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SCS Mirrorkey

Face Pass Face Trail

'Mirror Key' means the natural and definite key which allows users to open a door as if they see themselves in a mirror and also means the world that everything is opened just through the act of seeing. Mirror key, a compound word of mirror and key is a brand meaning the scene itself where users look themselves and mirror which shows themselves as they are and confirms themselves through the iris recognition technology by UBkey Innovation, and innovation factory that will open the ubiquitous future.


X-Ray Scanners

FacePass Crime Watch Crime Watch is an integrated Solution with Face Indexing & Matching Platform. It allows centralized or de-centralized Architecture

Access Control Home Entrance, Airport Security Area

Police & Fire Rescue

FacePass Flame Detection Camera

Time & Attendance Factory, Construction Mining

Dual Camera / Thermal PTZ Camera Video Analytic Flame Detection upto 5km

Identity Management Immigration, Border Checkpoint Public Safety Correctional Facility, Anti-Terror, Missing Child


Finacial Security

SAFETY OF X-RAYS Machines are built to exceed the stringent requirements of Radiation Safety Certificate from Various Authorities. In addition the systems have been specifically designed to meet the strict hygiene requirements of the food processing industry,

Product Range

FacePass Vigilance This work as spectacles or goggles, Which has projected video on the eyeglass

Face Recognition Camera Touch Screen Video Interaction System

Capabilities Of Our Foreign Body Detection Systems

IRIS Recognition System


Traffic Management

Full Car Image Number Plate Image Driver's Image Under Vhicle Image Car Trunk Image

Banking & On-Line Transaction Bank Teller, ATM/POS

Ubkey iris Recognition Camera Modules can be used everywhere for your specific security needs. They are all more rapid and of less error, smaller and simpler, cheeper than ever. You can feel satisfied in your everyday life.

Retails Security

FacePass Visit Tracker

FacePass Pass2Ride

Information Assurance Personal Data, Internet, Healthcare

Military Security


Bus Dvr Security

Airport Security

Seaport & Airport Security

Event Security

Border & Perimeter Security

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Reliable Flexible Cost-Effective High Resolution Easy to use

SafeCity Solutions  

Surveillance, traffic monitoring, safecity, solar CCTV

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