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Š Anne Vancaelemont - Atelier-mediA, 2008 All rights reserved.

(below) All you need is mainly a sheet of paper and glue. Scissors might also prove useful as well a a short piece of thicker paper to double the folded bottom. (right) Of course, tiny gifts to fill the paper back and something to decorate it are all the more expectable.

(above) First, you might want to remove the white borders if there are some. I just cut out one personally. (right) Then, fold about one quarter of the sheet and apply glue on the border.

(below) Fold another quarter of the sheet.

(above) Adjust the shape of the bag making two other folds on the sides. According to your tastes and to the objects to wrap in, it can be more rectangular or square. (right) Then, fold the bottom, once on each side.

(former page) Folding the bottom is the most delicate part but just follow the images and practice. (left) What about folding a little origami to add a final touch?

(bottom) Of course, you won’t forget to hide little presents inside the paper bag‌

(below) As many colors and patterns as you could dream of‌ Enjoy ! Visit for more ideas.

Chiyogami paper bags