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MEA Elections 2013

Official Candidacy Form I.


Francesca Marie B. Acance 1 BS ME 18 CUM. QPI



9175928922 2YDC none


PLEDGE I, Francesca Marie B. Acance, an official member of the Management Engineering Association, signify my intent to run for the position of 2YDC for school year 2013 – 2014. I hereby verify that the facts contained in this Certificate of Candidacy and in all other documents required by the Commission on MEA Elections (COMEALEC) are genuine. I hereby uphold the COMEALEC Electoral Code and abide by the rules of the Commission on MEA Elections 2012-2013 I hereby declare that I am fully aware that non-compliance of the said rules would result to possible sanctions. I hereby commit to promote a free, honest, and clean election.


BETTINA BAUTISTA Deputy Commissioner COMEALEC 2012-2013


GENERAL QUESTIONS Kindly answer all questions briefly and straight to the point. You may go beyond this page for your answers.

VIEW ON SELF 1) Why are you running for this position? (3 – 5 sentences) I want to continue unifying my batch for a common purpose -- survive ME together. I also want to showcase their talents to be able to inspire others to realize their potential too.Also, making the most out of our differences, and making something out of this diversity are two goals that will surely create unique teamwork and excellence. Empowering them as leaders is another goal that is aligned with the vision of MEA. Ultimately, service for my batch is a huge source of my own fulfillment and I want to share that with every person in my batch.

2) Give one top reason why you deserve to be elected into this position. (1 - 2 sentences) I deserve to be elected into this position because I believe I have the passion for the work -- service. My service for MEA and the CB has taught me a lot of things, and I believe this familiarity and experience will greatly help me in doing the job as 2YDC, if elected.

3) Give one top reason why you do NOT deserve to be elected into this position. (1 - 2 sent.) I may not be deserving of being elected into this position for one thing which is my possession of weaker academic competence than the other candidates. However, I also believe that passion can do more than talent if talent is not used wholeheartedly.

VIEW ON MEA 4) What is MEA for you? (3 – 5 sentences) MEA is my home organization where I can go home to after a long day of mathematics, and pressure from all terror professors. It is something that calms me down because it is a support system for every ME student. Not only does it give you relief but also it gives you the rush to be better. It is composed of leaders with competent skills that drive you to work harder and challenge yourself. Most importantly, it is family because no matter how hard you may be trying to push it away, there will always be a fixating connection between you and MEA.

5) What is your vision for MEA? (3 – 5 sentences) I see MEA as a home organization that helps people become excellent students and competent leaders. While it teaches teamwork, it also teaches unconventionality because it makes one absorb new ideas but also makes one retain a part of himself. Its members strikes sparks off one another, while the organization sparks passion within its members, creating dedication and commitment like no other.

6) What is MEA’s biggest problem today and how do you think we should address this? I think the biggest problem of MEA today is it is not able to fully capture the interests of each member. Although it may seem impossible to have 100% participation, it is possible. The way to address this is by giving more opportunities for all MEAns to participate, and continuing making innovative projects where they can be involved. This can be supported by personal tapping, which can make them more active.


III. Conduct a SWOT Analysis of the department in which you are running for.



-upperclassmen YDC are able to coach well younger YDC’s (given tips and know-how on MEA projects)

-no specific guidelines and duties

-concerns of the batches are addressed by YDC and forwarded to CB

-no determined measure of how well the work of a YDC is done -in managing the batch, there are only two people given direct leadership roles

-handling few projects, and given more time to be involved in other projects handled by -sportsfest was not executed the way it was other department planned -able to get people to join their core

-2YDC is HR-centric rather than careeroriented like 4YDC AND 3YDC

-sportsfest was able to fund its project well

OPPORTUNITIES -give more slots to people in projects

THREATS -accounting being a reason why students get kicked out of the course

-improved information dissemination -established cliques and groups which -strengthen ACADS tutoring on accounting make other discouraged to apply for (with the help of upperclassmen) projects -make transferees know of the culture of MEA

-very limited access to the internet blasts and updates

-alignment with other project heads in communication/promo efforts

-not all concerns are made known to YDC, and also settled by YDC -not enough opportunities for people to get into projects


DETAILED PLATFORM 1) Concretize potential

There should be more access to activities that will not only improve my batchmates individually, but also improve them as a batch and as a team. However I want to start this leadership development by improving themselves first by knowing their assets, and realizing their goals. A good leader is someone who can lead a team, and also someone who works well as a team member. With this, I will persuade them to share those assets and goals to each other, share ideas, and learn from each other, and this diversity will hopefully make them see a whole new different world with people of great hearts and minds. Activities like the Sportsfest, and LEADS can do just about that. There will be competition as always, yet this will test how they can work under pressure. I also plan to get to know each batchmate personally and their talents and interests. This way I will be able to know their strengths, and make them maximize their potentials by actually honing and showcasing their talents, through talent shows etc. I want them to share their talents to their fellow batchmates, so that they will inspire each other. Also, through knowing their interests, I will be able to provide them what they want, and in turn, make them be involved in a project they truly want to be part of. 2) Consolidation of the batch I want to further strengthen the batch’s unity through academics and MEA. Since most of us are going through the same hard subjects like accounting in second year, I want something good to come out of this suffering. With the help of ACADS, I want my batchmates to be able to help each other more in academics as they try to survive tough lessons together. Through this, new friendships can form, strengthening the whole batch as they go along. Mock tests for every accounting long test may be viable so that there will be more preparation. I will also want to encourage presence within the batch in MEA projects. This way they will be able to gain more exposure to each other and find new people to share experiences of LEADS and Sportsfest with. I want them to get to know each other, and support each other’s endeavours. Also, the concern of “cliquishness” in the batch will be mitigated. Uniting them through improved activities like Sportsfest and Sophomore’s Night can improve connections within the batch. These projects will be improved by incorporating activities that encourage interaction and teamwork. In doing this, I will not forget to consider transferees, and I will hold a small segment for them so the batch will be able to know who they are.

Create a detailed platform explaining point-by-point your main agenda when elected. You may go beyond this page.

3) Connecting the batch to MEA and other batches As 2YDC, one should act as the representative of the batch in MEA. This means she should be the one to forward the concerns and issues of the batch to the organization, and settle them eventually. It is also the job of 2YDC to relate the batch to other batches to build connections within the organization and the program. I plan to connect my batch to MEA through the organization’s activities by giving them more opportunities to get benefits from the projects, and also contribute significantly to the projects. In ACADS, there should be improved support for accounting to my batchmates. This can be done by improved dissemination of ACADS guides etc. Also, I will get help early on from other batches through their long tests and exercises can help my batchmates in the future. This way they will be able to prepare more for the accounting long tests, and possibly get higher scores. In leadership development, my batchmates will be given opportunities to join LEADS if they haven’t experienced it. Also, the connection between sophomore and freshmen will be strengthened through the Sportsfest by giving more time for the partner blocks to get to know each other before Sportsfest and also to give them time to plan for the event. Connection between the seniors and juniors can be enhanced through JTA by giving experience talks and tips to people in second year as this is when the latter plans on going to JTA. Transferees who were not able to experience the culture of MEA in first year will be given opportunities to work for a project and also be given little background lesson on MEA c/o 2YDC. Consultations among students from different batches will also be done. Information dissemination for all projects of MEA concerning second year students will also be improved.


V. Create a proposal for a NEW PROJECT / NEW PROGRAM / SUGGESTION FOR A PROJECT IMPROVEMENT. It must be a program/project under applied-for cluster, preferably with CA/CC (core advocacy/core competency) dimension. You may go beyond this page for your proposal.

TRIVIA BOWL This activity has been used in many universities abroad to raise fun, and not funds. It is to produce good competition and teamwork among its members and teams. Seven teams (to represent each block) will compete to getting the highest points by answering trivia questions in three categories-- easy, average, difficult. Questions that must be answered are about current events, history, and popular culture. This is to broaden the horizons of each ME student. This can serve as an activity in an existing project such as LEADS. CA/CC Dimension CA (Corporate Sustainability) - CA aims to take into account public welfare in each of MEA’s activities. Trivia bowl exactly does that by giving them knowledge on random events and subjects which will make them more aware of what is happening with the world outside MEA and the program Management Engineering. This will make them more responsive to changes and issues existing around the world. More questions on business management courses, especially those that are vital in ME, will be used in this project. These questions can be obtained from professors and ME upperclassmen. CC (Strategic Decision Management) - CC aims to maximize positive outcome by doing the best decision possible with the use of optimization skills. Trivia bowl will make the players learn how to manage the arrangement of people who will answer each question. They will try to match which subject is appropriate for each person. Also, teamwork plays a big role in this game, and suggestions and ideas of each group member contribute to the decision-making of each team. This will force them to thoroughly analyze whose ideas will be the most effective and efficient choice to utilize.

Chesca Acance for MEA 2YDC Rep  

Candidate for MEA 2YDC Rep