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From the CEO

With term 1 winding down, you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s not a lot to report from A-Team HQ. Would you ever be wrong though! Our tutors have been under the pump, helping students to unlock all the little stores of knowledge they’ve been building over the term, with end of term deadlines looming and the much anticipated exam dates finally arriving. Fortunately, in the midst of all this hard work we’ve had constant positive reinforcement of the Creating A Students program’s effectiveness. We’ve been absolutely inundated with reports of great results in midterm tests and assignments, so we’re very excited to see this pattern repeated in end of term reports! The daily feedback we’ve been receiving has us more fired up than ever to help our students maximise their potential, and far from preparing for a relaxing break, we’re gearing up to pump out some serious holiday sessions. Holiday sessions are absolutely vital when it comes to moving into that A-grade bracket, for so many reasons! Here’s just a few reasons we think holiday sessions are the bomb-diggity! 1. Reflection- There’s no better time to look back on the term than right at the end while everything’s still fresh. This provides the perfect opportunity to analyse which study strategies worked, which areas need perfecting, and whether more needs to be done to get the results you want! 2. Assignments- Don’t you love that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when it’s the last day of school holidays and you remember that assignment you’ve been putting off because you have ‘all holidays to get it done’. You don’t? We don’t either! Book those sessions in early to get it out of the way; future you will be grateful for it! 3. Practice- During term with the constant pressure of tests and deadlines it can be hard to make time for skills building activities like sitting practice exams to improve performance under pressure. In the holidays there are no excuses, and you’re A-Team tutors are always happy to devote time to writing practice questions for you. 4. Preparation- Don’t forget that students on the Creating A-Students Program all require a ‘back to school’ session the week prior to school resuming, to fill in the term plan in their manuals, and plan out which study tricks they will be utilising in term 2. 5. Happiness- As if all that weren’t enough, just think how much you and your poor tutor will miss each other without a holiday catch-up! ~Hayden McEvoy QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.“ –Thomas Edison

Kicking Goals in March! In order to recognise the achievements of all our wonderful students and tutors individually we’d need a much longer newsletter! Here’s just a couple whose hard work helped them to shine this month: Teneile Hert and her tutor Kiran Marfatia! These two superstars have been working with great dedication, focusing particularly on English. After only a few weeks of tutoring, Teneile has already seen improvement, receiving a high B on her English speech, and we suspect she would have scored an A if not for the pesky problem of staying within the time limit! We are so looking forward to seeing what else this girl, and her younger brother, can achieve as they stay motivated over the course of the year! All students and tutors recognized in our Student of the Week awards this month are being rewarded with meal vouchers generously donated by Hugo’s Burger Lounge in Nobby Beach. May the promise of such deliciousness spur our other students on to their own achievements and prizes! The prizes aren’t just reserved for our students either, keep a close eye on our facebook page for information about other ways you too can win! David Mackander and his tutor Mitchell Harry After having a few difficulties with his maths, David enlisted Mitchell’s help to bring his grades back up. Already this year their hard work has been paying off, with David achieving a B+ on his recent maths test, an impressive result on it’s own. More impressive still is the fact that the grade breakdown showed David achieving an A+ for Knowledge and Procedures and an A- for Modelling and Problem Solving, giving us every confidence that by focusing on the lagging areas that have been identified David will have no trouble bringing his grade up to an overall A in Term 2!

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