreeable terms of employment can be agreed upon. Please restrict your letter of application to under 1000 words. Checklist of Skills and Qualities Desired (1) Mastery of English grammar and spelling. (2) Knowledge of and ability to use style manuals such as The Chicago Manual Of Style or similar publications. (3) K  nowledge of foreign phrases and words commonly used in educated English prose. (4) A  bility to communicate simply, clearly, and creatively. Examples of such ability may be requested from candidates under consideration. (5) A  bility to text-edit manuscripts being prepared for publication as well as to copy-edit pdf proofs prior to printing. (6) A  bility to judge and select manuscripts most appropriate for inclusion in particular issues of the magazine. (7) A  bility to set deadlines and meet them, creating a publication schedule that can be depended upon. (8) A  bility and willingness to accommodate the communication needs of the president, the managing editor, and other officers of American Atheists as well as the needs of state directors and the

various affiliated organizations with which American Atheists has responsibilities. (9) Ability to work with both Macintosh and Windows computer platforms and to convert files between them as needed. (10) Knowledge of professional publishing software such as PageMaker, QuarkXpress, or InDesign CS3 is very desirable but no longer critical. (11) Ability to handle copyright questions with respect to requests to reprint American Atheist Press properties as well as when seeking permission to reprint literary properties owned by other publishers or individuals. (12) Ability to work remotely with artists, authors, printers, and consultants, and handle large volumes of correspondence. (13) Ability to work with volunteers and to seek them out when needed. (13) A history of writing and publishing is desirable.

Please submit a general overview of your background including your education, how long you have been an Atheist, field(s) of employment, hobbies, and personal interests. Since the days of Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the positions of Managing Editor of American Atheist Press and Editor of American Atheist have been volunteer offices carried out without salary, although expenses such as computer hardware and software have often been reimbursed. Clearly, that is the way the cause of Atheism and the welfare of American Atheists, Inc. has been best served. However, it is realized that there may be excellent candidates whose personal circumstances cannot justify so great a financial sacrifice. Candidates for whom this is the case should indicate the amount of remuneration they would require in order to carry out their editorial duties. Thanking you in advance for your application, American Atheists Board of Directors

july 2008 — American Atheist


The Myth Of Nazareth The Invented Town Of Jesus Scholar’s Edition By René Salm

Christianity cannot survive unless this book can be refuted. By proving scientifically that Nazareth was uninhabited at the time ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ and his family were supposed to be living there, Salm strikes the Achilles’ heel of a very popular god. We know the Wizard of Oz is not real, since we know there never was a Land of Oz. Because of this exhaustive archaeological investigation, we know that Jesus of Nazareth also is a literary fiction. Requiring 8 years of painstaking research, The Myth Of Nazareth surveys the archaeological record of the Nazareth Basin from the Stone Age until modern times. It guides the reader through a stunning odyssey of discovery — one which exposes not only the true history of the site but also a scandalous history of evidentiary suppression reaching back to Early Christian times. Paperback xvi + 375 pp. Index $20.00 – Stock # 16014 (Member discount 10%, S&H $5.00)


American Atheist — july 2008

Atheism Advanced Further Thoughts Of a Freethinker By David Eller

An anthropological and philosophical deconstruction of religion, religious language, and the danger of relying on belief or faith instead of knowledge. Atheism is shown to lead to ‘discredism’ — a rejection of belief as well as a rejection of gods. Prof. David Eller is a cultural anthropologist who has conducted field research among Aboriginal societies in Australia and now teaches anthropology in Denver, Colorado. His recent college textbook, Introducing Anthropology Of Religion, is being hailed as the most significant introduction to the scientific study of religion in a decade. Paperback xxii + 468 pp. Index $22.00 – Stock # 16010 (Member discount 10%, S&H $5.00)

state director listing MILITARY DIRECTOR Kathleen Johnson CMR 422, Box 910 APO AE 09067 ALABAMA STATE DIRECTOR Blair Scott PO Box 41 Ryland, AL 35767-2000 (256) 701-6265 ALASKA STATE DIRECTOR Clyde Baxley 3713 Deborah Ln. Anchorage, AK 99504 (907) 333-6499 ARIZONA STATE DIRECTOR Monty Gaither P.O. Box 64702 Phoenix, AZ 85082-4702 CALIFORNIA STATE DIRECTOR Dave Kong (415) 771-9872 And CALIFORNIA ASSISTANT STATE DIRECTOR Mark W. Thomas (H) (650) 969-5314 (C) (650) 906-1095 900 Bush Street, Unit 210 San Francisco, CA 94109

CONNECTICUT STATE DIRECTOR Dennis Paul Himes P.O. Box 9203 Bolton, CT. 06043 (860) 643-2919 FLORIDA STATE DIRECTOR Greg McDowell P.O. Box 680741 Orlando, FL 32868-0741 (352) 217-3470 IDAHO STATE DIRECTOR Susan Harrington P.O. Box 204 Boise, ID 83701-0204 (208) 392-9981 ILLINOIS STATE DIRECTOR Sandra Van Maren P.O. Box 1770 Chicago, IL 60690-1770 (312) 201-0159 KENTUCKY STATE DIRECTOR Edwin Kagin P.O. Box 48 Union, KY 41091 (859) 384-7000 MICHIGAN STATE DIRECTOR Arlene-Marie and

MICHIGAN ASSISTANT STATE DIRECTOR George Shiffer Both can be reached at: P.O. Box 0025 Allen Park, MI 48101-9998 (313) 388-9594 NEW JERSEY STATE DIRECTOR David Silverman 1308 Centennial Ave, Box 101 Piscataway, NJ 08854 (732) 648-9333 NORTH CAROLINA STATE DIRECTOR Wayne Aiken P.O. Box 30904 Raleigh, NC 27622 (919) 602-8529 OHIO STATE DIRECTOR Michael Allen PMB289 1933 E Dublin-Granville Rd Columbus, OH 43229 (614)-678-6470 OKLAHOMA STATE DIRECTOR Ron Pittser P.O. Box 2174 Oklahoma City, OK 73101-2174 (405) 205-8447

TEXAS STATE DIRECTOR Joe Zamecki 2707 IH-35 South Austin TX 78741 (512) 444-5882 Extension 703 TEXAS REGIONAL DIRECTOR FOR DALLAS/FORT WORTH Dick Hogan UTAH STATE DIRECTOR Rich Andrews P.O. Box 165103 Salt Lake City, UT 84116-5103 VIRGINIA STATE DIRECTOR Rick Wingrove P.O. Box 774 Leesburg, VA 20178 (H) (703) 433-2464 (C) (703) 606-7411 WASHINGTON STATE DIRECTOR Wendy Britton 12819 SE 38th St. Suite 485 Bellevue, WA 98006 (425) 269-9108 WEST VIRGINIA STATE DIRECTOR Charles Pique P.O. Box 7444 Charleston, WV 25356-0444 (304) 776-5377

Contacting State Directors Our directors are NOT provided with contact information for members in their area. If you’re interested in working with your director on activism, please use the listing on this page to contact them. They would love to hear from you! If you live in a state or area where there is no director, you have been a member for one year or more, and you’re interested in a director position, please contact David Kong, Director of State and Regional Operations at

American Atheist Center

mailing address

PO Box 158, Cranford, NJ 07016 delivery address

225 Cristiani Street, Cranford, NJ 07016 phone

908-276-7300 • fax 908-276-7402 •


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