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Contact: Matilde Tiriticco, Gallery Manager / +39 348 9278461 PALAZZO PANFILI – Via della Geppa 2, Trieste (Italy)

Amy Elizabeth Harper THESE ARE NOT DIGITAL PRINTS Art Exhibition exclusively for ATELIER HOME GALLERY Palazzo Panfili – Via della Geppa, 2 Trieste, Italy 17 April – 8 May 2015 from Friday to Sunday, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm or on appointment Vernissage: 16 April 2015 From 07:30 pm

"One Whole Year", 2014, soft ground etching on copper, 18 x 24 inch

ABOUT THE EXHIBITION In this exhibition the artist's hands, real breeding ground of creation, as his own footprints on paper, are dignified as main protagonists: the theme of the exhibition, in fact, is contained in the actual value of the ancient etching art where, over the eyes, the tactility of the work it’s equally important. Amy Elizabeth Harper, young American talent of the most successful and appreciated in Italy and abroad, will be the guest of the Atelier Home Gallery on the opening day (16 April 2015) to present 16 works autographed facing a selection of different engraving techniques, blended together on various media, in a refined mixture of timbres and passages that show the technical skill and draughtsmanship of this young artist from California. An artist able, proud, who’s endowed with a huge talent and a very valuable technique and knows how to cross time and space with a careful immediacy, in a symbiosis of old and new that she manages in a manner so instinctual and intimate: in the core of our digital era, the etching technique is brought back to life in her artworks; in her favorite themes we feel the vibrations of the old masters and of our contemporary times, where the wrinkles of a face or the same hands, symbol of the artist's contact with the creation in its development, become true portraits of a cosmogony thin and rarefied, yet incisive, vibrant and alive, according to the interpretation of the curator Roberto del Frate. AMY ELIZABETH HARPER Born and raised in Los Angeles, since adolescence she experiences the etching technique at the Academy of Fine Arts Lorenzo De Medici in Florence, increasing her practice until she becomes of all the techniques of etching. She has exhibited, for the first part of 2015, the Biennale of Palermo, Dante's House in Florence, and the 825 Gallery in Los Angeles and she will show her artworks, after Trieste, at the RomArt Biennale and at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery of New York. ATELIER HOME GALLERY Atelier Home Gallery is an art space and cultural association that organises exhibitions and happenings at the historical home-studio of two artists (Roberto del Frate & Roberta de Jorio) located in the Panfili Palace of Trieste (Italy). We offer to emerging artists, art enthusiasts and the viewing public our Home Gallery that is open for collaborations and creations. Our mission is to promote art in a non-traditional form of presentation using an unconventional space that is more convivial and intimate. AHG facilitates the creation of a community of artists, curators, collectors and guests to promote art works and develop new ideas in response to the art.