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actm president ACTeaMers,

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With love and excitement,

Gillian Te ACTM President 2010-2011

In this issue, I’d like to acknowledge the hardwork our Wired team has put in to create this issue like no other. I have seen the rigid planning, determination, and spirit of service from the beginning to make the necessary changes. ACTeaMers will never settle for meritocracy because we believe there is always something more that we can do, something that we can still innovate. The restless and ingenious editors-inchief, Leslie Bayona and Marielle Nones, have provided an avenue to showcase the communication skills of ACTM members and run a structured system known as the editorial board. With this, I am very proud to let you bring home a copy of Wired. May it be a fun read as you experience the creative juices of our members running wild. Albert Einsten once said: “Everything has changed, except our way of thinking.” My hope for ACTM has always been to create innovative communicators who can be embraced by the industry who are still dominated by traditionalists. When the innovators come in, they will shake the industry. We will shake the industries.  It all starts here, in this issue. Our writers, editors, photographers, and illustrators all deem to express some sort of message. But in the end, it is the means on how they communicate the bits of message that makes a difference. This is a form of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). From the way the layout has been done, colors have been chosen, pictures have been taken, and other touchpoints have been expressed, it all aims to express one solid message. Cheers to IMC!


Agency ACTM’s 1st GA

by Audrey Arayata

Aspiring applicants for Aperio gathered in the MVP roof deck last August 7, 2010 to take part in ACTM’s first general assembly. Aperio, which is Latin for “to reveal”, was the name given to the so-called agency in light of the purpose of this event. The first general assembly served as a way for the new applicants to get to know the organization and its different projects through the concept of having various agencies the org members can apply to. The general assembly started at four thirty in the afternoon and it was opened by ACTM’s very own Tonio Mendoza (who was later on replaced by Project Head, Rem del Rosario) and Vannah Pacis. After some introductions and remarks from the hosts, a short video clip about the ACTM Executive Board was shown. It w a s f ro m t h i s v i d e o t h a t t h e applicants got to know those heading the entire agency. The different agencies then presented themselves on stage in order for the applicants to know which to apply to. The heads of each agency were given a chance to talk on stage and to brief the applicants on what it is their agency focuses on. This made it easier for the applicants to signup during the intermission after the talks. Each agency (or project group) had a common background and applicants signed up for the agencies they found themselves best suited for. The six agencies that presented were the following:

Induco, Cynerguys, ACTM-Glued, Heart, Hot Shots, and Blast Off. Induco focused on the projects that involved the organization as whole which were the Sports Fest, SOM Week and ACTM Week. On the other hand, general preparation for future career options or school activities was the main focus of Cynerguys. Projects under Cynerguys were A|X and LTC. For further skill development of the applicants, specifically in the field of technology, ACTM-Glued had Numina, ICT Prequel and Seminar and Digital Workshops for their projects. A similar agency, Blast Off, had the IMC Seminar and the IMC Competition projects under its care. Another agency, Heart, was based on dissimilating information to the many members of the organization. It was composed of the projects Open House, ACADS, and Wired. Lastly, Hot Shots focused on keeping the members ablaze since the Second General Assembly and the Year-End Party were their projects. The final part of the program was the Fashion Show, wherein models walked the catwalk to strut their stuff. Sponsors Terrie and Mossimo were responsible for the clothes of the models and the brands were able to help project a good i m a g e o f t h e a g e n c y. A p e r i o successfully recruited the models and they were also from ACTM as well. All in all, the First General Assembly was a success, according to Aless Rances, who was one of the project heads for this event. She would also like to extend her thank to her co-project heads, logistics heads, program heads, the Executive Board, the Core, and those who made Aperio really shine as an agency. Of course, this includes the applicants, the hosts and the performers.


Participants of Ignition listen to LTC project head Gayle Madarang as she delivers the opening remarks of the ACTM Leadership Training Course last August 18.

g ni iIGNI ttion i n Photography by Macky Del Rosario



ACTeaMers share insights about what they have learned from the 2-day Leadership Training Course.



existen existen

Crossroads. At certain points in our lives, we run into them. Some people effortlessly glide along, while others stare and slump in hesitancy. For some they’re chances to grow, and for others, threats to survival. I believe that the major crossroads—the big choices— are inescapable. The friends we choose to be with, career choices and who to become—are glaring examples. We have to decide and whatever consequences begotten will inevitably be hurled at us, to our delight or regret. Existentialism asserts that we are totally free; that we are answerable to whatever we do and make of ourselves. The question is whether or not we’re capable of handling the totality of such immense freedom. Can we, really? My block mates and I were idling during a group meeting. I was spacing out, mulling over what to write for this spread when I overheard them discussing how they felt

about their track choices. (CTM101: As you become a junior, you decide among three tracks for specialization—Communications, Marketing and Information Technology.) She called herself a jack-of-all-trades, and said that none of the tracks fit her. Another was content about her choice because she believed it suited her abilities and that she’d get a high-paying job later on. By then, I was out of my trance—I realized my sentiments were the intersection of theirs. I chose the Communications track because I honestly knew it was in tune with my skills and inclinations. However, I knew that IT majors are in demand and that marketing majors will find their way to corporate work easily. Similar thoughts have been nudging me, despite my rationalizations and choice. Setting things into perspective: clearly, the track choices were for us to make, despite the noise and fury tossed into the mess.

Existentialism asserts that we are totally free; that we are answerable to whatever we do and make of ourselves. The question is whether or not we’re capable of handling the totality of such immense freedom. Can we, really?

TIALISM Anthony M. Libre

Sure, I had to decide. Eventually I did, but the ideas kept coming a la esprit d’escalier. I’ll go as far as to assume that several of us have felt the same way. Hence, I ask the question what’s the deal? It’s as if being stunned at the crossroad wasn’t bad enough—and now that we’re passing it, we’re still bogged down by doubt? If choosing still doesn’t sweep the clouds of quandary, then where’s that comfort in freedom? Could the weightlessness of freedom actually be a hoax? The hardest and most complex choices are those that count. At times, we’d wish that somebody else would decide for us. Following this and the notion that we’re responsible for whatever we do and make of ourselves, wouldn’t it make sense to presume that freedom is out to pull us down? Existentialism would be placed in a different light—one of torment.

At this point, you’re probably taking me for a frustrated philosopher using the CTM track narrative as a front for my ruminations. Don’t. If you do insist, then humor me by proving me wrong. Take it upon yourself to brave the voices seducing you to slump at your crossroad and unnerve you as you walk. You’ve got your own voice. Would you allow yourself to be derailed because of what others think? or by what you think you should do in lieu what others have done? If you think that you have a gauge or competition besides yourself, you’re terribly mistaken. My challenge for you, CTM-er, goes beyond the track choices for reasons apparent. You are responsible for whatever you make of yourself. The freedom all is yours. You cannot escape it.

De c iS i o n S Decisions d e c iS i o n S decisions

by Michiko De la Cruz

Just last August, the ComTech Juniors were faced with one of the most important decisions to be made in their whole academic life: The choice of which of the three major tracks under the ComTech banner to choose from that could eventually define what their career path may lead to. The three tracks to choose from are Information Technology, Marketing, and Communications. With some help from the Junior ComTech Course Representative, Ms. Kim Perez, here is a gist of what tracks the Juniors had to choose from: The Marketing track on The I.T. track is the other hand would be Lastly, the for those who perfect for those Communications track want to learn more about interested in marketing would be for those aiming the global and local communications as a part to be part of the media telecommunications of a company’s integrated industry. COM13: industry. It may include marketing Introduction to Broadcast topics such as the current communications program. Media and COM15: Audio state of the Visual Production telecommunications Techniques will be the industry in the Philippines, introductory courses in as well as the basics of the study of broadcast computer networks and The class to take would media, which includes data communications, be MKT104: Marketing radio and television, plus and such. The classes to Communications in which the process of audio be taken in this track a pre-requisite of previous visual production. These chosen would be CS31: Marketing courses would two courses are both very Introduction to the apply. Some topics that hands-on, and will include Communications Industry would be discussed will career talks and lectures, and CS156: be about the exposure trips, and a lot Management of communication cycle, and of hands-on Communication the marketing projects. Technologies. communications process. The juniors had to submit their preferred track to the Management department last August 6, 2010.

is brought to you by

COMTECH majors are often known for their great taste in design and expertise on multimedia. More often than not, teachers expect COMTECH students to have exceptionally creative and well-designed work. While this reputation is undoubtedly a great honor, it can also be a burden, especially for overworked students struggling with Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. The web offers an infinite number of resources for multimedia newbies. Unfortunately, most websites only teach basic tricks and techniques; they seldom actually delve into design and the in-depth usage of these techniques. But you don’t have to worry about these anymore, as Wired has compiled a set of blogs and Internet magazines that are both useful and inspiring for a COMTECH student’s digital creative needs. Smashing Magazine Any self respecting digital artist/designer has heard of Smashing Magazine. The wellknown Internet magazine started in September 2006 initially focusing on Internet and web development trends. Now they offer articles on both art and print design as well. The site not only covers tricks and tutorials but articles and discussions on design trends and technology. one

24 ways “24 Ways to Impress Your Friends” is a blog made through the contributions of some the finest print and digital designers on the web. The blog covers a wide array of topics from simple computer tutorials to discussions on creativity to working with possible clients (for those of you who want to take your designs to the next level). With the expertise of its authors and the wide coverage of topics, you are sure to find inspiration. two

Design blogs

Noupe Noupe is a design blog which showcases photography, design and technology. Besides the articles and tutorial they also offer a large amount of resources and downloads such as icons and wallpapers. three

Jason Santa Maria Jason Santa Maria is print and web designer from New York. His blog gives wonderful insights and advice on organizing content and making the most out of any graphics application. His best articles revolve on typography (the usage of typefaces or fonts) and design trends. He also takes great photographs which you can use for inspiration. four

With the wealth of resources available to today’s COMTECH student it’s easy to learn the ropes on graphic design. Still, it’s a must to remember that there’s more to great design than flash and effects. These sites above will help turn your multimedia projects from graphic flop to A-grade professional work.

Four websites to help any student with his creative projects by Mark Lacsamana






must - have


for ComTech


ro Macbook p by Al Lim

armor a70 eclipse e l i b o m y cherr nintendo

3ds The MacBook Pro. Having a variety of specs and sizes the

Being Communications Technology Management majors, it would be easy to think that we would know what items we need for the use of our course. However with the many technological breakthroughs today, it is harder for us to prioritize the kind of gadgets we really need. Here, WIRED Tech page writer Al Lim recommends five gadgets for COMTECH majors.

MacBook Pro

991es casio fx-

MacBook Pro offers a wide array of features that will make your life easier. It has different kinds of programs that will make marketing class easier for you, with the new iMovie you’ll be able to edit videos with its userfriendly display. Having this baby will surely help you out with all your projects and presentation needs. However getting this awesome gadget is painful to the pocket with prices going up to a whopping Php 100K. This being said, I’m giving this gadget a rating of 9/10.

offers a lot of features, one of which is of course its touch screen interface. Another feature of this magnificent phone is its dual sim capability. It also has a 2.0 megapixel camera that can help you capture special moments of your life easily. It has an SD card slot that can take up to 8 gig of additional memory, enough space for your songs and videos. Also, it is WiFi capable! Lastly, it runs on a Windows 6.5 operating system that allows you to type documents and create powerpoint presentations. What’s amazing is that you can get these features all in one phone for less than Php 10,000! With all this, I’m giving the Cherry Mobile Eclipse an 8/10.

The Silicon Power 2.5” portable hard drive Armor A70. This nifty device offers c a p a c i t y r a n g e f ro m 2 5 0 gigabyte to a whopping 640 gigabyte. With the many video editing and .psd files, it’s hard to carry your laptop with you all the time. Having this baby will make you travel lighter and make your school life easier. This device comes with unique protection features: it is dust proof, shock proof, and water proof! The Armor A70 also includes a Silicon Power Widget software that helps you manage the space of the HD. With its handy features, I give this device a 10/10.

Nintendo 3DS The Nintendo 3DS. It has all the same features as the old DS, a touch screen pad that could be used to play more interactive games. It has an SD card slot for your legally downloaded games and a built-in camera that allows you to take pictures of your friends and edit them using your stylus. Nintendo 3DS is backward compatible, meaning you can play games from the older versions of the Nintendo DS. Being a game geek myself, I’m giving this gadget a 10/10.

Casio fx-991ES

Armor A70

Cherry Mobile Eclipse

The Cherry Mobile Eclipse. This product is Cherry’s soldier in the war of smart phones that are coming out. This phone

Last but definitely not the least ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our savior during Math, Accounting and Finance LTs! The Casio fx-991ES is equipped with natural display for fractions so there’s no need to manually convert them into decimals. This makes life so much more easier when dealing with those doublings time and depreciation values in accounting! Or, if you do want to convert the fraction to decimal or vice versa, with just a press of a button, this baby will do it! 7/10.

Wired SY 2010-2011  

The official publication of the ACTM Issue No.1 SY 2010-2011