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scandalous subject, the sharpness of its tone and because it contained nothing which was not better said in our surviving two epistles. 16

The Temple of Diana at Ephesus was one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the Ancient World’. The ancient Greek traveller Pausanias said that it ‘surpassed every structure raised by human hands’. Another ancient writer said: ‘I have seen the walls and hanging gardens of Old Babylon, the statue of Olympian Jove, the Colossus of Rhodes, the great labour of the lofty Pyramids, and the ancient tomb of Mausolus. But when I beheld the Temple at Ephesus towering to the clouds, all these other marvels were eclipsed.’ Today only one of these Seven Wonders survives: the pyramids of Egypt.

A cargo ship as represented on a bas relief dating from the reign of Claudius and found in 1863 at the port of Ostia (near Rome).

How the Apostles Wrote the New Testament  
How the Apostles Wrote the New Testament  

This survey of how the New Testament came to be written is also a chronicle of the first 40 years of the history of the Christian Church. It...