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Source of succour for ATDC students

Preparing entrepreneurs via quality thrust


n recognition of their successful completion of courses under the Skill Development Initiative Scheme (SDIS), ATDC Jaipur organised a certificate and stipend distribution ceremony for around 50 students on February 5. Chief Guest Dr. Darlie O. Koshy, DG & CEO, ATDC & IAM distributed the certificates and stipend of Rs 2,000 per month to the students sponsored by the National Backward Classes Finance & Development Corporation (NBCFDC) /the Power Finance Corporation (PFC). During the visit, Dr. Darlie Koshy also inaugurated a display room that showcases the innovative designs created by a team of ATDC Jaipur faculty and students. AT ATDC JODHPUR & UDAIPUR In another event marking its effort to motivate the youth from Other Backward Classes (OBC) who were enrolled with Jodhpur and Udaipur centres of ATDC,

S NBCFDC and PFC distributed stipend cheques to 40 candidates from ATDC Jodhpur and 38 candidates at ATDC Udaipur. While students at ATDC Jodhpur were pursuing Production Supervisor & Quality Control (PSQC) and Garment Construction Techniques (GCT) courses, the candidates at ATDC Udaipur were enrolled for GCT course. The stipend cheques were distributed at both the centres in the presence of state officials who commended the students for maintaining over 80 percent attendance.

...AND AT ATDC LUDHIANA At ATDC Ludhiana, 60 ATDC students sponsored by NSFDC and National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation (NMFDC) collected their stipend cheques in the presence of Chief Guest Shri Vijay Danav, Chairman Dalit Vikas Board, Punjab recently. The students were pursuing SMART Operator Advance (SOA), SMART Quality Checker and SMART Surface Ornamentation courses at ATDC Ludhiana.

INITIATIVES ATDC joins UK-Textile Institute family


TDC is now a corporate member of The Textile Institute, a UK-based membership organisation for textile professionals and serves textile related industries worldwide. The corporate membership offers to its members networking opportunities, events, seminars, training courses, information through various media including magazines and journals. Thus ATDC will now have access to “Textiles”— the membership magazine of the institute, International Textile Calendar which lists forthcoming events, conferences and exhibitions taking place around the world. Moreover, ATDC TOT Academy that seeks for renowned trainers overseas for its activities can easily get in touch with qualified personnel from around the world who are registered with Textile Institute.

Reinventing skill training I n recognition of the growing need of re-engineering skill training to suit the entrepreneurial endeavours of a new-age aspirational India, an emeeting of ATDC Principals’/SMART State Coordinators’ chartered a new plan of action for 2015. The two-day session organised focused on improving the quality of training across all the centres in ATDC, ensuring maximum atten-

dance of students in all courses and maximising the placement of passouts. Discussions on the opportunities and challenges of rolling out needbased courses as part of the flexiMOU that DGE&T signed with ATDC to fulfill the workforce requirement of the industry was the highlight of the discussions at the meeting conducted through the online platform Skype.

Extending a helping hand (Far left) At BIG FM’s “Dariyadilli programme”, ATDC Ranchi donated woollens to help the poor overcome cold and harsh weather conditions. (Right) ATDC dispatching relief fund for flood-devastated Jammu & Kashmir.

imson Antony was working in the information technology (IT) sector for a Bengaluru-based company while freelancing as a designer — running a part-time small boutique. Today, that small boutique has become “S. Michael's Design Studio” with four tailors and an expanding clientele — with the quality training he received at ATDC Thiruvananthapuram. “The more I worked on design and clothes, I realised the need for professional training in the field and thus, I enrolled in Diploma in Fashion Design programme in ATDC in the 2013 batch,” he told SMART NewZine. “The course covered exactly what a budding fashion designer needed — pattern making, introduction to fine arts, usage of latest techniques and machinery, various hand-sewing techniques, helpful and expert faculty – the course opened me to the new possibilities of the fashion industry,” Antony adds The course made him aware of the nuances of fashion industry.

“As I interacted with more clients and designed for a couple of weddings, I realised that there is a huge market out there in Thiruvananthapuram when it comes to fashion design and a good designer with potential can easily tap into

the tremendous opportunities,” Antony points out. He is currently working on his new project titled ‘The Silverline Butterfly’ and plans to firmly establish his label ‘Simson Michael’ by 2018. Wishing him good luck!

Self-reliance is the key

Appreciation galore



ven after doing Master’s in English and sociology, Neetu Yadav 25, found her calling in the apparel sector. After completing one-year diploma in Apparel Manufacturing Technology (AMT) in 2014 and now comfortably placed at Blackberry’s factory at a salary of Rs 10,000 per month, she cannot hide her happiness for becoming self-independent. “I come from a middle-class family and always wanted to be self-independent in life. I was always interested in stitching and sewing and then came to know of ATDC through internet. I enrolled for a diploma course at ATDC Kanpur,” Neetu informs. She learnt about textiles, pattern making and nuances of stitching during the diploma course and today “I am particularly good at pattern making,” she says. Neetu wants to become an instructor in the apparel sector in the future but first wants to gain hands-on experience in the apparel sector to better equip herself as a teacher. Hers is another success story that has found a right plot amid the sea of uncertainty.

radip’s success story is an inspiring one. He did twoyears’ advance diploma in Apparel Manufacturing Advanced (AMA) programme from ATDC Bhubaneswar during 2012-14. He was selected as IE trainee by Richa Global during the ATDC mega event ‘Hunar Ki Hunkar’. The

talented Pradip worked very hard and saw a huge jump in his remuneration — from Rs.10000 to Rs.18000 per month — in just six months. Shri Virender Uppal, Chairman, AEPC, ATDC (IAM) too appreciated Pradip’s efforts and learning. Way to go, Pradeep!

When the going gets tough...


izwan came to the Institute of Apparel Management (IAM) with many dreams but the sailing was not smooth for him. He cleared the entrance test and just when he was about to get admission in a two-year programme in 2013, his father passed away. However, he was per-

suaded to continue with the course. The further thrust was yet to come. Rizwan got enrolled in the one-year diploma course at ATDC Gurgaon. The quality training groomed him to take on the challenges in the apparel sector and today, he is working with the leading online apparel portal Limeroad.

Smart newzine spring 2015  

SMART NewZine Spring Issue Vol. 3 / Issue 12

Smart newzine spring 2015  

SMART NewZine Spring Issue Vol. 3 / Issue 12