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Peter Max- The Most Popular Artists Peter Max started his childhood fleeing Nazi Germany in 1938. They escaped the Holocaust to Changhai, China where they lived for the next ten years. Their home overlooked a Buddhist temple, where Peter would observe monks painting calligraphic images with bamboo brushes on rice paper. His nanny taught peter how to hold and paint brush and his parents made sure there were plenty of supplies sitting around the home. This encourage Max to go on and become one of the most Iconic pop artist in history. In 1962 Peter had started his first studio with a friend of his. Together they went onto design advertising and children’s books. Peter was later commissioned by Riverside Records to create the cover art for Meade Lux Lewis. The album won a gold medal form the society of illustrators in 1962. Most people know Peter Max as the psychedelic pop artist of the late 60’s early 70’s. Peter Max single handedly started the poster craze. His original paintings were duplicated in massive poster runs and distributed to college campus across the United States. Many don’t know, but Peter Max was also in charge of the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. It all started when Nancy Reagan invited Max to paint on the lawn during an event at the White House. They loved his rendition of the Statue of Liberty. He later found out from Nancy that the statue was in disrepair. He took it upon himself to assemble a team with the ceo of Crysler Lee Lacocca that raised enough money to completely restore the monumental statue. Peter Max has been the official artist for many events including the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Super Bowl, the Grammys and many more. He created the stamp for the 1974 world fair. He has been commissioned to paint a Boeing 777 for Continental Airlines at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Huston Texas. Peter Max is known around the world as a environmentalist and defender of human and animal rights. He has graciously donated to many charities throughout the world. Max currently lives in New York city with his wife Mary Max. He continues to paint to this day. Creating bright and bold acrylic paintings that warm ever home they enter. You can find Peter Max art for sale in galleries and on He will undoubtedly go down as one of the most iconic pop artists of our time.

Peter Max- The Most Popular Artists