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SYM Intermediate English Class 2009年 11月 23日 星 期 一 Shaolai Trial(梢 來 步 道 )-----Ann La st we e k e nd, I we nt to the sha o la i tria l(梢來步道), which is lo ca te d in the M ajor Snow M ountain Fores t A mus ement P ark, with s ome of my c olleagues . T he total length of this trial is 1 5 .5 km. H owever, mos t of us are beginners of mountain- c limbing, we jus t c limbed up for

追蹤者 網誌存檔 ▼ 2009 (13) ▼ 十 一 月 (13) Shaolai Trial(梢 來 步 道 )-----Ann

2 .6 km to an obs ervatory then returned. When I was pac king my s tuff into my bag, one of my

Care about the animals w ho

c olleagues s aid the temperature would be 1 0 degrees C els ius . So, I wear 3 c lothes on me, one of my c lothes was a wo o le n swe a te r, a nd tha t wa s re a lly k illing m e .

"HO T " a nd ba re ly co uld bre a th we re the o nly two things I co uld fe e l. T he tria l wa s co ve re d with so m e ro ck s a nd ro o ts we re e x po se d m a de m e m o re difficult to clim b. Altho ugh this trip wa s a lm o st k illing m e , I'm still lo o k ing fo rwa rd to the ne x t trip.

lives on earth as same ... "Another Inconvenient Truth" Korea Trend by Jenny Lin My Home Tow n-南 庄 Rebecca Chang On supermarkets Crying in asian g rocery Share w ith you my Tibet travel photos

He re is the we b site , intro duce s this tria l. C lick a nd se e it. /NationalTrailSystem_En/TR_G_07.htm

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Org anic food infornation How to log in w ith your ow n account Questions about our class blog ~Iris

2009年 11月 18日 星 期 三

“How big is W AL-MART?”

Care about the animals who lives on earth as same as us -Rebecca

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When I was univer sity student, I had been to Phuket Island for my gr aduated tr ip. That is gr oup tr avel by tr avel agent, but the member s ar e all my classmates. When we ar r ived in Phuket, ther e was a schedule to r iding Elephant, but all of us didn't think too much, just got on the Elephant then walk ar ound for few minutes. Then we said bye bye, we even didn't tur n back to see them again. But now, I saw the video about the way they tr aining Elephant, It’s a hear tache.


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Blow is the video and blog about the news http://blog ill /thai/16754414#trackBack_header http://tw .myblog

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