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MONOPORTIONS OF COOKING, MUSIC & DESIGN Period: 24 - 25 February 2016 Location: Atelier Home Gallery – Panfili Palace, Via della Geppa 2, Trieste, Italy Partners: Artrophia, Manjada, Monolithvm

The Atelier Home Gallery is pleased to invite you to the gallery on 24 and 25 February 2016 to the initiative MONO AHG, during which the first and only "home gallery" of Trieste will delight you with monoportions of monochromatic kitchen, fragrant DJ and live sets and craft objects of design for haute cuisine.

In a space devoted to art it will be discussed about cooking in two events on beauty and creative thinking, thanks to the collaboration with the Artrophia blog.

The Wednesday 24 event will see the presentation of the new collection of cutting boards Monolithvm -derived from centuries-old noble woods and subjected to a 22-year period of drying-, with live music set "zero gravity" to emphasize the aesthetic moment of encounter with the object.

The second evento on Thursday, however, will involve the passage to action and creativity of those present with a proper MONOCHROMATIC KITCHEN workshop, where will be created a noble typical Istrian dish, the crafi from Labin (Istria – Croatia), through contamination between the chromatic own theories of visual arts and the world of food, answering the question: black and white can be tasty? The secret ingredients of these two evenings will be, then: a chef, a musician, a dj and two craftsmen, who in their personal artistic research found a meeting point in the realization of a nutritious food for the soul and the intellect, through the different senses of sight, hearing and taste!

Because with culture you can and should eat, according to a very ancient lesson that comes to us from Trimalcione’s line in Satyricon: To this wine he said - you must honor it. The fish need to swim. Let’s hear it, do you believe that at the table I settle for with what you have seen on the cover of the lift? [...] Even while you are at the table we must make culture [...].

CONTACTS: Matilde Tiriticco, Gallery Manager Ph: +39 3489278461 | E-mail: |




SHOWCASE OF CHOPPING HANDCRAFTED BLOCK MONOLITHVM + LIVE BY ALEXEY GRANKOWSKY As part of the initiative MONO AHG, on Wednesday February 24, from 6.30pm, Atelier is glad to invite you at the gallery to discover the refined cutting boards signed MONOLITHVM, arrived in Trieste thanks to the collaboration with ARTROPHIA blog.

The two creators of these unique pieces, but similar among them to the level of craftsmanship and the value of the raw material they are made of, are Michele and Moreno and the "M" which now represents their products had realized their dream of manipulate what they love the most in the world, the noble woods. We want our philosophy to be one of love and preservation, respect and exaltation of genuine beauty, no offense to the material, no insult to nature, with the goal of creating works of extraordinary prestige to be preserved from generation to generation. The finished product labeled "M" means "finished unique product", it states that each copy in unvaluable and that it can’t simply exist. MONOLITHVM is honored to present their creations, hoping to convey the strong emotions that we craftsmen feel during the search, the selection, the study and working on these extraordinary materials, giving you the chance to become guardians of an absolutely unique and rare produc . To escort these objects almost aliens for their rare beauty, will attend the sound designer Alexey Grankowsky with his "Losing yourself in the Space - concert Let the Earth behind":

"In free fall ad libitum. The sounds are elements of a structure to orbit, the melody is an accessory to fluctuate, in the absence of gravity. My music is a search for oblivion, an abandonment of one's body lightened by a sweet melancholy. Melodies that unfold and disperse information from our roots, floating in the Cosmos."


The brand MONOLITHVM arises from Michele and Moreno whish of create masterpieces of absolute elegance and straightforward simplicity, starting from prestigious woods worked only as one block, to magnify their natural features and keeping their originary beauty .

ALEXEY GRANKOWSKY Musician and sound designer for fashion shows, his kind of music is defined by some labels that it could be electronich, ambient noise, mixed experimental techno but first of all is a research of concepts like oblivion, absence of gravity, space and stars trying to find an empty space where i can make the people feel weightless. For more info: nolik.element/?fref=ts


Platform to realize otherworldly visions and blog. L’arte profuma di nuovo, o meglio di nuovo.

Be ready, then, for a journey in the beauty from the Earth into Space, from wooden and gnarled roots, twisted and alive, to the space of oblivion where the only thing that remains is a slight sound of melancholy.

CONTACTS: Matilde Tiriticco, Gallery Manager Ph: +39 3489278461 | E-mail: |


MONOPORTIONS OF COOKING, MUSIC & DESIGN DAY #2 THURSDAY 25 FEBRUARY 2016 – from 7 to 9pm + dj set untill 11pm

WORKSHOP OF MONOCHROMATIC COOKING held by the chef GORAN ZGRABLIC For the second day of the initiative MONO AHG, Thursday February 25 we will put our hands dirty under the careful guidance of Goran Zgrablic chef, who will try to answer with us the question: black and white can be tasty?

Te answer will be found in the monochromatic cooking laboratory played on the realization of whites and blacks dishes - that will lead us to create the "crafi" of Labin (Istria, Croatia).

The “crafi” of Labin are maybe the noblest and most unknown pasta from Istria. Their fragrant filling made of cheeses (with sweet, savory and spicy notes), which recalls the medieval kitchen, makes these Istrian ravioli perfect to be served both as excellent first traditional course or as a modern dessert.

During the cooking workshop, which will be also vegetarian, we will try to go beyond the tradition to find out how the composition of white and blacks elements on the plate can affect our taste-olfactory perception of the dish itself. To make this happen, we will use a simple trick: with charcoal (a natural substance obtained from fine wood) we will turn the color of the ravioli or of the sauces into a deep black. And here our artistic vein will be involved, because each of us will have to paint his plate. At the end of the evening we will taste all the dishes together, in a playful and friendly atmosphere accompanied by the Istrian wines, and we will choose the tastiest one... but will be the tastiest one also the most beautiful one? The artworks exhibition by Roberto del Frate Venetian master and the “cooking mood” DJ set the (sometimes sweet, sometimes salty, but certainly fragrant and perhaps even monochromatica) of Jazza (Electrosacher) will contribute to the creativity of the cooking workshop!

Cost: 20 euro per persona Reservation manadatory via or 3489278461 Dj set + crafi tastes – free offer to access from 9.30pm


Besides having a doctorate in physics of lasers, Goran Zgrablic is also a wandering gourmet and and enthusiast winelover with a sommelier degree obtained at the Italian Sommelier Association. He lived in Switzerland for five years and currently he divides his time between Trieste, working for the Synchrotron, and his hometown Pula, Istria. Goran is the author of Manjada, a blog dedicated to the Istrian wine and food, and a founder of the Taste of Croatia, the independent restaurant guide to Croatia. Four years ago he also created EatIstria, a project that offers traditional cooking classes and wine tours to all those curious visitors of Istria who want to discover the wide world food and wine of this peninsula.

JAZZA trosacher Former member of Electrosacher, collective of djs/producers/incendiaries since 1999, Jazza takes care of the soundtrack and the sound spaces of International Talent Support – Founder of Ohm Records, that produced tracks with the Beat Generation poet Jack Hirshman and by Robert Babicz, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Markus Kienzl, Erik Sumo, Panoptikum, Eddy Ramich, and many others. Art direction of Electroblog, international festival of electronic music and digital culture of Trieste till 2014.

CONTACTS: Matilde Tiriticco, Gallery Manager Ph: +39 3489278461 | E-mail: |

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Press MONO AHG (ENG)