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This vetro cemeteriale dating from the second or third century shows our Lady - representing the Church - at prayer between St. Peter and St. Paul. The tongues of fire represent the Holy Spirit. The letters read: ‘Petrus Maria Paulus.’ (Note that the ancient Romans used only ‘capital letters’ (A, B, C, D, E…). ‘Lower case’ letters (a, b, c, d, e…) were developed only later by the monks in the Middle Ages.) (Vetri cemeteriali (Italian: ‘Cemetery Cups’) were Christian glass cups found in the catacombs under Rome. Holy pictures made of gold leaf were sealed in their bases. An enlarged example featuring St. Peter and St. Paul can be viewed opposite this book’s contents page.)

How the Apostles Wrote the New Testament  
How the Apostles Wrote the New Testament  

This survey of how the New Testament came to be written is also a chronicle of the first 40 years of the history of the Christian Church. It...