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Meeting for Initial Plans and Per-Section Proposals by Newly-Elected Officers for A.Y. 2013-2014 Conference Hall, Manuel Sauras Hall Ateneo de Zamboanga University La Purisima Street, Zamboanga City April 16, 2013

Meeting Agenda 1. Deciding on the official seal of the Ateneo Debate Union 2. Review of the Union members’ membership 3. Issuance of joint statements regarding social, political and other issues in Ateneo, and the greater communities 4. Preparation of calendar of activities for the next semester 5. Review of the organizational chart and the areas of responsibility per officer

Meeting Agenda 6. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the Union in the following areas: • Training of debaters and adjudicators and tryouts • Communications, advertisement and public relations of the Ateneo Debate Union • Union Debate Education Program, public debates and forums (or fora) • Funding, solicitations and financial policies • Compilation of documents for the purpose of drafting bids for sponsorships, organizational awards, and application for accreditation with the Office of Student’s Affairs 7. Presentation of per-section proposals by each officer

1. Deciding on the official seal The official seal shall embody the Union’s guiding principle on “establish[ing] a culture of intellectual argumentation and awareness of salient issues within itself, the school, and the entire city” (Article 2, Section 2, ADU Constitution).

1. Forum for insights on the seal; What do you want to see in the seal? 2. What would you want the seal to be? What would be the general theme? Point-person in charge: Kelvin

2. Review of the Union membership On April 2, we have already decided on the new permanent members of the Union. Let us also review the membership of the permanent members. Three types of membership: entrant membership, permanent membership, and auxiliary membership.

1. Who are worthy to be called members of the Ateneo Debate Union? 2. Who must be demoted or permanently removed from the Union? 3. Any justification on the decision? Point-person in charge: Glenn Alcala

3. Issuance of joint statements “The union shall help establish a culture of intellectual argumentation and awareness of salient issues within itself, the school, and the entire city� (Ibid).

1. What is the schedule of issuance of joint statements? 2. What types of issues should we react to? 3. Who are the recipients of the joint statements? 4. Who should write these statements? 5. Who are the signatories of these statements?

4. Preparation of calendar of activities for the first semester For the following months: April September May October June July August

Anticipated events: 1. ASSP Debates 2. 2013 Orientation Seminar and Recruitment 3. Union CommBuild Activity 3. Union Tryouts and Trainings 4. Visayas-Mindanao Debates 5. Mindanao Parliamentary Debates- BritPar

6. Col. Salipsip Debates 7. Rookie Debate Cup 8. AdZU Intravarsities Debates 9. Cross-training with Sharmila (as said by Sanjeev) 10. Series of public debates and forums

5. Review of the organizational chart KELVIN CULAJARA President

RUBY JANE CALLETOR Internal VP Trainings Director

SHEENA MAE ALCALA Executive Secretary

KIM ARNOLD SENEREZ External VP External Communication

PJEY FIDEL Union Debate Education Program Coordinator




Elected, first in command Elected, second in command Elected, third in command Ad Hoc/ Appointed

President shall be the overall administrator of the union. He/She will also be responsible for the allocation, disbursement and maintenance of the finances of the union, shall be its figurehead representative, and may assign tasks to officers and/or members as may be deemed helpful to the functioning of the union. The president solely has the right to call emergency meetings.

Internal Vice President shall assume the president’s position and responsibilities in the latter’s absence. The internal vice president shall administer and supervise recruitment and training for members, and shall also handle internal logistics.

External Vice President shall correspond with individuals/institutions outside the school for competitions and other matters, organize training programs, competitions, etc., for students of the university, as well as students from outside the university.

UDEP Coordinator (has no formal declaration in the Constitution, and needs ratification of 3/4 of the permanent members).

Executive Secretary shall keep documents and update records for the organization, write necessary documents for internal or external correspondence, ensure proper information dissemination for meetings and other activities, keeps and updates necessary information on members, and coordinates in the evaluation of probationary members.

Finance Officer shall be in-charge of all financial aspects of the organization. This includes but is not limited to collecting dues, making financial statements, bookkeeping and allocating funds for projects and disbursements.

6 & 7. Assessment and Presentation

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