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Laura Doyle, University of Massachusetts-Amherst Audacious in scope: these creative pedagogical models foreground negotiations of knowledge. Irreverent in practice: rigorous activism argues and acts boldly for multi-dialogical feminism. Meticulous in its challenge to the academy; delightful in its refusal to conform to genre; each disturbs fundamental sediments in its own way.


Risky, important, impressive. This gathering of women from diverse communities reflecting on their difficult co-teaching and co-thinking about interculturality is indeed a departure from academic norms. Dialectically joining experience and theory, these essays document a new model for transnational pedagogy, and fashion a hard-won vision of intercultural conversation.


Ingeborg Majer-O’Sickey, Binghamton University

Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan, University of California-Irvine Reveals that theory is not simply hermeneutics, but a social force that ruptures epistemology, enabling transformative critique engaging with the assumption that culture is consciousness and awareness. The essays fracture systems of action and signification with overlapping allegiances across communities of language, gender, race, religion, and nation. Stephanos Stephanides, University of Cyprus

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Scrupulously polemical, with perspectival insight, the texts are hopeful of humanity and its critical-utopian potential to invent new and unprecedented forms of solidarity across dominance and hegemony. This collection is a timely recognition of feminists, by feminists, for feminists, of a borderless and trans-local world on the verge of emergence.

Edited by Joan Anim-Addo Giovanna Covi & Mina Karavanta 5/5/09 11:28:16

Interculturality and Gender