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Forty Years which Changed the World Forever In what years, exactly, did Jesus live? Are the stories of His Apostles as found in the New Testament really history? What exactly can we know about the work and travels of the great Apostles, saints Peter and Paul, James and John? Who wrote all those magnificent works in the New Testament? When? Where? Why? From the archaeological discoveries and scriptural studies of the past two centuries how much more do we know today than we did one or two hundred years ago? All these and many more vitally important questions are explored in this book: How the Apostles Wrote the New Testament. Although this is a book for students, the general reader too will find here a gold mine of information and insight on the dramatic events of the years 30 to 70 AD. In these forty vital years the Apostles founded the Christian Church. In these forty years they changed the world forever.

How the Apostles Wrote the New Testament  
How the Apostles Wrote the New Testament  

This survey of how the New Testament came to be written is also a chronicle of the first 40 years of the history of the Christian Church. It...