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Hi everyone! My name is Upin.

And my name is‌ Ipin! Weeee, now were are at Eifel Tower in France.

Wowww! What a colourful tulips. Not to forget an awesome windmill here!

That's true Upin! Because, we are now Holland ^.^

Oh no!!! It is just as big as my face!!!

Hahaha. You are funny Ipin! Hai friends, now we are visiting Egypt.

Sonny Bill Williams such a great rugby player!!!

It is a very exciting game. To let you know, we are now watching Rugby World Cup in New Zealand!!

Going to India to visit our friend, Aishwarya Rai. We meet her at Taj Mahal. I love Bollywood..


And now we are at Sipadan Island in Malaysia! It is so hot today! It is time to jump into the water and meet the fish and the turtle. Yeayyy!

The adventure of Upin & Ipin  

Uoin and ipin are travelling around the world.