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Article 34 Of the United nations convention on the rights of the Child

“ States Parties undertake to protect the child from all forms of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse……”

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Lea, the gazelle, lives in the savannah, In the kingdom of the lion and the white ibis. She is brown like the baking earth of mid-afternoon, Frail like the blades of grass that dance to the sound of the flute, Her eyes are black, like a night without stars. After the storm that startled her and made her run away, She became calm again, like the sky once more. The gazelle is agile like the wind That wrinkles the sand‌


One child The irony of words…… Philosophy, Philanthropist, Theophilus, Bibliophile……. These words decline the greek verb ‘philein’ which means to love. The philosopher is wisdom’s friend, a philanthropist is a humanist, a bibliophile

is raped every

is passionate about books, Theophilus means friend of God. And the paedophile? The paedophile is “ one who loves children ”. When this attraction degenerates into sexual fantasy and then into physical and



psychological child abuse, the indelible consequences are so serious that a new term has emerged: Someone with a taste for young flesh, a perverted ogre, he is worse than a paedophile: he is a


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I am the prince of my playground. Sand? Sand is like a dream:

It flies away with the wind, To trap it, I shower it with water! All damp it transforms to a castle, And I plant my flag right at the top. To defend myself, I hide my soldiers and I dig a moat all around, and with a drawbridge that no one can cross except‌..except for my princess. The sand pit is my kingdom‌



19 billion $ : The Annual The internet offers several simple ways to meet others, among them are chat rooms. Chat rooms are places where conversation is focused on favourite topics, and children and teenagers can meet and chat spontaneously. Among them, some find a place of refuge and trust in chat rooms. A simple distraction, a natural desire to form new friendships, or just a way to get things off your chest, these multitudes of reasons to use chat rooms, makes the

Turnover of the Child Industry

aggressor more confident of trapping his prey. Many paedophiles use this technique of chatting to infiltrate into children’s and teenager’s chat rooms to win their confidence and suggest possible meetings. They also use the internet as part of a network connecting three types of individuals, the suppliers, the consumers and the middle men. A network operates in a remarkably effective manner without the risk of anyone being seen or recognised.

( from Interpol sources ) Who profits from this crime? Prostitution, kidnapping, video material and sexual tourism are today part of a considerable and lucrative market. A child is bought and sold for anything between $20 and $20,000. One child in every five is approached for an unsolicited meeting. If these networks know how to embed themselves so effectively, why don't we really organise ourselves effectively to fight against

cyberpaedocriminality ?

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I am the fairy princess Milareva

My thoughts turn and turn again I have a magic horse that takes me to the sky I light up the stars and then‌.. Swiftly I slip them into my night-cap Sssh! The wind didn’t see me From under his feathered mantel I am the fairy princess Milareva My giggles are like pearls and I make them Into necklaces, singing at the top of my voiceDo, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do‌



10 million children world-wide are forced into prostitution UNICEF

On the 18th and 19th of January 1999, UNESCO brought together international experts for a global conference on child sex abuse, child pornography and paedophilia on the Internet. Together, they devised an action plan which highlighted ways in which to combat all types of child abuse, particularly sexual.

15th April 1999: On the initiative of Frederico Mayor, the then Director General of UNESCO, an international committee assembled to launch this action plan. Homayru Sellier was elected president. She decided to bring together industrialists, internet specialists, lawyers, political, economic and media decision

makers working towards alerting world opinion to, and taking direct action against, the plague of paedocriminality and more precisely cyberpaedocriminality. For this reason, in April 2000, the independent association

Innocence in Danger, mobilising citizens world-wide, was created.

r u Yo ‌ d n Ha Joyful and carefree, fragile and innocent, Can you see mine as it tries to reach you? With my hand, I will show you the water of streams, The wind, the rain and sunlight, I will teach you to draw wild, fantastic dreams If shadows make it dark, if they forewarn of the storm Don’t be afraid, I am here, My hand will always know how to guide yours Together we will rediscover joy.







1 million Innocence in Danger makes it an absolute priority to intervene before the crime.

To increase awareness: to inform and to warn To Inform and alert families, children, educationalists, teachers and institutions, using all appropriate means, about the numerous traps that a paedocriminal sets to achieve his ends.

more children are

victims every

year Unicef

Mobilise: to combine and coordinate - Human Resources: policemen, magistrates, legislators, journalists and the media, NGO’s and medics for their ability to decide, inform and expose abuse. - Technological resources: IT professionals for their inventiveness in counteracting the methods used

by paedocriminals ( Filtering and tracing software) - Financial resources: Donors of both moral and physical support, public and private institutions for their indispensable support for the activities of Innocence in Danger.

Bienvenue sur le site de Robin des Bois,

le club des amis de la forêt

Are you coming?


- Hi Marie, it’s Max. For several days you’ve been chatting with the friends of the

forest on the Robin Hood site. Do you want to meet us?

- How?

- It’s easy. Can I meet you tomorrow?

- Yes! I leave school at mid-day.

- Where is your school?

- It’s the Jaques Prévert School, in front of the station. - Will you be alone? - Yes

- I’ll be wearing jeans and a black jacket. What about you?

- Pink jeans and a green rucksack.

- Welcome to the Wednesday walk with Robin Hood, Marie. I promise I’ll be there tomorrow with a lovely surprise for you.

- Great! See you tomorrow Max!



sites uncovered across the world

Innocence in Danger reacts with humanity and compassion but also with determination after a crime.

(Estimate for 2002. 23,000 sites in 1995)

Companionship: supporting and defending Teams from Innocence In Danger give psychological, medical, legal, and financial support to abused

children as soon as the facts are known. This support which can last for years, aims to give victims the chance to rebuild their lives.

United Nations United Nations Article 34 OfOf the United Nations Article 34 the United Nations International Convention on the rights of International Convention on the rights the Child of the Parties Child undertake to protect the child States StatesallParties to protectandthe from forms ofundertake sexual exploitation sexual abuse.allForforms these purposes, States child from of sexual exploiParties shall insexual particular takeForallthese approtation and abuse. purpriate national, bilateralshall and inmultilateral poses, States Parties particular measures to prevent: takeTheallinducement appropriate national, bilate(a) or coercion of a child to ral and multilateral measures engage in any unlawful sexual activityto prevent:The exploitative use of children in prosti(b) tution orinducement other unlawful sexual practices (a) The or coercion of a child (c) The exploitative useunlawful of childrensexual in pornotographic engage in any actiperformances and materials. vity

(b) The exploitative use of children in prostitution or other unlawful sexual

A Few of Innocence in Danger Achievements

To increase awareness: Web site: www. All the latest information about the fight against paedocriminality.

to inform and to warn _

Publications _ InnocenceEnDanger.Com Editions Plon, February 2003 _ Enfance massacrée ( childhood destroyed ) Editions Raphael, April 2003

in Italy

Under the patronage of the President of the Council of Ministers In Rome on the 14th May 2002 _ in the United States

To the International Humanitarian Committee on the sexual exploitation of children in Washington on 29th January 2002 and to the In Paris on 26th September 2002 international society for the at the National Assembly and in prevention of the abuse and the Senate on the 20th November mistreatment of children in 2003 under the patronage of Denver from 7th to 10th July 2002 School presentations _ in Portugal Mr. Jacques Chirac _ in Switzerland To introduce children to secure 2nd April 2003 internet connection: _ in Great Britain With canton police forces - with an educational forum “The prevention of paedocriminality In London on 17th April 2003 “Giga la Vie” organised by the on the internet” in Lugano on 23rd _ in Monaco Hauts de Seine Council October 2002 23rd April 2003 - with a cybervillage organised by “Dismantling a paedophile _ in Brazil Chambéry Council. network”in Avanches on 7th 5th June 2003 _ in Germany December 2002 Poster Campaigns In the Parisian Metro as well as in other large towns across France. January and February 2001

Official Conferences On the sexual abuse of minors: _ in France

In Berlin 20th September 2003


















Mobilise : combine and coordinate Worldwide Reach Innocence in Danger committees are already operational in France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Germany, England and the United States. There are also branches in 23 other countries.

Partnerships - With associations and companies in order to create specialised programs for filtering, parental control, cross checking of photographs and tracing. - With lawyers and doctors - With other associations who defend children's rights.

Popular Demonstrations Coordinating the annual “Marches Blanches� in Paris, Geneva, Bern and New York and a variety of other destinations.

Innocence in Danger is active in 30 countries worldwide

Solidarity :

to support and defend

The moral, psychological, legal and material support of children. Support for the fight against paedocriminal networks on the Internet.










The setting up of a telephone helpline: +33(0)146423210










Our priorities with your help

1 2 3 4

The international harmonisation of the age of majority and the conditions for cross border pursuit.


The introduction into the school curriculum of training to help children and adolescents to become aware and responsible Internet users.


Establishing the same sanctions for crimes against children as those for crimes against humanity.


Creating worldwide databases of lost children and paedocriminals with DNA profiles.

Contributing to having ratified and put into force both the protocol on Internet crime drawn up by the Council of Europe and the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Demanding of public authorities that individuals condemned of paedophile crimes be automatically subject to medical supervision and permanently barred from working with children.

Promoting the drafting and implementation of a statute which establishes both the status of a victim for abused children, taking account of their right to give evidence, and the right of protection for those who report such abuses.

We need your help to implement these priorities Innocence in Danger is an independent association which only survives

t h a n k s t o yo u r c o n t r i b u t i o n s Innocence in Danger- Bank account: Credit Lyonnais 30002.06432.079161E.79

Innocence en danger  

Innocence en dangerprésentation de l'association anti pédophile

Innocence en danger  

Innocence en dangerprésentation de l'association anti pédophile