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— lectures/discussion forums allow students to 1) distinguish between the terms sex and gender 2) evaluate the suitability of the design and analysis of preclinical and clinical research studies (e.g. their doctorate project) to identify and quantify potential of sex and gender differences 3) illustrate the scientific basis of known sex and gender differences 4) identify known sex and gender differences with regard to diseases, and differences in response to or effects of drugs and other medical interventions in the treatment and management of these conditions. Competences Ability for abstract thinking, analysis and synthesis (generic 1); Ability to be critical and self-critical (generic 11); Ability to apply knowledge in practical situations (generic 2); Ability to identify, pose and resolve problems (generic 14); Ability to undertake research at an appropriate level (generic 8); Ability to show awareness of gender issues (generic 31); Ability to demonstrate knowledge of the uses of the concept of gender in research (specific 1); Demonstrate understanding of the way gender scholarship has formulated critiques of traditions of knowledge production and epistemologies (specific 11); Demonstrate the ability for the application of critical and independent thinking on gender in different professional and political contexts (specific 15). (Based on: Program.pdf )


Gender Studies Tuning Brochure  
Gender Studies Tuning Brochure  

Tuning Educational Structures in Europe The name Tuning was chosen for the project to refl ect the idea that universities do not look for u...