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MEA Elections 2013

Official Candidacy Form I.



Meir Steven P. Yap 3 BS ME & AB ECO-H 19 CUM. QPI 3.75 09175627710 Vice President for Human Resources: Organization Development N? Y? n/a PLEDGE

I, Meir Steven P. Yap, an official member of the Management Engineering Association, signify my intent to run for the position of Vice President for Human Resources: Organization Development for school year 2013 – 2014. I hereby verify that the facts contained in this Certificate of Candidacy and in all other documents required by the Commission on MEA Elections (COMEALEC) are genuine. I hereby uphold the COMEALEC Electoral Code and abide by the rules of the Commission on MEA Elections 2012-2013 I hereby declare that I am fully aware that non-compliance of the said rules would result to possible sanctions. I hereby commit to promote a free, honest, and clean election. MEIR YAP SIGNATURE OVER PRINTED NAME NOTED BY: MARTIN TEE Head Commissioner COMEALEC 2012-2013

BETTINA BAUTISTA Deputy Commissioner COMEALEC 2012-2013


GENERAL QUESTIONS Kindly answer all questions briefly and straight to the point. You may go beyond this page for your answers.

VIEW ON SELF 1) Why are you running for this position? (3 – 5 sentences)

Being in MEA Central Board for the past 3 years, I have gained a comprehensive grasp that provides me a unique perspective of how to make MEA progress through the Organization Development cluster. I can say that I literally went through college pouring most of my effort and time for Orgdev projects, and I aspire to make these projects more meaningful to everyone. Aside from the know-hows, I have long term visions for this organization that I wish to accomplish as Vice President for HR: Organization Development. 2) Give one top reason why you deserve to be elected into this position. (1 - 2 sentences)

Experience. I have a lot of experiences in handling projects that have the same nature as Orgdev projects. Moreover, I am very excited about creating experiences that will foster bonding and form lasting relationships among MEAns. 3) Give one top reason why you do NOT deserve to be elected into this position. (1 - 2 sent.)

Because I like taking risks, whether it Is worth taking or not.

VIEW ON MEA 4) What is MEA for you? (3 – 5 sentences)

MEA is one of the most genuine and loving family I’ve been part of. It is composed of dynamic individuals, driven to make a difference and effect change in the society. As a home organization, they are very supportive of each other, and it is where ( feel most comfortable in honing my expertise and developing my leadership and interpersonal skills. MEA is what makes my college experience worthwhile. 5) What is your vision for MEA? (3 – 5 sentences)

I want to bring MEAns together, to come together as a family, and to instill unforgettable experiences they can recreate even after college. By being immersed into a culture of looking out for each other, MEAns will realize the social change they can make once they enter the real world. MEA will always stay true to its vision—to form and develop competent and socially responsible business leaders and corporate managers of the future. 6) What is MEA’s biggest problem today and how do you think we should address this?

One of the problems which I think is most relevant for the OrgDev cluster is the low involvement of junior and senior batches. I believe that their first two years in a MEA is crucial in deciding whether they should continue being active in the organization. Thus, the projects must appeal to a wider audience to keep as many members attached to the organization. Given that all possible efforts were well-executed during their first two years, they are expected to stay passionate about MEA by taking project head positions or by running for the Central Board.

SWOT ANALYSIS Conduct a SWOT Analysis of the department in which you are running for.


  

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Generally, the projects were more visible. The effective use of online platforms hyped up the events and increased member attendance. Docs package was accomplished by project heads to address strong and weak points of the project. Increase in number of sponsorships for each event. Most projects were self-sufficient and did not incur any losses. As a matter of fact, some projects were able to generate profit. MIB’s partnership with IAC helped in reducing cost and logistical concerns. Events were scheduled appropriately, thus it did not have to compete with other org projects that are of the same nature. Core members were dedicated, pouring much of their efforts in making the projects better and grander. Cluster head was very hands-on and knowledgeable about relevant processes. His creativity and project skills enabled him to quickly diagnose the problems the different projects faced.


 


Given the good reputation of our events, possible expansion to nonexclusive parties can be explored.

Aside from the freshman, only a few inactive members were involved in the projects, same old faces stepped up and held significant positions. Projects tend to be too freshman and sophomore oriented, with only a handful of juniors and seniors participating in the events. Some venues were either too restricting or too small to accommodate all the guests. Slightly delayed planning led to the lack of liquid funds, and some unforeseen circumstances that led to miscommunication among core members and project heads.


Given that Orgdev projects carry out a lot of fundraisers, it might earn less due to the plethora of fundraisers happening simultaneously in school.

III. DETAILED PLATFORM Create a detailed platform explaining point-by-point your main agenda when elected. You may go beyond this page.



For the past year, significant positions were entrusted either to upperclassmen or triedand-tested members. This is due to the difficulty of members quickly adapting to brand new systems being established. If elected as Vice President for Human Resources: Organization Development, lower batches, specifically the freshman and sophomores, will hold more significant positions while fine-tuning of the past year’s foundation is being done. Since the strengthening of these foundations is meant for the long-run, it is apt for the lower batches to be involved in this process early on. o Early recruitment will be done for projects such as SOM Week and MIB so that the freshman may be more involved in the planning phase of the project, rather than them waiting to find out their duties and responsibilities later when the project is already being executed. o Given that the freshman core recruitment is done at a later period, constant communication and follow-up from project heads will be done to make sure that freshmen applicants are given equal chances to attain a position for the projects they are interested in. o This year, a volunteers’ pool was created for members who do not hold any core position. If elected, project heads will be given more direct access to the volunteers’ pool. By doing this, the responsibilities of a volunteer will be concretized and more members will be encouraged to participate. o The events, being organization-wide by nature, should be used as a platform through which the potential of the organization’s members can be recognized. SOM Week, for example, should be led by members who aspire to be future key players of the organization. This is an avenue where they can hone their skills and show their devotion to the organization. Thus, by having a more empowered freshman and sophomore batch, it is hoped that the possibility of members feeling a sense of detachment from the organization during their third and fourth year will not occur.



The primary goal of Organization Development projects is to initiate interpersonal relationships among members. Events such as GAP has become an established tradition for MEAns. However, as the projects become bigger and grander, there is a constant need to innovate in order to make the experience more meaningful for the members. Also, there is a need to concretize what each project offers and how Organization Development projects can appeal to a bigger number of members. o If elected, next year’s GAP will no longer be entitled as GAP 1 & GAP 2. Instead, each year’s GAP will be a brand of its own, and shall be given its own respective title. For example, next year’s GAP could be named GAP 3 & GAP 4, with the event title playing on the number 3 and 4 -- example, GAP 10 could be named as GAP XTREME. By doing so, GAP will not just be remembered by the year it happened or the project heads who made it happen, but also for the corresponding number or title it stands for. GAP 3 will still be marketed as a welcoming party of the freshman to the organization, however more




upperclassmen must be present in order to interact and establish ties with the new members. Likewise, as much as possible, GAP 3 & GAP 4 should remain an exclusive gathering for the organization. More interactive and creative themes should also be utilized for the aforementioned events. Christmas Show will be reformulated as a yuletide gathering for the whole organization. It will offer a whole new variety, imagine what Hype was like 2 years ago. If elected, Christmas Show will purely be a variety show—rising bands and performers will be invited, while audiences will sit down and watch the performances unfold. The event will offer a more relaxed environment, as it will be held in a nearby resto bar or within school grounds. This modification aims to differentiate itself from MEA parties such as GAP and MEAmore. MIB should push for a mini games day to encourage the participation of members who do not enjoy playing the three major sports that are currently on offer. Relays, agawang panyo, and other games can be explored in order to increase the awareness of MIB and generate more opportunities for members to interact. Tambay weeks 1 & 2 should continue integrating previous and current MEA projects/programs in order to increase the overall attendance. Mentor-mentee challenges, freshman interviews, and STEPS family challenges are appropriate add-ons to the project. Moreover, via the new project proposal, 2k12 and other related competitions will be aggressively marketed to also increase the member attendance, especially from the higher batches.



Several guidelines implemented by the Information Systems Cluster as well as the Associate Vice President for Finance have aided in systemizing cash outflow/inflow, information dissemination, and calendaring of fundraisers. Reflexive feedback system was also done to evaluate everyone involved in the project. As Vice President, it is my responsibility to communicate the changes and help them adjust to the new processes implemented. In addition, it is my goal to retain excellent HR culture, good core management, and closer collaboration with the other departments in MEA. o If elected, strict adherence to the timetable and compliance to the guidelines will be expected. However, I will keep myself informed about the concerns of the projects and will be open to adjustments. Also, quotas for fundraisers and ticketselling will only be decided through a majority vote. Finally, core members will be required to undergo Individual Consultations with their project heads so that they would know how to go about the respective facets of their job. o In partnership with the Documentations Department, a physical manual that will contain the processes, guidelines, contacts, and previous project files will be distributed to project heads. This will give them a quick reference to the problems encountered by the project in previous years, as well as other relevant information that they may need. Moreover, the Documentations Department shall provide an Exit Session Template in order for project heads to communicate their problems more openly. o Maintain resource support from the Communications Department in order to keep promotions young, hip, and effective. Also, promotional scheduling will still be done to avoid conflicts and overlapping promotional materials. o Maintain resource support from AVP Finance to oversee financials, provide marketing support (i.e. marketing guidelines and sponsor database), and


calendaring of fundraising events to prevent competition from other MEA fundraisers. Constant utilization of Year Development Councils (YDCs) as a supplementary means of disseminating information. Also, YDCs will be asked to be more personal in encouraging their batchmates to participate in the events.

IV. PROJECT PROPOSAL Create a proposal for a NEW PROJECT / NEW PROGRAM / SUGGESTION FOR A PROJECT IMPROVEMENT. It must be a program/project under applied-for cluster, preferably with CA/CC (core advocacy/core competency) dimension. You may go beyond this page for your proposal . *Project Improvement for MIB and Christmas Show have been elaborated in the platform.

Meir Yap for MEA VP HR: Org Dev  
Meir Yap for MEA VP HR: Org Dev  

Candidate for MEA VP HR: Org Dev