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Welcome to the very first edition of Atelier Magazine I’m a hairdresser and owner of Atelier Hair based in Derry City, over the last few years I’ve seen a massive change in culture in Derry. Follow @atelierhairco and www.Atelierhair.co for lots more new stories, interviews and projects.

editors notes... then I’ve dyed his hair, pink, blue purple before

Nobody can question the creativeness and talent that is in the North West and I’ve been working and dealing with a lot of creative people since I opened my first salon 8 years ago and have always been fascinated and surprised at the level of achievements in various fields of local people and how little people know about them probably down to the humbleness of everyone from Derry. This magazine has been created to tell the stories and profile some of these people mainly to inspire the new generation of creatives in Derry. It is also being produced by young creatives, we put out an open call for upcoming journalists, graphic designers, photographers, models and all around creative people to get involved and we believe we’ve picked up the New generation of talent, check out young journalist Niamh McDermott’s interviews of Lorna McGee and Mini Ladd, the whole aesthetic of the magazine has been put together by Graphic Design Student Chloe Gibbons and Street Style Section shot by our contributor Photographer Christine Donnelly.

settling on his signature silver top style. I’ve also had the pleasure of a few ‘spins’ in his red Ferrari. Craig has become world famous through his YouTube channel and ‘gaming’ he has nearly 6 million subscribers, his videos have had 1.3 BILLION views he is in the middle of a sold out Comedy tour and is launching is music label next year also, and all this at 24 years old. We were able to catch him in the middle of his comedy tour and talks about his upbringing in Eglinton, charity work and his tough rise to the top. Lorna McGee is a Derry Girl done good, Lorna’s chart to the top of the styling game in London has been inspiring to say the least. Last year she set up her own company after many years at Vogue and has just launched her Irish Made sustainable clothing brand ‘Biel’. Niamh catches up with Lorna on page 22. I’m also proud to launch our new hair collection ‘Freedom’ on pages 9 To 17, we’re very proud

We want to encourage this and create an online platform and voice for this generation to put out their content. It was 3 years ago when I first heard the name Mini-Ladd, I had a strange request over the phone asking would I dye this guys hair pink for charity, I was fully booked for weeks and this guy wanted in the next day, for whatever reason I said yeah get him In on my lunch break il sort it, then he asked could he video it for his ‘followers’. The next day Craig ‘Mini-Ladd’ Thompson burst into my world, since

of this as it was Created and executed by the whole Atelier team. We also catch the best of the best based locally Amach Clothing, Blackbird, Pykes & Pommes, Antipode Model Agency, Storefront clothing, Marty Green and much much more. Hope you Enjoy Xx Ronan Stewart, Editor


Atelier; An atelier is the workshop or studio of a professional artist in the fine or decorative arts

Atelier, pursue individuality Atelier Hair, opened in June 2019 by Creative Director Ronan Stewart; is an eco salon with a unique vision for the hair dressing industry. The salons ethos is to maintain an eco friendly environment in an industry where this would usually be over looked. From bio degradable colour caps & gloves to recyclable packaging & organic products, the team do what they can to ensure they are actively reducing waste and encouraging clients to do the same, supplying incentives for refilling products! The Atelier product range hosts an organic variety of shampoos, conditioners & styling products available both in salon and online at ateleirhair.co. The team cocktail their products with other premium, organic brands such as Davines and Organic & Mineral, enhancing your hairs natural beauty and promoting long lasting, luxurious looks.

The salon team boasts over 15 incredibly talented and creative hair artists who truly believe in the power of natural beauty. The salon vision is to challenge conformity to arbitrary beauty standards through premium services and hair products. The Atelier team use their expert skills and knowledge in their industry to help you create the best version of you, your way. Outside the salon, Atelier has become a name linked to Derry’s fashion & music industry. Supporting local talent, hosting events for brands, bands, solo artists and more. Currently located in a temporary premises, the team are currently working on a new, permanent residence which will incorporate a creative hub for Derry.



mini ladd Interview with Craig Thompson (AKA Mini Ladd) Words by Niamh McDermott


After moving to Derry, what was it like to grow up in Derry during your ‘teenage years’? Do you consider Derry your home?

and look forward to going to work. Working takes up the majority of your life so you may as well do something you enjoy. I know it may seem like there’s little opportunity in Derry, but the city is growing and evolving rapidly. Just look at myself or Atelier; who came from Derry and have paved a solid path for ourselves. We’re just two of so many examples of people from Derry carving their own path and making a name for themselves, all while doing what they love. I love my family and will support them through everything but I also knew to make my career a reality, I needed to risk it all. That’s why I moved to California when I was 19 to give myself the best shot at living my dream. Believe in yourself. You are worth it. You are capable.

Growing up, Derry was always home. Even though I was across Asia during many of my early years, I always refer to Derry as my hometown as this was where my family was and where we always came back. I’m aware you attended school in Foyle College and started your first YouTube challenge in 2011. Did you believe you could of made a career through YouTube channels and being a comedian? What gave you the confidence to start your first YouTube channel? Absolutely not! My original plan for YouTube was to try and hit 100 subscribers during the few months I had off for summer holidays. I think I got to 92 or 93 subscribers by the end of the holidays but at that point, I started to understand how the whole YouTube ecosystem worked and the ins and outs of what makes a good YouTube channel so I stuck with it during my last 2 years of secondary school at Foyle College and during my A Levels. I started this journey because I’ve always had a passion for media in a variety of forms and more specifically, how it affects people. For example, sad movies, upbeat house music, a hilarious TV show, a painting that just blows you away, and so on. In addition, I’ve always been really into video games as an escape from reality when I was going through tough times, and seeing people online combining their love of gaming with camera skills, editing, directing, and more, really stood out to me and got me thinking. So at that point I said “screw it”, and jumped right in. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so there I was, taking my shot.

Do you or have you ever received hate or harassment online over a YouTube video you did ? If so, how did you feel and how did you look past the negative comment and focus on the good comments you receive? This may be a struggle for many people. If you’re successful in any occupation, whether it’s a creative industry or a more traditional line of work, you’re going to unfortunately receive some form of hate. Hate comes from jealousy and if someone sees you doing well and prospering, they’re going to be mad because they’re going to wonder why they didn’t get that pay raise or that promotion. The answer is likely that you put in the hard work and dedication necessary to deserve that, and perhaps they didn’t. Honestly, you’re likely killing it and doing an amazing job if people are jealous, so keep your head held high and keep plowing forward. If people are becoming jealous of you, that means you’re doing something right so with that being said, keep your head up high and keep on plowing forward!

I’m aware that you left university early to pursue your career? What advice would you give young people of Derry today who perhaps are in the wrong career or dislike what they are doing? What gave you the confidence to change careers?

People would compliment you as being the same person on camera and off. What advice would you give young people on being themselves ? That’s one of my favourite compliments I receive. The sad reality is that far too often we see people change and become something they’re not when they get even a sniff of success. So when people say to me that I’m the same both on and off camera, and I’m always how I’ve been, it makes me so genuinely happy. Honestly, for me, it’s so much easier to be myself than it is to be someone else.

I went to the University of Hertfordshire for a massive 2 weeks! I tell people I went for an extended freshers and dipped! I knew YouTube was taking off so I took my gap year straight away and gave myself the opportunity to really make this into a career. As far as what career you should be doing, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you can wake up every morning



Miniladd has a whopping 1.3 billion views!! How did you come up with the name ‘Mini Ladd’ ? Is there any particular meaning

Starting something new, particularly in a small city like Derry can be tough. Resilience is something you most certainly need. Starting Mini Ladd was there any difficulties you came across and what gave you the aspiration to overcome this?

behind it? I can’t quite wrap my head around how insane the views have gotten and I’m so grateful for it. The “Mini” part stemmed from when I was young and living in Derry, and one of my best friends and neighbours, who was also named Craig, was 2 years older than me and decided to call me Mini so we didn’t get confused on who was talking to which Craig. When I went to Foyle College, his younger brother Kyle was in the same year as me and he was so used to calling me Mini that it just stuck from there on out. When it came around to choosing an Xbox Gamertag (online name), a bunch of us changed our names to *first name* then Ladd at the end. There was Kyle Ladd, Alan Ladd, Conor Ladd then me, Mini Ladd!

Resilience is a good word for it. Derry was very set in its ways and it seemed like a lot of people didn’t have much ambition to branch outside of their comfort zone and do something that pushed them or scared them. I got laughed at a lot for going outside the norm but I knew I had it in me to do something. Thankfully Derry has gotten a lot better at encouraging people to go outside of the norm and outside of their comfort level, allowing people to really embrace doing what they’re passionate about. But when I started, it was very different. In my opinion, The City of Culture was a big force in the town’s change, motivating people to do what they want with their lives instead of just conforming to the norm. You need to stay strong and keep on moving forward regardless of what anyone else says. You are good enough.





freedom collection Atelier Freedom Collection Beauty is the essence of the freedom collection, created using Organic & Mineral these hairstyles are intended to be wearable timeless and versatile.

Styling: @Andrew.m.photos, @Leoniesheehan Photography: @Smedleyshots Make-Up: @Kerriejames_mua Hair: @Atelierhairco Model: @Pacificgulf Hair: @Chloeglackin



Model: @Tiavanswayze Hair: @Evavipartitehair


Models: @Dervlawils0n, @Youdo_you Hair: @Nataliemchair1, @Gemmabradleyhair




Models: @Laurynhamilton, @VictoriaBoyce Hair: @Alanathaneja, @Mariemcgowanhair






is a fashion brand co-founded by Rowena Millar and Liam McDaid. The direction of their brand, at present, is minimalist streetwear fashion, taking influence and inspiration from a host of modernist designer’s such as Raf Simons, Gosha Rubchinskiy and Demna Gvasalia. Together, the duo are developing a strong statement in Irish Fashion. “We want to question the status quo with our designs and celebrate where we come from.. Our design focus is always about embracing the global fashion movements, as well as acknowledging our own. Ireland has a rich heritage in fashion and nowhere more so than Derry.  Each of our pieces are made using local expertise; we want to add as much craftsmanship as we can to our story... “ AMACH has recently launched their new ‘Artist Series’ a collaborative initiative with artists of different disciplines. The clothing line celebrates creativity wherever it is found. The first Featured Artist is Marty Green, a Tattoo Artist based in Derry. At just 23, Marty has a growing reputation within his field and an equally impressive client list. “Marty is such a talent.  But his level of commitment to his craft shines through. We really connected to his sheer dedication to his art form.  From our meetings with Marty we wanted to capture what his art means to him. Our name for this piece is entitled ‘the Sacrifice Tee’    Marty designed a beautiful minimal sketch that is the focal point of the entire piece. A Dagger featuring a flower on the handle. This shows the equal possibility of both beauty and pain.” The Sacrifice t-Shirt has been well received and is available in two colours: Gold and Black. Both AMACH and Marty Green are planning more collaborations in the future. This T-shirt can be found online www.amach.eu


healthy hair

Recommended by Marie - Stylist at Atelier Hair “Shine spray is super light on the hair & suitable for all hair types. Its a great mulitfunctional product so as well as smelling incredible its great value for money !” Features - Can be used on both wet or dry hair. Acts as a Heat protector, UV protector, shine spray & detangle spray.

Atelier Gravel pit - recommend by Clodagh Senior Stylist at Atelier Hair “This is my go to styling product for short looks. A matte finish, strong hold clay. Perfect for styling short textured hair” Features - strong hold, matte finish, long lasting hold.

Davines Oi Oil - recommend by Natalie Senior stylist at Atelier Hair “This is a real luxurious oil helping to restore those split end. It helps to add shine, acts as a great detangler and adds smoothness” Features - Gives incredible smoothness, acts as a de-frizz serum & detangler.


HotTools Curl Bar - recommend by Ronan Creative Director at Atelier Hair “Its ergonomic design makes it so simple to create salon styles at home!” Features - Ergonomic design, temperature control settings, timer alert for damage control.

Davines Medium Hair Spray - recommend by Alanah stylist at Atelier Hair “Great for giving your style hold without it feeling hard or sticky. It doesn’t leave residue on the hair and its smells amazing !” Features - Eliminates Frizz, adds structure and hold but doesn't leaver residue.

Atelier Argan Oil Cleanse recommended by Karla, Junior Stylist at Atelier “Argan Oil Cleanse leaves your hair feeling silly smooth and clean, and it smells amazing !” Features - Includes high levels of Argan Oil & Vitamin E to give your hair a luxury shine whilst helping to repair split ends and eliminate dandruff


Words By Niamh McDermott

Being from Derry, how did this help your career? Was there many opportunities in Derry for fashion that possibly allowed you

What was your childhood like growing up in Derry? Do you still consider Derry your ‘home’?

to then expand your career.

I have lived in London for almost 14 years and I’ve had my son here. Although London is my home now, and most certainly his, Derry will always be the heartbeat that runs through us.. The people in Derry are truly unique and akin to no other. Their warmth and humour, even in the bad times, is something which I feel sets us

People from Derry, and I think Ireland as a whole, are hard workers. We’re grafters. Not afraid of hard work. Coming back to that thing of not taking ourselves too seriously. Ten or twelve years ago, When I was interning, that set me apart I think. I worked every hour god sent with a smile firmly imprinted on my face.

apart from many others.


Photography: Rhys Framton, Sonia Szostak


As Interns, you do an awful lot, for awful little.. But, I really did love it and I think that hard work is jut second nature to us. Did the people of Derry inspire you and motivate you in the fashion industry? Anyone in particular? There is one lady who inspired me beyond all measure. My late aunt, Janet Redden. I know it sounds funny, but I remember being about 5 or 6 and watching her put on her leather gloves with this elegant intent. She never followed the crowd. She had her own distinct style and I loved that. She forever rallied for me to do the same. There are still days in London, when I put on her Burberry Trench coat, belted, just as she did, and wear it out to the world and I look to the sky and think, God you were ahead of your time. Her aesthetic was classic, timeless, slightly boyish with good quality basics.. Exactly how mine is now. This is reflected in my styling aesthetic too so she’s had a huge bearing on my career. What advice would you give your younger self or to a young person looking to begin in the fashion industry and how to make it? Advice for someone looking to begin in the Fashion industry?

People from Derry, and I think Ireland as a whole, are hard workers. We’re grafters. Not afraid of hard work

Work hard, be true to who you are, I really mean that.. When I first moved over I used to call my mum and say, ‘I sound so common! Everyone has lovely posh voices.. ‘ They used to ask me if I was speaking Gaelic when my parents rang Vogue House! Now, I relish the fact that I have an accent. It’s who I am. It’s my tapestry, it’s my point of difference. Go and intern.. Get stuck in… you can read books and books about fashion but you’ll only learn the inner runnings if you’re in :).. Build up a rolodex of all your contacts and be nice to everyone.. It’s a very small industry and before you know it, that girl who was interning with you 6 years ago, is now the PR Manager at Givenchy and you desperately need a look.



Age: 24 Job:

Investment Banking


Right this second I’m listening to Rakim and Eric B in the gym

Fashion inspo: Big fan of Shia LaBeouf. He wears things you won’t find again anywhere - I try take the same approach and stick to vintage shops



Job: Singer/songwriter Music:

Anything pop/K-pop

Fashion inspo: Japanese/Korean street style, vintage 80s Chanel and Moschino



Job: Artist Music:

A mix of FKA Twigs new album and Orvelle Peak's depressing queer country music (its beautiful)

Fashio inspo:

Usually 'Imagine Charles Jeffrey met Keith Haring at a ceilidh..'




Age: 21 Job: Cowbog/activist Music:

Doja Cat/Sinead O’Connor and Kate Bush

Fashion inspo: Colour/clashing/quirky


BLACKBIRD Black Bird Owner Sarah Simpson What inspired you to open your own bar? An unadulterated love of alcohol (sorry Mammy). Describe your place in 3 words Cosy, friendly, fun. What cocktail should you ask for? This is a tough one, ask any member of staff and you'll get different responses. For a really good classic I love our Mojitos, or for a Blackbird creation the Pear Elderflower Fizz. What book/podcast are you into at the minute? How to Fail with Elizabeth Day - an articulate examination of people at their most vulnerable; in failure. I particularly loved the Alain de Botton episode and surprisingly Camilla Thurlow.


Pyke & Pommes Owner Kevin Pyke What inspired you to open your own restaurant? It wasn't so much as being inspired to open a restaurant and more about a natural progression within my business I like to take risks and have always had a can do attitude to life in general. Describe your place in 3 words? URBAN STREET TREND What Dish should we ask for? Always our wagyu burger  as our beef is off the chain. What book/podcast are you into at the


minute? My Little Mexican Kitchen/ The Whole Fish, cookbooks of course. What’s a Podcast? haha.



Q.Who or what is The Storefront?

they may share or generally discussing how they feel. Through being young people ourselves, we enjoy the benefit of understanding our peers and target audience directly. In order to communicate with our core, we organised cinema screenings, coffee meetups and similar events to actively get to know and engage our community. One key element of enjoying being a young person from this beautiful city is ensuring to look after yourself both physically and mentally. We constantly advocate the simple effectiveness of communication and welcome people to talk to us both online and in-store to let us know how they feel. Therefore, we take great pride in ensuring our store is a safe space for people to simply come in and chat without pressure of making a purchase or fear of being judged. To emphasise this, we made 2 specific designs named “Storefront-Minds Matter” which benefitted local mental health charities as all proceeds went to Men’s Action Network and Foyle Women’s Aid, as we believe their support plays an integral role to the mental health of everyone in our community. This reinforces our ethos that we want to give back to society and promote being the best version of yourself that you can; inside and out.

The Storefront is a multi-brand streetwear/ skate-wear store, brand and community. It is comprised of 5 young driven entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds; but the same shared vision. The store is currently based on 33a Great James Street, adjoined to Atelier. What began as a Facebook group only 12 months ago that was designed to create a forum where likeminded individuals could come together to celebrate their interests from clothing to film, music, art and photography in a safe space, free of judgement. From the Facebook Group and Instagram, we were able to advance our brand by creating our own clothing line with entire creative control to our own preferences. As 5 individuals with a passion for clothing, we created the brand with T-Shirts on heavyweight Tee’s, to now making jackets, hoodies, jumpers and accessories. Our brand wouldn’t be where it is without our influential social media presence which we proudly created from the ground up. Our Instagram thrives from our shared ambition to curate specialized content for our target customer. As young people from different unexpected backgrounds from University to working in different trades and the retail sector, we take pride in how much we have accomplished in such a short space of time due to our incredible community that made us who we are.

Q. Where can we find The Storefront? Our premises is 33a Great James Street in The Glasswork’s Basement, adjoined to Atelier. We open from Tuesday – Sunday with our varied opening hours available on Google. Our Instagram handles are @storefront.ni & @ storefront.store . If anybody has any queries , they can email us at storefrontenterprises@gmail.com.

Q. What inspired you to start The Storefront? As young people living in Derry/L’Derry, we recognised that it can be somewhat scary or difficult to be yourself due to fear of speaking out and expressing yourself. Therefore, we wanted to be the ones to create a platform where young people can freely be who they are and share how they feel. Should that be from displaying their outfit for the day, any hobbies they may enjoy, any movements or opinions

We are appreciative of any support thus far and thank anyone who has shown an interest into what we stand for, sincerely Connor McKinney, Ryan Watkins, Nicole Gamble, Ryan Henderson & George Griffiths.






CONTRIBUTORS Christine Donnelly (Photographer) Milk nazi, freelance photographer, owner of Antipode Modelling Agency and all round workaholic. What Podcast are you listening to? A podcast called sweet truth! All about working in the creative industry as a young professional. @Chrisptine Chloe Gibbons (Creative Director) Pisces, Vegan, Graphic Design queen and Freelance Creative who created the beautiful aesthetic of the mag. What are you reading? Lost Connections by Johann Hari @Chloe.gibbons_

Leonie Sheehan (Senior Editor) Manager of Atelier, social media queen, self-confessed control freak and created content for this edition. What are you listening to? Brian Kennan podcasts @Leoniesheehan

Niamh McDermott (Features Correspondent) 17 Year Old Journalist whizz, food lover and Donegal lass. @Niamhmcdermott_x




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