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MAY 2014

DATING ins and outs ESTATE PLANNING imperative


Say NO to WINTER BLUES PERFUME your garden

MAY musts 1- 4 As one of the 10 oldest South African towns, it’s only fitting that Clanwilliam should host a huge ‘opskop’ to celebrate its 200year anniversary. CLANWILLIAM SECOND CENTENARY CELEBRATIONS forms part of the Cederberg Rooibos Arts Festival and there will be music, live acts, plays and local cuisine. Cost: R250 pp

3 Move between estates for wine tastings at the ELGIN VALLEY COOL WINE & COUNTRY FESTIVAL. Each estate offers a lunch experience, live bands, art collections, tractor rides and kids’ playgrounds, 9.30 am – 5 pm. Cost: R50 day pass (pre-book lunch sessions) 9 & 10 Curated by Breyten Breytenbach, the DANCING IN OTHER WORDS POETRY FESTIVAL at Spier Wine Farm features well-known poets in conversations and master classes, evening readings and musical performances. Time: 2 – 10 pm. Cost: R190

2 & 23 At BRANDY FUSION, 50 of South Africa’s leading brandy producers will exhibit at the CTICC, 5.30 9.30 pm. Master classes will be held every hour including food-and-brandy pairings. Cost: R195

3 & 4 All things olive are to be had at the 14th annual RIEBEEK VALLEY OLIVE FESTIVAL tastings of awardwinning olive oil, cured olive products, winetastings, a variety of local produce, art and local crafts, food stalls and entertainment. Venue: Kloovenburg Wine & Olive Estate, Riebeek Kasteel, 9.30 am - 3 pm. Cost: tbc

about Atlantic Gull Atlantic Gull is a monthly publication celebrating life on the Western Seaboard and West Coast. It’s distributed to each home on Atlantic Beach Golf Estate, each resident at Sunset Links Estate, Sir David Baird Drive, General Jansens Drive, Edinburgh Rd, Harold Ashwell Rd, as well as Starke Ayres Nursery, Sandown Nursery, all the Pick ‘n Pay, Spar and Checkers outlets, Food Lover’s Market, several doctors’ surgeries, breakfast venues, video shops, coffee shops,

9 - 10 The whole family will love the NUY VALLEY FEAST, Nuy Road, 6851 Worcester - fun walks, a vineyard trail run, wine tasting, tractor and wagon rides and live music by well-known artists from 7.30 am - 7 pm. Cost: R40 10 - 11 A glamorous bridal show, BRIDAL EXPO, will be hosted for the third year at Grand West Casino, 9 am – 5 pm. Cost: R70

liquor outlets and hairdressers throughout Milnerton, Sunset Beach, Table View, West Beach, Sunningdale, Blouberg, Eden on the Bay, Seaside Village, Parklands and Melkbos areas. Deadlines for advertisement bookings and payments: June edition – 25 April; July edition – 28 May; August edition – 25 June. For advertising rates, please phone Mariette Greyling or send an email.

16 - 18 Local and international writers such as Alexander McCall Smith, Anthony Horowitz, Antony Beevor and Tony Leon discuss topics as diverse as technology, comedy and horticulture at the 8th annual FRANSCHHOEK LITERARY FESTIVAL. Musical and gourmet events run alongside. Takes place throughout Franschhoek from 10am. Cost: R60

22 - 25 Foodies can again delight in SA’s premier food, wine and lifestyle event, the GOOD FOOD AND WINE SHOW at the CTICC, with a line-up of the world’s top chefs. Cost: R110

31 Den Anker Restaurant, V&A, presents ULTRA MUSSELS IN MAY tastings of wines from Darling and Durbanville, plenty of mussels and live entertainment by the Bottomless Coffee Band, 12 - 4 pm. Cost: R150 includes 1kg mussels, a souvenir wine glass and wine tastings.

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Annène van Eeden

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James Weideman provides tried and trusted methods for dating and relationships French philosopher Teilhard de Chardin described the path to happiness in three stages: To be; to love; to worship. To be means to know yourself and what you want. It’s to have an identity, with values that guide you through life. Without identity you’re like a jellyfish that has no backbone and is flung around by the currents of life. If you don’t know what you want and what your values are, how would you be able to choose a good partner and conduct yourself in a relationship? You also won’t be able to assert and protect yourself in a relationship if you don’t know what you stand for. People with a well-established identity usually come across as more confident, in addition to being respected and attractive to others. TAKE YOUR TIME TO GET TO KNOW THE PERSON Your emotional relationship should occupy prime position. Before you take the first step

into a more serious relationship, you need to ask your partner whether the relationship is going anywhere. It’s unwise to continue with a relationship not knowing what the other person’s intentions are. Relationships develop in stages – you can’t predict what will happen in the next stage. Accept this and focus on the present. Don’t allow your imagination to get the better of you, fantasising about an idyllic future. This is dangerous because by fantasising about the future of your relationship, you create expectations and set yourself up for disappointment if it doesn’t happen. Also, fantasy isn’t realistic. Accept the boundaries set by your values of the stage that you’re in. Although it will always be tempting, rather try not to let the physical side run ahead. Don’t rely on your relationship to make you happy. You have to make yourself happy. Unfortunately the romantic phase of a relationship (or ‘in-love’ phase) always passes. It can last anything from two hours to two years (Dr Phil McGraw). The spark always goes. It’s only a phase and we have to accept that. After that, it’s what you make o f y o u r re l a t i o n s h i p . Hollywood and the movies have indoctrinated us erroneously with the idea that love will keep your relationship going and carry you through difficult times in your relationship. That’s mostly not true. It’s a strong commitment to your partner; loyalty and hard work that make relationships work and keep people together. COMMITMENT This is a strong conviction and decision that I commit myself to my marital vows for better and for worse, t h ro u g h s i c k n e s s a n d through health. It definitely also refers to your identity.


Are you a person of your word? Do you stand by your promises? Do you persevere? Or do you follow popular opinion and trends or what your friends say is ‘cool’? What do you stand for? How much energy and time should a person invest in a new relationship and how much in marriage? Remember, you need other loves in your life – be it religion, work, nature, pets, sport or music. It’s usually a combination of these things. This applies to a marriage too. The risk of losing your partner through a breakup or other reasons is bigger in a new relationship than in an established one. Therefore I suggest that you invest less time and energy in the initial stages. Every relationship is unique and it remains your choice how to structure it. From experience I suggest: •

Teenage relationships: The risk of breakups is higher here, so 10 – 15% investment.

After school and before you’re engaged: ±20%.

Engagement until marriage: 20 – 30%. It’s not wise to stay engaged forever. When you get engaged, make sure you have a wedding date in the near future. If your partner doesn’t want to set a date for a wedding, rather don’t get engaged and realise that your partner is possibly not truly committed or has other commitment issues.

In a marriage: 30 – 40%. You need to make yourself happy, so you need to make time for your other loves.

Parents have the responsibility to model and imprint the right values in their children. Share and live what you believe in and your children will have a special gift for life to guide their behaviour in their work, relationships, sport, etc. Our values, such as honesty, consideration; good work ethics, perseverance, etc, should direct every aspect of our lives including our relationships. James Weideman - Psych (Hons), MA (Clin Psych) (Stellenbosch), Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis is a registered clinical psychologist, tel 021 5545310.







die intestate, your possessions are divided according to a fixed set of rules, which may not be according to your wishes.

A few golden rules are: •

Revise your will regularly to fulfil your wishes.

The composition of a will and estate planning have long-term implications that can affect your nearest and dearest. With effective estate planning, unnecessary estate duty and income tax obligations are prevented, ensuring that your assets are passed on to your dependents without hiccups.

The appointment of an executor is one of the important functions of a will. This executor takes over your rights and duties after your death, distributing your possessions among your heirs as per your instructions. Some attorneys and auditors administer estates, as do trust companies and banks with special estate divisions.

Appoint a qualified, trustworthy executor to administer your will.

Ensure that your next of kin know where your will is, so that the executor can be informed of your death.

Your will is a document that must be revised regularly in line with your current wishes, changing assets and personal circumstances. It only comes into effect once it's been accepted by the Master of the High Court. Should you

Make a list of the assets and liabilities that form part of your estate. If a couple is married in community of property, they have a joint estate. With an ante nuptial contract, each spouse owns his or her independent estate.

Provide enough cash on hand to cover all costs, duties and taxes payable on your death.

Notify your next of kin as to the location of important documents, such as bank statements, share certificates, title deeds and personal documents.

You've probably worked hard to accumulate your earthly possessions and obviously want to provide for your dependents after your death. This peace of mind can be obtained only if you have a properly drawn up will.

THINK before you renovate If you live in a run-down house in an upmarket area, renovate to your heart's desire. But, if you live in the smartest house in an average neighbourhood, weigh up the options of renovating carefully.

renovations. However, if you live in the best house in an average suburb, don't spend a cent. No-one will buy a house simply because it has a wonderful entertainment area, a yellow wood ceiling or Italian tiles in the bathroom – except if the house is in a prime location.

add value to a house, according to the estate agents.

Establish what the house prices in your suburb are and stay within those limits.

Be warned, if you overcapitalise by effecting expensive renovations to your house, you might not get your money back. According to the experts, there are three things to consider before renovating: Area, Area and Area.

Buyers are only interested in whether your house offers them value for money. The minute you raise the standard of your house above that of the other houses in the area, you're looking for trouble.

Areas where there’s no more land for sale are the most sought-after.

Consider the size of your plot. It's no use building a R10 million house in an area where houses sell for R3 million.

If you have the ugliest house on the best street in the neighbourhood, then proceed with

For instance, if every third house in your suburb has a swimming pool and you decide to follow suit, but to go one better with a rockery, a waterfall and a jacuzzi, then don't expect any return on your money when you sell the house. Prospective buyers first look at their finances before looking at the neighbourhood, and then they want value for money. If the house down the road also has a pool, but is R20 000 cheaper, buyers will be more inclined to buy that one.

Don't buy a huge house on a small plot.

Good security is number one these days. Invest in a good alarm system, security gates, electric fencing, an intercom and perimeter walls.

Another plus factor is a garage with a door leading straight into the house.

Improve your garden, kitchen and bathroom.

An extra room will not necessarily up the value of the house.

A jacuzzi, braai room and fancy tiles do not sell a house.

Certain renovations, such as a fireplace, a sensible kitchen and an attractive bathroom will always


The rules to follow are:


Have a blast this winter “Winter is not a season, it's an occupation,” according to Sinclair Lewis. But if we had no winter, the spring wouldn’t be so great. So, knuckle down and enjoy a glorious winter. There’s much fun to be had when the weather’s cold: bed down with a good book, enjoy toasties with tomato soup, bake cookies and share them with friends, make a pot of mulled wine, cook a huge pot of chilli, add some peppermint schnapps to your hot chocolate, wear fuzzy slippers at home, take a long bubble bath, listen to the howl of the wind on a blustery night and watch the rain fall. Outdoors there are activities aplenty. Walk in the pine-scented Newlands Forest, go for an invigorating hike at Silvermine, soak up the sight of a wild ocean, go paddling at Velddrif, volunteer at a soup kitchen, and, not forgetting, go and watch a good rugby match at Newlands.

bottle of Cabernet to share with Cheerful friends, while my Cat, Me-o, cuddles up on my lap and my two dog children, Bono and Lucy, curl up so close to the fireplace that their fur reflects the flames. And then I enjoy a hearty Chicken and vegetable soup. “Early in the morning, still dark outside, the dogs and I run on the beach, exhaling big balls of steam in the icy cold. Sometimes, we get caught in the rain. The feeling of rain on your skin is so fresh, exciting. I can never understand why people think it’s OK to get wet in the shower but not in the rain? Getting home wet and frozen, a cup of steaming coffee under the shower warms the innards. This alone gives you a spring in your step for the rest of the day. ..... ‘just another winter’s tale,’ sings David Essex.”


Wintry clouds do indeed have a silver lining and the redeeming factor of poor weather is that you can participate in many unusual indoor activities: Indoor climbing at City Rock, Cnr Collingwood & Anson Road, Observatory, 021 4471326; Ten pin bowling at N1 City’s Wonderland, Louwtjie Rothman Street, Goodwood, 021 5952100; or HintHunt Escape Game, Third Floor, Main Courtyard, The Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, 021 4489864.

ARTIST ANTHONY GADD OF BLOUBERGRANT “As an artist, the main issue is the slower drying time for paintings, which can be a blessing and annoying, depending on the painting. (To speed things up I’ve created a sort of wind tunnel.) The lack of SE wind is welcome - no small sand grains landing on the paintings. “I shall miss painting in shorts and a T-shirt and undoubtedly I shall manage to get paint on a whole new set of winter clothes, the summer ones having had their fair share of paint splatters. “At home: Fires are a great thing about winter, but I can’t say I enjoy the early morning darkness – seems to make everything start later. The cats become pests and no lap is vacated for very long, which is tricky when you’re working. “Other: The lack of wind allows me to Stand Up Paddleboard more often – just takes greater motivation given the cold. But if it all gets too cold and miserable, one can always jump in the truck with a bunch of paintings and head north!”

Now let’s see what our participants love about winter.

INSURANCE BROKER AMANDA LE ROUX OF BLOUBERGSTRAND “Winter, the time of Colds, Citrus and vitamin C. But that’s not the part of winter that I like most. I love Chilling on my Comfortable Couch with lots of scented Candles and a Crackling fire lighting up the room. Opening a

“Top of my list for a cosy winter is red wine, a comfy couch and fireplace. An absolute must to brighten things in winter is a rich, warm hair colour of course. Whenever my clients are suffering from winter greyness, this is what I recommend and what a difference it makes. I also enjoy dressing in winter, because all the winter woollens, layering, scarfs and extras make for a dashing and bold look. Finally, in terms of winter activity, nothing beats shopping!”

To participate in Atlantic Gull’s very popular community article, please email the editor: We really would like a wide representation of West Coasters in this feature series.



EXQUISITE fragrance delights A showy shrub or small tree with strongly perfumed flowers and decorative fruits describes the white gardenia perfectly. Gardenia thunbergia can grow 2 to 5 m in height and the leaves are a glossy light green, hairless, softly leathery and conspicuously veined. Large, eye-catching creamy white flowers emit a

fantastic perfume, particularly at night. They’re produced abundantly from October to March, peaking in late summer. Moths are attracted to the flowers and probably are the pollinators. The hard and woody greyish-green fruits are fibrous inside and can remain on the bush for years. They’re adapted to being eaten by elephants, large antelope and buffalo and the seed coats are tough enough to pass through their digestive systems unscathed. The seeds won’t be released from the fruits and dispersed unless these animals eat them. So, you’ll have to import an elephant or two! Gardenia thunbergia roots are widely used in Africa to treat skin diseases and leprosy skin lesions. Roots are also used as an emetic against fever, while the rootbark is used as an emetic for

biliousness. The fruits would make novel Xmas baubles! This slow-growing shrub/tree is easy to grow. It does best in sun or semi-shade, in slightly acid, light, well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter added and regular deep watering. Mulch thickly and regularly. Pruning should be done after flowering or just before the new growth appears. Although it’s moderately drought tolerant, drought stress can cause buds to fall before opening. It looks good as a specimen plant on a lawn, or as part of an informal hedge or shrubbery, or planted beside a pond or a stream. It also makes a good pot plant in a large container. It’s easily propagated from seed, cuttings or truncheon cuttings. Seed can be sown in spring to early summer, even in late summer. Ref:


Resourceful Gull Chroicocephalus cirrocephalus, the Greyheaded Gull, is slightly larger than the Blackheaded Gull at 42 cm length. The summer adult has a pale grey head, grey body, red bill and legs. Black tips to the primary wing feathers have conspicuous white ‘mirrors’, while the underwing is dark grey with black wingtips. The grey hood is lost in winter, leaving just dark streaks. Sexes are similar. In flight the wings are broader and held flatter than those of Black-headed Gull. These are noisy birds, especially at colonies. Its call is a raucous caw-caw. This gull is found throughout African coasts and inland south of the Sahara. Most populations of this species are sedentary. It breeds in large colonies from April - May before the rains with nests often placed less than 1 m apart. The nest itself varies from a shallow scrape to a well-built cup of rushes and grasses depending on location, although floating nests are always substantial.

Two or three eggs are laid, which are incubated by both sexes starting from the first egg. The chicks flee the nest if disturbed and can run freely within a day of hatching, while their parents may attack intruders (such as humans) if they get too close. Like most gulls, it’s highly gregarious in winter, both when feeding and in evening roosts. Although it’s predominantly coastal or estuarine, it’s not a pelagic species and is rarely seen at sea far from land. Flocks numbering hundreds of these gulls can form when feeding conditions are appropriate. An opportunistic feeder, its diet consists predominantly of fish, as well as invertebrates eg insects, molluscs and termites, heron or cormorant eggs, dead fish and refuse. The Grey-headed Gull is susceptible to avian botulism, so may be threatened by future outbreaks of the disease. Another threat is

that chicks of this species are traded in traditional medicine shops. Ref:; Wikipedia, Photo:

Pop in for your loyalty card and get 10% discount on purchases Phone: 021 554 4355 Cnr R27/Sandown Rd, Bloubergsands




achieves Blue Chip status The Western Cape's prestigious Blue Chip Dealers organisation recently added Cars4Africa as a new member. The group’s membership has now risen to 21 of the best used car dealers in the Western Cape. Membership to the Blue Chip Dealers group is by invitation only on merit. Based in Bloubergstrand, Cars4Africa is led by Schelton Daniels, who, with his wife Ursula, has more than two decades' experience in the automotive industry. They’ve grown Cars4Africa with staggering success over the past decade. Schelton Daniels said, “We’re proud to have been chosen as member of the exclusive Blue Chip Dealer Group. Through an association of quality car dealerships with a common bond of integrity, sharing interests and supporting one another, we’re all able to market our brand and group of elite companies, proving to consumers that they can be assured of our quality and service.

“Each Blue Chip member brings its strengths and business successes to the table. So, by joining together, we strive share these among our group to provide clients with the best deals, top quality vehicles and Blue Chip service. “Over the years Cars4Africa has grown a loyal client base with many repeats and referrals. As a Blue Chip Dealer member, our clients will still receive our renowned quality and service, but now it will be with the Blue Chip Dealers’ GOLD star of approval. Blue Chip Dealers concurs with other industry insiders that the market for used cars will grow faster over the next 12 months compared to stagnating or even falling new car sales. This is due to the marginally higher increase in new car prices over second-hand cars and importing costs because of a weakening rand. Therefore,

Blue Chip Dealers is positioning itself to take in a few more dealerships which meet the strict requirements of good quality-approved used cars and excellent service. The partnership’s official founding statement reads, “Our Private Dealer Network is founded on integrity and backed by a high standard of service.” Any dealer wishing to be included in the network will have to achieve these basic elements. This can only be beneficial for anyone looking to buy or sell a used car.



CASH PAID FOR 2nd hand building items! Doors, windows, kitchen cupboards, GATES and BATHROOM ITEMS. Ph Marc 079 4483897





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Atlantic Gull May 2014  

"The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind' on West Coast.

Atlantic Gull May 2014  

"The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind' on West Coast.