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APRIL 2014

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passionate CHEMIST SUPPORT our penguins Yummy EASTER FARE

APRIL 1-12 PIZZA’S HERE is a comical story set in Cape Town about the ‘bromance’ between two brothers, one a selfproclaimed ladies’ man and the other a socially inept computer nerd, Artscape, 8.15pm. Cost: R50–R90

action 10 Auslese, the

specialist wine and food pairing venue, hosts the AUSLESE SUMMER SERIES WITH LUNA PAIGE two hours of live music accompanied by tapas from Aubergine restaurant and wines from various estates, 115 Hope St, Gardens, 7–10.30pm. Cost: R395

3-6 Ten of Cape Town’s best restaurants will fashion special menus of starter-sized dishes to reflect their chefs’ philosophy and showcase seasonal and premium ingredients in an unbeatable alfresco gourmet setting at TASTE OF CAPE TOWN, Green Point Cricket Club, Vlei Road, 6.30–10.30pm. Cost: R50 standard ticket incl tasting

5-20 In its 80th year, Cape Town City Ballet presents the greatest of all classical ballets, SWAN LAKE, with guest dancers Hikaru Kobayashi and Federico Bonelli from London’s Royal Ballet Company, Artscape Opera House. Cost: R120–R275

about Atlantic Gull Atlantic Gull is a monthly publication celebrating life on the Western Seaboard and West Coast. It’s distributed to each home on Atlantic Beach Golf Estate, as well as Starke Ayres Nursery, Sandown Nursery, all the Pick ‘n Pay, Spar, Food Lover’s Market and Checkers outlets, several doctors’ surgeries, breakfast venues, video shops, coffee shops, vet clinics, liquor outlets, beauty salons and hairdressers


24 The soft rock duo, AIR SUPPLY, perform their hits such as ‘Lost in Love’, ‘All Out of Love’, and ‘Making Love out of Nothing At All’ as part of their Greatest Hits tour, Grand West, 8pm. Cost: R265– R495

26-29 Delight in cheeses galore at the SA CHEESE FESTIVAL, which also features live demos from food personalities, Sandringham, Stellenbosch, 10am – 6pm. Cost R130 13 The entire family can enjoy FAMILY SYMPHONIC FUN by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra, Artscape, 3pm. Cost: R50

25 The Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival and Woodworx Marimba bring together young musicians from schools and community projects in the Western Cape, featuring a mass marimba band performance at the CAPE TOWN MARIMBA FESTIVAL, Baxter Concert Hall, 7.45pm.

throughout Milnerton, Sunset Beach, Table View, West Beach, Sunningdale, Blouberg, Eden on the Bay, Seaside Village, Parklands and Melkbos areas. Deadlines for advertisement bookings and payments: May edition – 26 March; June edition – 25 April; July edition – 28 May; August edition – 25 June. For advertising rates, please phone Mariette Greyling or send an email.

27 Volunteer Wildlife Services host their annual FIRE & FYNBOS AWARENESS DAY, offering fun for the whole family with a helicopter and firefighting display, a snake show, fire truck rides, trail runs, exhibitions, food stalls, a tea garden, a foam party, kiddies activities and many spot prizes, Lievland Wine Estate, R44 Klapmuts, 8am-4pm. Cost: free (donations graciously accepted)

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at the end of the tunnel We all experience ups and downs with feelings of sadness at some time. That’s life. But if these feelings take over and start impacting on your functioning, you may have depression. JULIAN JOOSTE discusses signs and symptoms, what factors influence/cause depression, as well as a few treatment options available. Depression differs from person to person. But the key symptoms to look out for are: •

Depressed mood most of the day, nearly every day. Feeling sad or empty.

Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Having a pessimistic outlook on life.

Loss of interest. You have no interest in things you might normally enjoy (hobbies, social activities, or sex).

Suicidal thoughts. This may be either an active plan, or merely thoughts about suicide.

Sleep changes. Either insomnia, especially waking up during the night or early hours, or oversleeping.

Anger or irritability. You feel restless and agitated. You have a low frustration tolerance where your temper is short and everything and everyone gets on your nerves.

Loss of energy. You feel fatigued during the day and everything seems to take great effort. Some people will struggle to even get out of bed.

Appetite or weight changes. Significant weight loss or gain.

Self-loathing. A critical inner voice is present where you blame yourself for everything.

Reckless behaviour. You engage in escapist behaviour, such as substance abuse, excessive gambling, reckless driving.

Concentration problems. You have difficulty focusing on things or making decisions.

Reaching out to support structures helps to feel that the load is being shared and helps you to gain different perspectives.

Unexplained aches and pains. An increase in physical complaints, eg headaches, back pain, aching muscles and stomach pains.

Seeking professional counselling to help gain a perspective that assists you to unpack unhealthy thinking patterns, or gain insight into yourself. Having a safe space in which to explore your emotions and where you can work out a more balanced approach to life could be empowering.

Significantly, these symptoms would have had a detrimental impact on one or more important areas of your life such as work or socially. The causes of depression are complex. It’s not just the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain - therefore the solution can’t be medication alone. Depression is caused and influenced by a combination of biological, environmental and social factors. Thus our past as well as current situations put us at greater risk for depression. We talk about predisposing and precipitating factors. Predisposing factors would be aspects of someone’s life that cause/underlie a depression whereas precipitating factors would be situations in life that ‘trigger’ someone’s depressive episodes. PREDISPOSING AND PRECIPITATING FACTORS: •

Family history of depression

Early childhood trauma, eg loss of a parent

Early childhood abuse (sexual or emotional)


Lack of social support (feeling there’s nobody to understand and help)

Recent stressful life experiences

Marital or relationship problems (fearing being alone)

Financial strain

Alcohol or drug abuse


Health problems or chronic pain

It’s important to better understand the factors contributing to your depression, because then you can evaluate available options and which solutions are likely to make your life more meaningful and satisfying. DEALING WITH DEPRESSION There are many options available and steps to be taken. It’s imperative to realise that the change will only happen once you’ve taken the first step, rather than thinking that you’ll make the change only once you feel better.


Medication. Consulting a psychiatrist may be an option if other routes have yielded little results. Although medication on its own isn’t necessarily the full answer, it can lessen the impact of the depression so that you’re more capable to face the challenges ahead. There’s no single medication that solves everybody’s problems, although there are many antidepressants that act on different receptors in the brain. Research shows that the best treatment combines psychotherapy with medication. Lifestyle changes Getting into a healthier routine, setting small daily goals for yourself, engaging in exercise, eating healthily (a deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids has been linked with mood swings and depression), addressing your sleep cycle. Acupuncture Some research suggests it might help. Meditation Promising research suggests mindfulness-based meditation helps with depression. Support groups These groups provide education on depression, a community of support and the opportunity to learn from people dealing with similar issues. Natural remedies St John’s Wort has mixed research findings, but if you do choose to use it, consult with your doctor. Contact a helpline Helplines such as the South African Depression and Anxiety group (SADAG) provide telephonic counselling and referral sources for psychologists and resources in your area. They’re a national helpline and you can contact them on either 011 2626396 or their Suicide Crisis Line 0800 567567 or SMS 31393. Julian Jooste, MA (Counselling Psychology – Wits University) is a counselling psychologist in Tableview/Parklands, tel 071 684 8070 or


Six of the 7 properties we sold during this 2-month period were our exclusive sole mandates. Four sales were to local buyers, one to an overseas buyer and the other two we sold to out-of-town buyers. NEED WE SAY MORE? Our advertising, marketing, prominent and exclusive displays, well-positioned offices plus our passion and unrivalled experience of Atlantic Beach properties will continue to get results for our sellers and buyers. Atlantic Beach Property Sales, the original and exclusive developer-appointed agency is here to stay. Going strong since we did the first Atlantic Beach sale in May 1998 - thanks to you!

Visit our property displays at the Clubhouse and at our Big Bay office (next to the Spur at Seaside Village). We advertise prominently and weekly in The Property Junction and Saturday Argus as well as on all the property search enigines. We are part of the Property World Group.

Call Morris Pieterse, your Atlantic Beach agent since 1998, for a free and confidential valuation. Mobile: 0832284081. Office: 021 553 0000 / 021 553 3122.


Why I love MY JOB What’s love got to do with it? Quite a lot – seeing that you spend at least half your waking hours, five days a week, at work. So, positive emotions and love can help your career by drawing you out of your cocoon of self-absorption. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be involved in fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable work. If you don’t like your job, it will be difficult for you to invest in your career, seeking out extra training, certifications, conferences and the like. What’s more, you’ll never be truly great at what you do if you don’t have any passion for your work. At the same time, one wants a balanced life with time for interesting and social things. Does your work make you jump out of bed every morning? Or would you rather be doing something else? It really is up to you to make the most of what you do. Don’t ever act the victim, because you are responsible for your life and choice of work. Motivate and energise yourself, plan your time, be clear about what’s expected of you, have regular breaks, make your workplace pleasant and concentrate on the task at hand. As Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” A few West Coast residents told us about the joy they find in their work.


with the best advice and service. “This is a very demanding, yet satisfying career and I simply love every minute.”

have good and bad days. I certainly hope to continue to serve my community through my job.”


PRINTING REPRESENTATIVE BELINDA GOELST OF WEST BEACH “As an avid animal lover through and through, I get to meet like-minded animal lovers and a wide variety of animals in this wonderful job. Not only am I able to witness how the veterinarians and nurses tirelessly treat all our animal patients, but every day is different, presenting new challenges. A bonus is that I can contribute to serving the community through the various welfare work handled by the clinic, plus I’ve learnt an enormous amount about animal care. This helps me to give the best of the best to my two dogs and cat. In addition, when required, I can pass on some of this knowledge to our clients. This is truly a dream job for a devoted animal lover.”

"I love the exciting challenge that every new day brings. It gives me great satisfaction and fulfilment to be able to organise deadlines for my customers, thereby keeping them happy. I also enjoy being on the road visiting current and new customers, chatting about business and general issues. Over time, I’ve developed invaluable relationships and these are very important to me."

SALES & RENTAL AGENT ALESSIA BROWN OF BIG BAY “I’ve worked in the real estate world for so many years and have definitely experienced its ups and downs. What I like most about it is the fact that you can make a difference in someone’s life because you’re dealing with an important part of their life – their home. “There’s nothing in the world which provides more job satisfaction than having happy clients. I love the one-on-one interaction, plus beauty care is a delight,” Andrie said. She prides herself on being punctual and prepared in her quest for professionalism in her business. Running a successful beauty salon in Melkbos, Andrie takes care to always provide clients


“There’s real fulfilment for me to open the door to a family who can’t wait to commence their holiday, or a family that’s excited to finally move into their dream home. Naturally there are many not-so-happy moments that an agent sometimes has to endure - the terrible Ds: Death, Divorce and Debt. But, if I manage to do this with heart I find I’m appreciated and remembered by my clients. Like life itself, we

To participate in Atlantic Gull’s very popular community article, please email the editor: We really would like a wide representation of West Coasters in this feature series.

The accidental

CHEMIST A TRUE COMPOUNDING CHEMIST IS A RARE FIND THESE DAYS. BUT THE WEST COAST BOASTS ITS OWN – AND QUITE A FORMIDABLE ONE AT THAT. REINHARD UEBEL OWNS AND RUNS THE ONLY COMPOUNDING PHARMACY IN THE WESTERN CAPE. Born and bred in De Aar, Reinhard didn’t know what to do after matriculating and seeing that being a pharmacist was one of his options, he settled on that – for no particular reason at that stage. After gaining a B Pharm degree at Potchefstroom University, he worked in a retail pharmacy for eight years, but then went back to study for a BSc Honours, MSc and finally a PhD. During this 10-year period he held a research post at the university because he still had to bring the bacon home. “I didn’t want to simply dispense medicine anymore and had the idea to open a compounding pharmacy after my studies. In partnership with my wife Theresa, who holds a B Pharm degree, I opened Rausa-Kem, a supplier of compound pharmaceutical products. And thanks to a rapidly expanding marketplace, we’ve been growing by leaps and bounds.” Rausa-Kem concentrates its core business around compounding dosage forms for individual patients, developing new products for the healthcare industry and assisting medical professionals to treat patients effectively with alternative dosage forms. Reinhard explained that the company didn’t dispense standard medication at all. “The foundation of compounding pharmaceutical practice centres on mixing raw ingredients and bio-identical hormones to meet the personal requirements of patients according to a medical professional’s prescription.” He explained that people subscribed to a compounding pharmaceutical service for many reasons. “However, they all derive value from the fact that a product is dispensed to meet specific, individual requirements. The basis of this might be strictly medical (such as precise dosages to avoid allergic reactions, or it might be practical, such as altering medicines or healthcare products by eliminating colourants for example.” Reinhard loves the science behind pharmaceutical compounding. “This is actually what all pharmacists were taught to do, but these days the industry has become simply the business of dispensing. In Germany, to this

day, pharmacists aren’t allowed to open a chemist if they can’t compound.” He said there was a big demand for compounding services. “In pharmaceutical terms there’s no such thing as one size fits all. And that is where our strength lies. The roots of alchemy and apothecary – and their influence in society – are linked to the commercial potential in pharmaceutical compounding.” Among Rausa-Kem’s products are sterile compounded eye preparations, urology services, intracavernous preparations for treating erectile dysfunction, compounding natural hormone therapies for men and women, preparations discontinued from the retail market and veterinary compounding. Rausa-Kem also operates a drug-testing centre at its Parow premises, where tests for drugs of abuse are performed for schools, sporting bodies and rehabilitation centres. No longer a two-man show, Reinhard’s son will soon join the business as the third qualified compound pharmacist. A West Coaster to the core, he has lived in Melkbosstrand since 1982 and likens it to the ‘Karoo by the sea’. “This is my ‘dorp’. Apart from giving one a feeling of being on holiday permanently, I love the simple, uncomplicated way of life. But the one thing that’s genuinely unique is the smell of kelp on the corner of 6th Ave and the Beach Road – that Melkbos trademark is absolutely unbeatable.” Keeping things West Coast, the family also spends time on their private land between Dwarskersbos and Elandsbaai. When Reinhard isn’t involved in things pharmaceutical, he enjoys recreational flying and riding his BMW 1200 GS motorbike. FAST FACTS SPORT (self): Golf SPORT (spectator): Rugby and Olympic Games FAVOURITE FOOD AND DRINK: Venison & Black Label draught BEST TV: Judge Judy FAVOURITE READING: Scientific journals and papers OTHER HOBBIES: Hunting trips




than cute, BUT ALSO A SAD STORY Sadly, featuring one of our most endearing, charismatic residents, the African Penguin, we must start off by saying this population is facing complete collapse. Confined to southern African waters and living on 24 islands between Namibia and Port Elizabeth, the African Penguin is also known as the Jackass Penguin and Black-footed Penguin. The name ‘Jackass’ Penguin is because of its donkey-like bray, although several related species of South American penguins produce the same sound. Today the total population is about 120 000 birds. In 1930 the population numbered at least 1,2 million. This means numbers have decreased by at least 90% in 60 years … and this fall is continuing. Dassen Island, off Yzerfontein, may have once sheltered over 1 million penguins. It now has about 30 000. Currently the largest colony is St Croix Island near Port Elizabeth, with about 50 000 penguins.

Like all penguins, Spheniscus demersus is flightless, with a streamlined body and wings stiffened and flattened into flippers for a marine habitat. They’re about 60 cm tall with boys being slightly bigger than the girls. Adults weigh on average 2.2–3.6 kg. They have distinctive pink patches of skin above the eyes and a black facial mask. The body upperparts are black and sharply delineated from the white underparts, which are spotted and marked with a black band. This distinctive black and white colouring is a vital form of camouflage called countershading – white for underwater predators looking upwards and black for predators looking down onto the dark water. The pink gland above their eyes helps them to cope with changing climates. When the temperature gets hotter, the body of the African Penguin sends more blood to these glands to be cooled by the air surrounding it. This then causes the gland to turn a darker shade of pink. Known as pursuit divers, African Penguins eat mainly fish such as anchovies, pilchards, sardines, mackerel and herrings, but they also eat squid and shellfish. On average they dive to 30 m, but can dive as deep as 130 m, holding their breath for about 2.5 minutes. At an average swimming speed of 7 km/h, they’re able to swim up to 20 km/h when hunting. They start breeding at age 4 years and normally lay two eggs in a nest burrowed in guano or sand. The incubation period is 38-42 days, with mom and dad sharing incubation duties.

The collapse of the jackass penguin population this century has been a result of: egg harvesting for human consumption; commercial fishermen reducing the penguin's food supply; oil pollution from oil tankers devastating major colonies; large-scale removal of guano decreasing the ability of penguins to construct nests through burrowing. What you can do is support SANCCOB as a volunteer, take oiled or injured penguins or seabirds to SANCCOB and support SANCCOB by raising money for its work. Ref: Wikipedia,

MARSHMALLOW BUNNIES Frost a marshmallow with purchased frosting, then roll it in flaked coconut. Attach two miniature marshmallows for the feet and decorate with sweets for the eyes, nose, and whiskers. For ears, use kitchen shears to cut a strip from the top edge of a large marshmallow, then attach with a bit of frosting.

Easter TREATS 1



Bunny bites Mother hen & chicks Pink Lemonade cake Marshmallow bunnies 5. Champagne cake 6. Raspberry- Lemonade cupcakes 7. Sunflower cake




1. 2. 3. 4.



EASY EASTER BUNNY BITES These fun Easter bunny cupcakes are partyready in minutes. Start with your favourite cupcake recipe, then use a piping bag and star tip to add peaks of vanilla frosting. Shape white gumdrops into triangles for the bunny's ears, give him jelly bean eyes and a nose and finish him with frosting features. MOTHER HEN & CHICKS DESSERT Get into the spirit of Easter with a mother hen cake and her adorable cupcake chicks. Make a single layer cake for the hen, then use cupcakes to make her head and tail. Decorate with homemade vanilla frosting, toasted coconut flakes, and candy pieces for a delightful dessert. PINK LEMONADE CAKE Four rosy-pink layers of moist lemon cake and creamy lemonade-buttercream frosting make a praiseworthy Easter dessert. For a colourful garnish, coat lemon slices with sugar and arrange on cake just before serving. To evenly incorporate food colouring into the batter, add it to the butter and sugar mixture before adding eggs.

CHAMPAGNE CAKE WITH FRESH STRAWBERRIES This beautiful cake - with swirls of pastel pink frosting and pretty white layers - is a breeze to make. Just prepare packaged cake mix, but swap out the water for champagne. Then, bake and frost with tinted canned frosting for a beautiful Easter dessert. SPIKED RASPBERRY-LEMONADE CUPCAKES A splash of raspberry liqueur and delicious raspberry frosting make these fruity cupcakes extra special. Add fresh raspberries and lemon wedges for a picture-perfect Easter presentation. SUNFLOWER CAKE Six different sweets in a simple pattern make this sunny cake a cheerful addition to your Easter celebration. Ref:

Hoosain Cassiem

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Butterfly MAGNET Bursting into flower in early spring, butterflies simply love Selago canescens. It’s an evergreen shrub with long slender branches and grows between 1 and 1.5 m high. The glossy green leaves make the plant attractive throughout the year. The masses of small flowers in tight

clusters along the stem form long mauve spikes that are extremely attractive and showy from July to September. Tiny grey seeds ripen about a month after flowering. This plant is endemic to the Cape fynbos flora and is very effective in large, sweeping plantings. Selago canescens grows easily and fast. Plant them in full sun and

well-drained, composted soil. For best results water them regularly throughout the year and place a thick mulch on the ground in early summer. Untidy shrubs and stems that become too tall and heavy can be cut back hard to encourage new growth sprouting from the base. New plants can be propagated from seed or cuttings. Sow seeds in March. Ref: Photo:

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Osteopathy can help in treating: Back and neck pain; joint pain; headache and migraine sinusitis; jaw pain; digestive disorders; period pain and irregularity; pain associated with pregnancy; colic and reflux for babies; asthma and chest complaints; stress, depression and fatigue; developmental problems in children; general ill health Phone now for an appointment! 071 508 6064



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