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movement, Gender Studies, and contributions of institutional feminism. A specific type of knowledge and an epistemological basis are required for the consolidation and development of the profession of a gender equality expert. This is a sine qua non for ensuring good practice and for preventing the intrusion of those who currently subscribed to the market’s marked interest in the subject matter, but who fail to incorporate the perspective of gender into their analytical or instrumental proposals. Lifelong Learning There is a demand for highly specialised professionals who are able to deal with gendered realities. Therefore, lifelong learning should be a focal point for public, private institutions and universities. The joint organisation of courses and programmes could be an answer to this increasing need. (Based on: Cabo, Anna. How Equal Opportunities/Gender Equality Professionals Contribute to and Profit from Gender Studies Programmes.) The tightening of the connections between Gender Studies and genderequality specialists in governmental, non-governmental and private institutions is undoubtedly essential. This has two effects. The knowledge base of equal opportunity policies is deepened and broadened, not in the last because Gender Studies has developed expertise on intersectionality: the interaction between gender and other axes of social exclusion. On the other hand, such occurrence may positively influence Gender Studies curricula; provide well-trained professionals; increase students’ future employment opportunities; increase the transfer of knowledge; facilitate interconnections between theory and practice; facilitate and strengthen efforts to increase gender awareness and stimulate behavioral changes in society (by i.e. joint publications); result in establishing and conducting common projects; increase investment in Gender Studies in order to create data, develop methodologies, instruments and indicators (Franken 2002).


Gender Studies Tuning Brochure  
Gender Studies Tuning Brochure  

Tuning Educational Structures in Europe The name Tuning was chosen for the project to refl ect the idea that universities do not look for u...