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Course: History of Ideas and Development of Professional Social Work from Gender Perspectives Cycle: Second and Third Teaching Methods — lectures: focus on historical and contemporary issues; gender as a set of social relations and a system of social inequality; women’s lives with an emphasis on the intersections of gender and race, class, sexuality and ethnicity; critical reading and thinking about gender, the ways in which the interlocking systems of colonialism, racism, sexism, ethnocentrism, ageism and heterosexism shape women’s and men’s lives and the ways in which women have resisted inequalities and have worked towards change; — lectures: introduction to the influence of the international women’s movement on social work; influence of the international women’s movement on the development of care activities; Slovenian women and the international women’s movement; development of social work education and the pioneers in this field; case studies: Jane Addams, Alice Salomon, Helena Radlinska; Ilse Artl; development of social services and the role of women; history of ideas: social justice, social inequalities, solidarity, the significance of women’s paid work and gender equality; development and characteristics of welfare systems; globalisation and changes of social policies; change of paradigms in social policy; connection between social policy and social work; gender in social policy; gender in social policy research; women’s reproductive rights; women’s unpaid work and care responsibilities; patriarchal structure in the interpretation of needs; ethics of care; debates on gendered violence; debates on culture, ethnicity, religion and sexuality; — seminars: discussions and debates on introduced topics and issues; — requiring students to engage in written assignments. Learning Activities — lectures provide students with the knowledge and understanding of the significance of historical and gender perspectives in social sciences research; understanding of the development of ideas on so-


Gender Studies Tuning Brochure  
Gender Studies Tuning Brochure  

Tuning Educational Structures in Europe The name Tuning was chosen for the project to refl ect the idea that universities do not look for u...