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MEA Elections 2013

Official Candidacy Form I.



Amber Chelsea C. Tan II – BS ME 19 CUM. QPI


09178419375 3YDC -



PLEDGE I, Amber Chelsea C. Tan, an official member of the Management Engineering Association, signify my intent to run for the position of 3YDC for school year 2013 – 2014. I hereby verify that the facts contained in this Certificate of Candidacy and in all other documents required by the Commission on MEA Elections (COMEALEC) are genuine. I hereby uphold the COMEALEC Electoral Code and abide by the rules of the Commission on MEA Elections 2012-2013 I hereby declare that I am fully aware that non-compliance of the said rules would result to possible sanctions. I hereby commit to promote a free, honest, and clean election. Amber Chelsea C. Tan SIGNATURE OVER PRINTED NAME NOTED BY: MARTIN TEE Head Commissioner COMEALEC 2012-2013

BETTINA BAUTISTA Deputy Commissioner COMEALEC 2012-2013


GENERAL QUESTIONS Kindly answer all questions briefly and straight to the point. You may go beyond this page for your answers.

VIEW ON SELF 1) Why are you running for this position? (3 – 5 sentences)

One of the reasons why I’m running for 3YDC is because I want to help my batchmates endure and enjoy junior year – keeping up with the rigor of the majors especially during SMEG sem and at the same time encouraging them to grow more individually. I want to step up and be a purposeful servant leader who will help her fellow batchmates see opportunities within their reach (in and out of MEA) and empower them to act upon these opportunities in order to further develop themselves. Moreover, I want to ignite something within our fellow batchmates so they may dream, act, strive, and succeed for and by themselves while strengthening batch ties. Together with the 3YDC core, I want to maintain a tight knit batch despite JTA and our difference in majors as well as to assist them with the OJT process, making sure that we maximize our capabilities and resources. Outside the duties I have to my batch, I want to ensure that MEAns turn their great potential into learning experiences given the different projects our home organization has in store for every member.

2) Give one top reason why you deserve to be elected into this position. (1 - 2 sentences)

I deserve to be elected into this position because I will put my heart, time, and effort into being of service to MEA especially to my batch to help bring out the best in them. For me, there is a lot at risk in running for this position yet I can still find myself saying, “Kakayanin ko to!!” 

3) Give one top reason why you do NOT deserve to be elected into this position. (1 - 2 sent.)

I still have trouble managing my time so even if I get things done there are instances where I could have given more or produced something with better quality. SMEG semester will surely test me and if I don’t know how to use my time well, not only will my grades sufer but everything else will be affected.

VIEW ON MEA 4) What is MEA for you? (3 – 5 sentences)

MEA is my source of inspiration because through this organization I am able to work with passionate leaders and multi-talented people who not only excel in acads but also know how to work efficiently. MEA has effectively assumed its role of being a home where solid bonds between members are formed and the strong support one receives from the CB, the projects, down to fellow MEAns is more than enough to help one conquer (and enjoy) the demands of college life. In MEA, I am comfortable knowing that things will turn out great or perhaps more than expected because no matter what course we eventually pursue and which avenues we want to be active in, somehow there is a shared standard of quality and excellence. MEA gave me friends who would last, helped me develop my skills and know more about myself which is why I have this growing desire to give back and possibly do the same to others. MEA is a fundamental part of my life and as cheesy as this may sound, I don’t know where I would be without it.

5) What is your vision for MEA? (3 – 5 sentences)

I want for MEA to grow both internally and externally- maintain or improve the projects it has and branch out to form partnerships with other organizations and possibly even businesses/ corporations. I wish for MEA to inject itself into other avenues to better mold its members through new experiences of reality. Although not everyone finds their place in MEA, I want for MEA to help bring out the potential in its members and encourage them to find their way. I hope for MEA to continue cultivating its strengths and to work on its weaknesses. There is so much to envision for MEA because of its thriving pool of outstanding people but more importantly, these visions should be realistic and sustainable so that the next batch of MEAns could further develop these ideals. 6) What is MEA’s biggest problem today and how do you think we should address this?

Frankly, I don’t wish to suck out the fun in MEA projects nor do I wish for them to be mere parties but our organization’s advocacies of corporate sustainability and strategic decision management are not as evident in our projects as we want them to be. We should promote the existing projects in line with our core competency and revise these to make them more attractive and less intimidating without sacrificing their content. If the current projects we have now are not enough to address this issue then we should create new avenues that cater to the application of the majors we study so that MEA will have a stronger backbone. Introduce these advocacies to the freshmen and sophomores; infuse these into the projects of the juniors and seniors (because it would complement the majors they are taking up).

III. SWOT ANALYSIS Conduct a SWOT Analysis of the department in which you are running for.


Looks after the welfare of the batch Supports the batch through SMEG semester and JTA semesters Updates the batch on OJT opportunities Prepares the batch for OJT requirements and assists the batch in dealing with the OJT experience itself








Bridges the MEA projects and the batch Serves as the middleman to deliver concerns from the batch to the CB and vice versa Creates positions and projects for batchmates especially inactive MEAns to participate in Presents non-ME MEAns with chances to bond with the batch and not feel left out

Lack of traditional projects specialized for juniors (freshmen have STEPS, sophomores have sophomore night, and seniors have graduation ball) Limited time for activities where the batch would be complete because of JTA Lack of batch participation in 3YDC or MEA activities because of The Big Three (SMEG, JTA, and OJT) and because everyone is busy with something (other organizations, leadership positions that demand time, and requirements in other courses for non-ME majors) Most efforts serve ME majors only




The gap between JTA and nonJTA students Heavy academic workload may affect performance of 3YDC and the core Heavy academic workload may discourage participation of juniors in projects Expulsion from ME because of failing to comply with requirements of the SMEG semester or the JTA semesters might cause rift in the batch, bitterness, and indifference to MEA

IV. DETAILED PLATFORM Create a detailed platform explaining point-by-point your main agenda when elected. You may go beyond this page. Platform Summary As the 3YDC and with the assistance of my YDC core, I want for our batch to conquer “The Big Three” together- Acads (SMEG), JTA, and OJT. Without neglecting our academic priorities and through giving my batchmates access to opportunities to step up within and outside of MEA, I aim to promote individual growth and enhance batch solidarity. Goals/Objectives o To help everyone keep up with the academic demands especially of SMEG semester/ JTA semesters so that we may conquer junior year together. o To encourage my batchmates to turn the potential they have in them into learning experiences through active membership in MEA or in other leadership opportunities outside of the organization. For those who haven’t participated in MEA projects, it is never too late to be active. And for non-ME majors, “Once a MEAn, always a MEAn!” o To enhance batch solidarity while promoting individual growth (goal#2) so that as a whole, we would develop into a well-rounded batch. Events promoting batch unity will also help minimize the gap between JTA and non-JTA juniors as well as ME and nonME majors. o To inform my batchmates about the different OJT opportunities available and to match them accordingly with their skills and interests. I want to prepare my batchmates for the practicum and make sure they land the internship that best suits them so they may maximize the experience. o Together with the YDC core, I want to help my batchmates make the most out of junior year. As a batch, we will not only endure the challenges but we will also enjoy Projects o To Conquer Acads! (We’re ready for you, SMEG!)  Batch Website - The announcement features of a Facebook batch group is limited to a feed of posts that anyone can put up and sometimes, important announcements may be buried under less significant events. Coming up with a batch site that a team and myself would manage will help filter posts and make notices official. This website will feature an academic calendar (similar to an online planner) which will be updated regularly with the help of the block deputies so that everyone is aware of scheduled exams and possible review sessions by the ACADS Department. - Reminders such as grade requirements and tips from seniors or the ACADS Department can be placed here as well. o

To Promote Leadership and Batch Solidarity  League of Deputies


I will need the help of a deputy from each block to more personally reach out to MEAns and to hear from them as well. The league of deputies will be updating and assisting me so that we could efficiently monitor the batch and consistently encourage individual growth. This will also open up an opportunity for my batchmates to step up.

 JTA Send-Off and Welcoming Back - The batch will come together for a night of bonding and fun before we say goodbye to our batchmates who will go on their Junior Term Abroad. This will serve as a souvenir for our JTA batchmates. Similiarly, when they come back, we will be welcoming them home and helping them catch up to make them feel like they didn’t leave at all.  Batch Website - The different MEA and batch projects would be announced in the group and deadlines for AB and core applications will be posted in the calendar to update our batchmates about these leadership opportunities. This would promote involvement in MEA and encourage the batch to take on leadership positions. o

To Prepare for OJT  OJT Team (same as the proposed project seen below) - A group will be formed to help the batch match their skills and interests to appropriate OJT opportunities and to prepare them for the practicum requirements. Together, we will work with the ME department and FAME (Foundation of Ateneo Management Engineers) so that our batchmates can access openings offered by different companies. - A directory will also be compiled by the team to make it easier for the batch to contact their chosen companies. - We will also be conducting surveys to know which companies and fields our batchmates are interested in.  Seminars/Talks - Seminars in resume writing and talks regarding the different fields a junior could enter will further prepare and guide our batchmates choose where they would apply and where their skills would be optimized.  Batch Website or a Manual - Announcements and updates from the Ateneo Placement Office (APO) regarding job opportunities especially the job fair will be echoed on the site to increase the batch’s awareness on practicum openings. - Resume formats or samples will be posted and will be available for download to ensure that everyone is guided in this fundamental step in the OJT process. - Scheduled seminars and talks will be found in the calendar as well.



Create a proposal for a NEW PROJECT / NEW PROGRAM / SUGGESTION FOR A PROJECT IMPROVEMENT. It must be a program/project under applied-for cluster, preferably with CA/CC (core advocacy/core competency) dimension. You may go beyond this page for your proposal . OJT Team* Since the 3YDC cluster does not have a concrete OJT “project” I wish to propose for the creation of an OJT team who will help the 3YDC guide the batch to maximize their practicum experience. Objectives: - To help the batch match their skills and interests to appropriate training opportunities - To prepare the batch for the Summer Work Practicum requirements - To update the batch with the different OJT opportunities offered by the companies through the help of the Ateneo Placement Office (APO), FAME (Foundation of Ateneo Management Engineers), and the ME department Plans: -


1. Ateneo Placement Office (APO) blasts The team would update the batch with any announcements and activities the APO has especially regarding the job fair during the second semester 2. Before OJT How to fill up a resume?  Resume formats/ samples will be posted online and will be available for download  Seminars for resume writing to ensure that the resume is the best reflection of the junior and his skills


Which companies and job types does the batch want?  Online survey to know what companies the batch is interested in and the kind of departments under which they want to apply for (results may or may not be posted for the batch to see)  Talks/ manual to introduce and describe various practicum opportunities and to help the batch decide on what they want or what suits their interests/ skills (information from the online survey will guide the team decide on what fields will be included in the talks/ manual)


Which companies are actually available? What/ who are these companies looking for?  Directory of companies will be compiled and completed by the team after gathering their contact information  Contacting the companies with the help of the directory (the directory should be constantly updated in order to have valid/ working information) to inquire about the available practicum opportunities  List of openings the companies have and under what departments, along with a description of the job, what the company is looking for in a trainee, and contact information which will be posted for the batch to see and appropriately match to what they want.



How to prepare for OJT?  Talks/ seminars/ manuals on how to prepare for OJT screening and the OJT itself (what to wear, what to expect - basic questions you need to prepare for, what to do) 3. After the OJT experience What to do after the experience?  Batch evaluation/ survey to rate the projects/ events, what could have been done better, what they found helpful, and comments and suggestions for the improvement of the team or projects done  OJT team processing to discuss the information from the batch evaluation/ survey and to accordingly revise the team system in preparation for a similar team for career assistance the following year and/or for the incoming juniors in case the next 3YDC would want to continue having such a team (If given the time and resources)  Manual for incoming juniors will be compiled to give them an overview of the whole OJT experience. Current juniors who have completed their OJT will be asked to share information/ feedback from their experiences to make this manual and to help improve #1

Further suggestion: This OJT team may be partnered up with a senior team of a similar nature but centered on career searching since the objectives of both teams are in line with each other. *This OJT team is the same as the one found in my detailed platform.

Amber Tan for MEA 2YDC Rep  

Candidate for MEA 2YDC Rep

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