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Born and raised in the South of Germany, Peter was studying economics when he first encountered the work of Atelier Zobel. Inspired by the founder and the freedom of personal expression in jewellery, Peter Schmid quit economics to be trained as a goldsmith and designer at the vocational college Berufskolleg für Design, Schmuck und Gerät in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Peter came to Constance in 1995 to further his studies – and stayed. Indeed, Peter became a key member of the Zobel team. After working together for more than ten years, Peter then took over the studio in 2005, and built on the Zobel tradition to create a success story of his own. As a result, Atelier Zobel has won several awards in recent years, including the Couture Design Award in Las Vegas. Peter’s work has also been featured in numerous books. His jewellery can be found in more than 40 galleries across Europe, the USA and Asia, and individual pieces are treasured in many prestigious private and public collections.

Nature provides the raw materials; Peter Schmid reveals the natural dialogue between their crystalline structures and their expression in avant-garde art; juxtaposing natural elements against complementary patterns and structures emerging from the cobblestone streets of Constance, or from offbeat urban scenes from Peter’s global travels. These conversations, initially sketched out with a 6B pencil, evolve into the unique collections created in the Atelier Zobel studio on the shores of Lake Constance. Peter Schmid sees himself as both a craftsman, and also an artist whose creativity is not limited by scale, materials or traditional forms. It is this free interplay of ideas and contrasts that makes his pieces so alluring. The metalwork is unique, showing a painterly transition between platinum, gold and silver, to accent the rainbow of colours reflected by carefully selected stones. These can be precious gems, natural phenomena like meteorites or fossils, or baroque pearls. Peter insists that all Atelier Zobel’s work is created with absolute respect for natural aesthetics, the environment, and people. “We use recycled metals, and we work closely with our stone-cutters to promote fair trade practices. Each piece is then created in our own studio, by our team of master craft-workers – and made with love.” The result: a unique collection of jewellery for people who strive to be distinctive and authentic.


The art of the great jeweller is the art of the alchemist. Both must develop their own secret insight into materials, techniques and temperatures. Only by knowing the limits of what is possible in precious metals can the master jeweller test those limits‌ ‌and, when the magic appears, go beyond them.





You may have inherited your grandmother’s pearls, but your style is your own. You can cherish your memories and create new ones at the same time, by letting Atelier Zobel re-imagine your pearls as an avant-garde statement. Working with pearls both new and old, designer Peter Schmid creates a collection of unique, interchangeable clasps and pendants – leaving only one question – how do you want to wear your pearls?

Throughout history men’s jewellery has symbolized power and success, crowned kings and defined their successors. Today the hierarchy of kings and pawns may be less structured, but deciding how to play the game has never been more important. Jewellery is a statement about who you are. Make your next move a unique piece created by Peter Schmid, because life’s not about fitting in, it’s about standing tall.


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Atelier Zobel World of Contrasts 2015  
Atelier Zobel World of Contrasts 2015