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News DECEMBER 2009


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ATHENA3 Tuning Validation Conference and the ATHENA3 Dissemination

Conference practical information

ATHENA3 tuning validation conference

ATGENDER’s conference ‘Beyond European Gender studies – Transversal connections’

Dear ATGENDER supporters,

Summary of conference

A brief summary of the ATGENDER conference in Amazone;

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Preliminary program

Practical info:






ATGENDER Conference “Beyond European Gender Studies – Transversal Connections”

After the information we sent you about the first ATGENDER conference, we like to give you some practical information.

On Thursday, the 18th of February, there will be a closed Tuning Validation Conference, which will take the whole day. Parallel with this, the ATHENA working groups will present their results. After a short break there will be the chance to get in touch with these working groups, the possibility to propose new initiatives and/or working groups that will function under ATGENDER. The day will be closed with a dinner offered by ATGENDER. Friday, the 19th of February, there will be two keynote speakers – Professor Chang Pil Wha and Dr Malin Rönnblom – in the morning. They will cover the subject of transversal connections between European and Asian Gender studies, and between European Gender studies, feminist activism and society at large. In the afternoon there will be a few panels on different subjects, derived from the call for papers ‘Beyond European Gender Studies – Transversal Connections’. If you want to arrange a panel, we are pleased to welcome it before January 15th. Please contact Later on there will be the first General Assembly of ATGENDER, where everybody is invited to join. To close the conference, there will be a reception, also offered by ATGENDER.

Preliminary program Conference 18th and 19th of February As soon as the paper proposals are evaluated a definitive program will be announced in our next newsletter as well as on our website. In the beginning of January, you will find the timetable for both the ATHENA workings groups on Thursday, February 18th and for the ATGENDER conference.

Thursday: ATGENDER Central Coordination

10 am - 5 pm Tuning validation committee.

P.O. box 164

12 am - 1 pm Lunch

3500 AD Utrecht

Parallel with tuning:

The Netherlands The Netherlands tel: +31-30-253 6013/6322 fax: +31-30-253 6695 E-mail Visit our website!

1 pm - 3 pm

ATHENA working groups presentations of the results of ATHENA 1 to 3. ATGENDER builds on ATHENA.

3 pm - 3.30 pm

Coffee break.

3.30 pm - 5.30 pm

Informal mix and mingle to start and propose new initiatives and working groups that will fit under the ATGENDER umbrella. (different smaller meeting rooms)

7.30 pm -


Friday: 10 am - 12 am

Keynote speakers. Both with a talk of 45 minutes and a 15 minutes space for discussion and debates.

12.30 pm - 1.30 pm


1.30 am - 3.30 am

Panels (small rooms no technical facilities).

3.30 am till 4 am


4 pm – 6 pm

General Assembly ATGENDER

6 pm

Closing reception.


Registration If you want to participate in the events, you can register at Please do this as soon as possible, at the latest on January 15th 2010. Please fill in the registration form and add it to your registration.

Hotel Amazone made a deal with the Hilton Brussels City Hotel. This is a respectable 4-star hotel, which is only 10 minutes walk from Amazone. For a room for 1 person it is 90,00 EUR per night, for a room for 2 persons it is 100,00 EUR per night, both including breakfast. If you want to stay in a room for 2 persons, but you don’t have a roommate yet, you have to arrange this on your own in by calling the hotel ans tell you want a shared room with a conference mystery guest. The registration can be made by one person (of the two persons) only. You can register from the 4th of January 2010 and by preference before the 18th of January on a special Hilton link for this conference, which will follow in the next newsletter and which will be mentioned on the ATGENDER website in the beginning of January 2010. You will need a credit card to make your

reservation. It will be impossible to make a reservation for ATGENDER at the mentioned prices after the 4th of February.

Hilton Brussels City 20, Place Rogier (Rogierplaats) 1210 Brussels T. 00-32-(0)2-2033125

If you are between 18 and 35 and your budget doesn’t allow you to stay in the Hilton Hotel, we recommend the youth hostel Centre Vincent Van Gogh (CHAB). It’s just around the corner of Amazone. The rate for a single room is 33,00 EUR and for a double room 26,00 EUR per night/per person. This includes breakfast and bed sheets, you have to bring your own towels or rent one for 0,80 EUR. You can find more information on the site of CHAB and you can make a reservation here.

Centre Vincent Van Gogh 8, Rue Traversière (Dwarsstraat) 1210 Brussels T. 00-32-(0)2-2170158

Amazone and Sophia Amazone is hosting the ATGENDER conference on the 18th and 19th of February 2010, together with Sophia.

Amazone is the national contact centre for women and women’s organisations and a resource centre for equality between women and men. It is located in a unique building and offers accommodation for women’s organisations. It provides a broad range of services, such as meeting-, conference-, and information centre.

Amazone vzw/asbl 10, Rue du Méridien (Middaglijnstraat) 1210 Brussels T. 00-32-(0)2-2293800

Sophia is the Belgian Network for Gender Studies and is located in Amazone. Sophia aims at stimulating research and education in women's and gender studies, while establishing contacts between the Dutch-and French-speaking communities in Belgium and between the women's movement and the academic world.

Sophia vzw/asbl 10, Rue du Méridien (Middaglijnstraat) 1210 Brussels T.00-32-(0)2-2293869

Both Amazone and Sophia are supported by the Institute for the Equality of Women and Men.

Travel - From the airport to the train station You can either arrive at Brussels South Charleroi Airport or you can arrive at Brussels National Airport.

If you arrive at Brussels South Charleroi Airport the easiest and fastest way is to travel by train. At the Airport there are shuttle busses that take you from the Airport to the Charleroi-Sud train station. There you can take the train to Brussel-Noord/BruxellesNord. There are 2 train connections, Antwerp-Central and Essen, every half hour. It’s about a 55-minute trip. You can buy a ticket which combines the bus trip and the train trip at Charleroi Airport. There are 2 ticket dispensers outside the Airport near ‘Door 2’ where you can buy the ticket with cash or a credit card. The maximum amount for a single ticket will be 11,00 EUR. When you arrive at Brussels National Airport you can also travel by train to BrusselNoord/Bruxelles-Nord. There are 4 trains per hour (with different final destinations: De Panne, Nivelles, Gent-Sint-Pieters and Quevy) which provide a rapid connection between the Airport and the centre of Brussels. A single ticket will probably cost about 5,00 EUR, a return ticket about 10,00 EUR. You can buy your ticket online. If you’d like to read more about travelling from and to the airports, you can do so here.

Between 24 pm and 05 am there is no railway traffic!

- From the train station to Amazone and to the Hilton From the train station Brussel-Noord/Bruxelles-Nord it is about a 15 minutes walk to Amazone. You can find a map here. You can also take bus 61 direction Montgomery at the bus stop Noordstation (located at Brussel-Noord, CCN – underground parking garage) to the bus stop Rue Traversière (Dwarsstraat).

If you want to go from the train station Brussel-Noord/Bruxelles-Nord to the Hilton Hotel, it will be about a 7-minute walk. You have to follow the Rue du Progrès (Vooruitgangstraat) to the Place Rogier (Rogierplaats), as it is shown on the map.

Or you can take the tramway route 4 direction P Stalle from Noordstation to Rogier.

- From the Hilton to Amazone The conference is taking place in Amazone. The easiest way to get there from the Hilton Hotel is by following the Boulevard du Jardin Botanique (Kruidtuinlaan), as you can see on the map. It is about a 10- to 15-minute walk. You can also take the metro from Rogier to Botanique (Kruidtuin), direction Simonis (Leopold).

If you are staying in the youth hostel, CHAB, it is really easy to get to Amazone. You have to follow the Rue Traversière (Dwarsstraat), turn right at the crossing and follow the Rue du Méridien (Middaglijnstraat), till you’re at number 10 (which is almost at the next crossing), as it is shown on the map.

- Public transport in Brussels Public transport in Brussels is regulated by MIVB/STIB, they take care of the metro (subway), tramways and busses in Brussels. If you want full information, you can visit their website. For travelling between the train station, Amazone and the Hilton Hotel, you can find the information above. We recommend you to buy a 1 day MOBIB or JUMP* card, which costs 4,30 EUR or 4,50 EUR and allows you to use the entire public transport of MIVB/STIB for that day. For 3 days it costs respectively 9,20 EUR and 9,50 EUR. In comparison; one fare MOBIB costs 1,60 EUR and one fare JUMP 1,70 EUR. We also suggest that you buy your ticket(s) in a BOOTIK, KIOSK, GO or in the train station. These shops are located at different railway stations or bus/tram/metro stops. If you buy your ticket on a bus the cost will be increased with 0,30 EUR, you also can’t buy a 1 day card.

* with a JUMP card you can also travel on ‘De Lijn’, ‘TEC’ and ‘NMBS’.

On behalf of ATGENDER Sophia and Amazone Charliene van der Werf