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Vol. 40, May 15th, 2018

We We kicked kicked off off FY2018 FY2018 Courses Courses with with Diesel Diesel Forklift Forklift Troubleshooting! Troubleshooting! After After the the long long Songkran Songkran holidays, holidays, we we kicked kicked off off FY2018 FY2018 Courses Courses with with Diesel Diesel Forklift Forklift Troubleshooting Troubleshooting rd rd to 27th th. For some of the Participants, this was their first visit to ATDC and Course conducted from April 23 Course conducted from April 23 to 27 . For some of the Participants, this was their first visit to ATDC and even even Thailand! Thailand!

Diesel Forklift Troubleshooting Course

The Diesel Forklift Troubleshooting Course conducted from April 23 rd

to 27th was well attended by Komatsu Distributor staff from M Force Machinery(Hong Kong), Taiwan Forklift(Taiwan) and Bangkok Komatsu Forklift(Thailand). Mr. Lee, Managing Director of M Force Machinery, was here to observe how our training courses were being conducted in ATDC, with plans to dispatch more staff for future training. Training activities included classroom lectures, proper component dis-assembly and assembly processes, machine system checks and use of engine diagnostic software, as well as Safety Driving. Participants were very impressed with the well-equipped and modern facilities in ATDC, with positive feedback that the wide range of training-aids and tools used to conduct training enhanced their learning experience.

Mr. Pongsak explained on CRI Engine Fuel System during classroom lecture.

Although some of the participants were not so conversant in English, ATDC staff helped to bridge the gap with translation.

Workshop practice on proper assembly and dis-assembly of transmission clutches.

Mr. Chonwarin showing the participants how to use the Engine Diagnostic Tools software to check and troubleshoot machine faults.

Forklift Safety Operation was included in the training, as well as to experience the new FH series forklift.

Course Participants and Instructors Diesel Forklift Troubleshooting Course 23rd to 27th April 2018


Voices from Participants “ I have been constantly updated on ATDC activities through their Newsletter and I got to know the Diesel Forklift Troubleshooting Course through the Training Course Guide and Newsletter. Excellent course curriculum and schedule, and I am surprised with the ultra modern and well equipped training facilities in ATDC, which enhanced my learning experience. Besides the course content, what I learnt most is ‘Safety First’ and ‘Tools must be complete’, which I think are very essential in carrying out any repair or troubleshooting job. The Instructors were highly knowledge and competent and the training was well conducted. Transport and hotel arrangements were excellent!” Mr. Chuang Feng Lien, Manager, Taiwan Forklift Co., Ltd

Upcoming Courses

Visitors from Indonesia On May 8th, we received a group of 7 staff from PT. United Tractors Tbk, led by 1 staff from Komatsu Marketing & Support Indonesia(KMSI), who were here as part of their “PC160LC-8 Reward Trip”. After ATDC, they moved on to BKC.

Mr. Yeo briefed the Visitors at the VIP Center.

Visitors requested for detailed Safety Dojo briefing.

Group photo with ATDC staff.

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