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Finance Controllers

Bilal Chotani

Gohar Syed

Bilal Tariq

Inshal Javed

Accommodation Supervisors

Hamza Khalid

Zubair Farooq


Ammar Jilani

Food & Beverage In-charge

Syed Hamza

Wajahat Noor



Conference Coverage Team

Safa Iftikhar

GAME NIGHT Get your game face on! Flaunt your LC colors Color coordinate with the rest of your LC

Time to connect with your roots, flaunt the tradition of your province, blend in with the unique cultures of other LCs within AIESEC Pakistan. Pack traditional grab in your suitcase and come represent your culture!

Oscars themed Award Night and Dinner

The last day to cancel your registration with a 25% cancellation fine is Wednesday 11:00 PKT. Cancellations made after this date (and time) will result in a 100% cancellation fine, which means that you’ll have to pay the full delegate fee - Rs.3500.

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Del mailer 3