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8 Buy, Build, or Remodel? Experts weigh in on this important decision

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12 Finances: Tips for first-time homebuyers

Learn all of the factors to consider when taking the leap into home ownership

24 16 Home Maintenance Checklist Use these handy guides for keeping your home in tip-top shape

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There’s more to a beautiful lawn than just water

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Hill Country Life EDITOR / ART DIRECTOR Jen Lamar

The pool shown was constructed by Blue Hole Pools at the personal residence of renowned architect Duke Garwood and his wife, Mary, in Austin using all onsite rock. Known as “The Rock Whisperer,” owner and visionary Brandon Porter built the pool around the embedded huge jump rock on the deep end. He selected rocks for the retaining walls and waterfalls plus the steps and landings going into the house. In all, they used about 350 tons of rock from the property. Visit Blue Hole Pools in Spicewood for more information and to request a quote for your dream pool.

PUBLISHER / DESIGN DIRECTOR Andy Cargal ADVERTISING Alisa Darnaby CONTRIBUTOR Brett Briant, LCRA PHOTOGRAPHY Front Cover, Tyler Schmitt The Mill Photography Studio Letters to the editor or to submit a story or photo, contact: Jen Lamar, HCBA Executive Director, Copyright 2017 Hill Country Builders Association (HCBA) 1401 Broadway, Suite B1 Marble Falls, TX 78654 830.798.2266 The Hill Country Builders Association is a non-profit professional member organization dedicated to promoting, advocating and supporting the building trades industry within the Highland Lakes, Wine Country and Guadalupe regions in Central Texas.




elcome to the inaugural edition of Hill Country Life magazine. You’ve come to the right place to find just about everything related to living in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. From recipes to home maintenance tips to must-see events, we’ve got you covered. If you take a look around, you’ll notice new construction is abound. In fact, central Texas welcomes more than 100 new residents every day. Not only is the influx boosting economic growth but it is also placing increased demands on housing and city infrastructures. The Hill Country Builders Association (HCBA) plays an integral role in supporting and advocating for our communities’ growth and prosperity, working hard to ensure that building standards remain in the best interest of our residents and business owners. The HCBA deeply cares about giving back to the communities that our members serve, and we’re proud to announce the first “Tiny House” construction education project at Fredericksburg

High School was a fantastic success! Be sure to check out the tiny house feature on page 24 to learn about how students and area builders worked together. In this edition you’ll also receive our annual Find-A-Contractor guide. Previously published separately, Find-A-Contractor has been the go-to reference for years to find trusted contractors, building service professionals, and products. You’ll be glad you kept this magazine on hand next time you’re looking for a credible service professional. We hope you find our new magazine informative and look forward to continuing to serve your home and business needs throughout the Guadalupe, Wine Country, and Highland Lakes regions. Feel free to reach out – we’d love to hear from you! Matt Fields, FieldsCo Builders 2017 HCBA Executive President

w: f: HillCountryBuildersAssociationOfTexas t: @HillCountryHCBA 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE 5





June 16–17, 2017

Annual Stonewall Peach JAMboree and Rodeo

Stonewall, TX

June 16–18, 2017

Annual Adult Soapbox Derby

Marble Falls, TX

June 24, 2017

Annual Hill Country Food Truck Festival

Luckenbach, TX

July 1–2, 2017

Live Pari-Mutuel Horse Racing

Fredericksburg, TX

July 4, 2017

Community Parade and Patriotic Program

Fredericksburg, TX

July 4, 2017

Community Fireworks Celebration

Marble Falls, TX

July 14 –15, 2017

Marble Falls Annual Rodeo

Marble Falls, TX

July 15, 2017

Night in Old Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg, TX

August 11–13, 2017

LakeFest Drag Boat Races

Marble Falls, TX

September 30, 2017

Main Street Market Days

Marble Falls, TX

October 6 –8, 2017


Fredericksburg, TX

October 13–15 & 20–22, 2017

Hill Country Parade of Homes

Fredericksburg, Marble Falls ,and Kerrville TX

October 13 –15, 2017

Texas Mesquite Arts Festival

Fredericksburg, TX

October 14–15, 2017

Kerrville Chalk Festival

Kerrville, TX

October 20 –22, 2017

Fiesta Jam on Lake Marble Falls

Marble Falls, TX

November 9, 2017

HCBA Bowling Tournament Fundraiser

Fredericksburg, TX

November 17, 2017–January 1, 2018

Holiday Walkway of Lights

Marble Falls, TX

November 2017

Guadalupe River HCBA Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Kerrville, TX

February 2018

Annual HCBA BBQ Cook-Off Fundraiser

Fredericksburg, TX

March 2018

Llano Earth Art Fest

Llano, TX

March 31, 2018

Balloons Over Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay, TX

April 14–15, 2018

Bluebonnet Festival

Burnet, TX

May 2018

HCBA Annual Sporting Clays Fundraiser

Stonewall, TX

June 2018

HSB Resort Golf Tourney HCBA Fundraiser

Horseshoe Bay, TX

June 24, 2017: Annual Hill Country Food Truck Festival

June 16–17, 2017: Annual Stonewall Peach JAMboree and Rodeo

October 13–-15 & 20–22, 2017: Hill Country Parade of Homes

July 4, 2017: Community Parade and Patriotic Program

November 17, 2017–January 1, 2018: Holiday Walkway of Lights

October 14–15, 2017: Kerrville Chalk Festival 6 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE

April 14–15, 2018: Bluebonnet Festival

November 2017: Guadalupe River HCBA Golf Tournament Fundraiser


Buy, Build, or Remodel 8 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE


Executive Officer, Hill Country Builders Association

Whether it’s time to upsize, downsize, or relocate, it’s no secret why the Central Texas area is one of America’s fastest-growing regions. Beautiful scenery, warm climate, a bounty of outdoor activities, and the region’s expanding economy are among the top draws for newcomers and veterans alike. We’ve asked some of the area’s building experts to weigh in on key considerations on whether to buy, build, or remodel.

CONSIDER YOUR FAMILIES’ NEEDS Are you a growing family with young kids? Is your play area beginning to become one with your living room? Perhaps you entertain often and need extra space to accommodate larger groups. Or maybe your kids are grown and retirement is on the horizon. In any case, jotting down a list of your specific needs will help to evaluate whether remodeling, building, or purchasing is your best bet. “It’s important to consider not only your current situation but also five and 10 years down the road,” says Matt Fields with FieldsCo Builders. Matt recommends considering how comfortable you are with making decisions and if you have the time to dedicate to a build or remodel project. “The countless styles and options available online has really enabled homeowners to make more informed, quicker decisions compared to just a decade prior.” DEFINE VALUE First is location, location, location. Is your neighborhood increasing in popularity? Are homes around you selling for more than they did five years ago? Are local businesses thriving? Next, evaluate your assets. Hire a third-party inspector to assess the structural integrity and condition of your current home. Is the future value of your home worth the cost to remodel over the long term? Keep in mind, US News & World Report recommends staying within 15% of the median home value in your neighborhood to ensure competitive resell potential. NEW VS. OLD Comparing a newly-constructed home to a welldone remodel can be a bit like comparing apples to oranges. If you’re on the fence, consider your home’s historic value. If you live in a turn-of-the-century charming bungalow, it may be worth the extra cost of using the same quality materials for updating without changing its historic charm. On the flip side, new construction offers many state-of-the-art energy-efficient features and modern finishes.

LAWS & RESTRICTIONS You just found the perfect tear down and already envision your beautiful new home. But wait, what’s this about the POA enforcing restrictions against building two-story homes? Perhaps you purchased a fixer-upper with the intent of taking it to the studs, only to find out that the city requires an entire side of the home stay intact to qualify as a remodel. Bottom line, check your local zoning laws, building codes, and POA stipulations before making house plans. BUDGET CONSTRAINTS Remodeling may sound like the less expensive alternative, which can be true in high-demand cities. However, it’s important to look at the footprint of an existing home. On a cost-persquare-foot basis, remodeling can at times be more expensive than new construction due to the confinements of working around existing structures. “Sometimes an addition may be cheaper than modifying existing spaces if there are old issues lurking behind walls,” says Richard Laughlin with Laughlin Homes and Restoration. John Winsborough with Winsborough Construction offers another budget-friendly tip. “Hiring a design/ build firm is a great way to ensure your budget aligns with the style and architecture you want drawn and custom built.” Other expenses to account for include moving, closing costs, inspections, financing, etc. IN A NUTSHELL... Remodeling is likely for you if… You love your neighborhood and location. You’re emotionally attached to your home. You can tolerate living in a construction zone for several months. Consider building a new home if… Lots are available in the neighborhood you really like. The cost of remodeling your home will outpace its resale value. You have specific needs for your home. Purchasing a home may be your best bet if… You prefer not to take on the stress and demands of a home project. You can find what you’re looking for in an existing home.



CORNER Southern eats with a side of hospitality

Real Southern Fried Chicken

Recipe courtesy of Todd Eidson, HCBA Wine Country Division President, Sierra Homes, Fredericksburg,

1 whole chicken, in strips or chunks 1 cup canola oil 2 cups flour 1 cup yellow corn meal 2 tsp salt

1 tsp thyme 1 tsp basil 1 tsp oregano 1 tbs celery salt 2 tbs black pepper 1 tbs dried mustard

Âź cup paprika 1 tbs garlic salt 2 tbs white pepper 1 cup buttermilk 1 egg, beaten Paper grocery bags & 3 bowls

Mix flour, herbs, & spices in a bowl. Place corn meal in a bowl. Mix buttermilk and egg in medium-size bowl and soak chicken ½-hour at room temp. Remove chicken, allowing excess batter to drip off, and coat in flour mixture. Shake off excess flour and roll chicken in corn meal. Place on a rack over a baking sheet. Heat 2 inches of oil in cast iron skillet or Dutch oven to 350 F. Place several chicken pieces in the skillet; adjust temperature as needed. Fry until light brown, turning once. Set on a brown paper bag to soak up excess oil. Serve your warm, crunchy fried chicken with a side of your favorite dipping sauce.

Beer Bread

Recipe courtesy of Quynh & Dave Rathkamp, Save the World Brewing Co., Marble Falls, TX

3 cups flour 1/2 cup sugar

12 oz Save the World beer 2 tbs melted butter

Mix flour, sugar, and beer in a bowl until sticky. Pour into loaf pan that has been oiled/buttered. Bake at 375 F for 55 minutes. Three minutes prior to done, brush top with melted butter. Serve warm with local honey and sweet cream butter.


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We’re proud to support the Hill Country Builders Association.


(830) 693-2800 Graduate Master Builder Graduate Master Remodeler Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist Certified Green Professional Certified Graduate Remodeler


Custom Homes/Remodeling

Come see us at the 2017 Hill Country Parade of Homes Tour Oct. 13-15 and Oct. 20-22 We Look Forward to Visiting with you!

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FINANCES Tips for first-time homebuyers ARTICLE BY JEN LAMAR l Executive Officer, Hill Country Builders Association


FIRST THINGS FIRST – START WORKING WITH A LENDER Before purchasing or remodeling, it’s critical to establish a budget. “Working with a lender from the beginning will help to determine if you qualify for a mortgage, how much you qualify for, and which loan will work best for your specific needs,” says Tami Randolph with FirstCapital Bank of Texas. Mortgages typically consist of a principle amount (cost of the home) plus an interest amount, which is spread over a set number of years. A 30-year pay-back period is most common. COST OF FINANCING YOUR HOME Think of interest rates as the cost of a loan. One of the biggest factors in financing a remodel, new construction, or home purchase is the cost of financing. Remodeling an existing home can be funded from savings or through a home equity line of credit, with the latter utilizing your home’s value as “collateral” security for the bank. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a mortgage or home equity line of credit, your credit score, the terms of the loan (fixed rate vs adjustable rate), and current interest rates are all factors to consider. And just because you qualify for a larger loan amount doesn’t mean it’s affordable for you. Realistically assess your budget requirements first.


Average down payment in 2016

DOWN PAYMENTS The average down payment was 11% in 2016, according to the National Association of Realtors. While some prefer to put down as much as 20%, the VA and USDA home loan programs actually require no down payment at all. TYPES OF LOANS Randolph recommends asking your lender about the many first-time homebuyer programs that are available such as these popular options. • VA Loan: If you served in the military, the Veterans Administration loan allows for 100% of the home purchase to be financed for any primary residence. • USDA Rural Housing Loan: Offers 100% financing, if qualifications are met. • Federal Housing Administration “FHA” Loans: Requires as little as 3.5% down, depending on the loan cap amount per county. • Conventional Loans: Though not insured by the federal government, they do have advantages. With a qualifying credit score and ability to put 20% down, you would not be required to pay private mortgage insurance. Conventional loans come with fixed or adjustable rates. Adjustable rates may be attractively low but can fluctuate and spike after several years, making budgeting more difficult.

CLOSING COSTS When you close on a home, be prepared to pay the down payment as well as closing costs, prepaid taxes, and insurance fees. There is the option of negotiating with the seller to cover some of those costs. Keep in mind that each loan program has limits. TAXES, HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE, & POA DUES Property taxes are assessed by county, and school taxes are assigned by school district. These are generally a percentage of your tax role value. These may vary widely depending on the area, so do your homework first before spending time and energy looking for homes with tax requirements out of your budget range. Annual property and school taxes are required to be included in the monthly payment on loan programs with less than 20% down. The homeowners insurance premium is first negotiated by you with your insurance agent. Then the lender will include your insurance expenses in loan documents and monthly payments. And before remodeling, first consider that a home in a community with high property tax values can significantly increase in value and taxes after the remodel. Remember to also inquire about property owners association’s dues. Payments may be annual, quarterly, or monthly and either voluntary or mandatory. Some POA’s can charge thousands of dollars per month, so be sure ask. MAINTENANCE EXPENSES Don’t forget to account for typical expenses such as monthly utilities (water, gas, trash, electric), and home maintenance (yard and pool upkeep). It’s also a good idea to keep a small maintenance fund for those unexpected repair costs.

THINGS TO REMEMBER Include financing costs in your budget Consider taxes, insurance, and POA dues when determining how much you can afford Work with a lender to find out how much you qualify for Choose from a variety of loan options


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Voted Best Electrical Company

Es Fre tim e Ca at ll es No ! w!

k Than! You Residential Residential & & Commercial Commercial Repairs Repairs ~~ Remodel Remodel New New Construction Construction

•• Whole Whole House House Surge Surge Protection Protection •• Landscape Landscape Lighting Lighting •• Data/Communication Data/Communication •• Boxes/Circuit Boxes/Circuit Breakers Breakers •• Service Service Upgrades Upgrades •• Outlets Outlets & & New New Circuits Circuits •• Troubleshooting Troubleshooting •• Pools/Spa/Jacuzzi Pools/Spa/Jacuzzi Wiring Wiring •• Surround Surround Sound/Home Sound/Home Theater Theater

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START WITH A STRONG FOUNDATION Before you start your next project, plan to make Grand Bank of Texas a part of all your construction lending needs. From breaking ground to finishing touches, we have the financial tools to guide you through any construction project. Call us today or stop by one of our locations for more details.



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Sticking to a regular home maintenance schedule will ensure the longevity of your home’s value and help you to avoid costly repairs. Here’s how to stay on top of your home’s maintenance needs.

• HVAC. If you have pets or allergies, change out your filters monthly. Otherwise changing every 2–3 months should do the trick. Using cheaper filters is also advised, as increased air flow allows for less strain on your HVAC system. • DISPOSAL. Get rid of gunky disposal goo by running two cups of ice cubes through. The ice blasts the deposits away and sharpens the blades as a bonus. Follow with ½ cup baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar, and let it sit overnight. • STOVE VENT EXHAUST. You’re in for a greasy treat if you’ve never cleaned your stove vent filters. Cooking grease builds up in the vent over time. Remove the filter and clean with a degreaser such as ammonia mixed with warm water.

• FIRE EXTINGUISHER. A fire extinguisher can be a real lifesaver in the event of a kitchen fire. A quick check to ensure the gauge shows adequate pressure is all you need to do. • SMOKE/CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS: Simply hit the test button. If the alarm sounds, you’re good to go. Otherwise replace the batteries and test again. Replace the unit if there is still no alarm. • RUN WATER AND FLUSH TOILETS. Running water and flushing toilets prevents grime from building up. • WATER SOFTENER. Check your unit to see if it’s time to add salt. • DRAINS. Prevent clogs and smelly buildup by pouring a handful of baking soda in sink and shower drains, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Let the solution sit for a half hour, then rinse with hot water.

• WATER HEATER. Testing your hot water heater’s pressure relief valve will prevent mineral and corrosion build up. • DEEP CLEAN. Dedicate a Saturday every six months to give your home a proper cleaning, including windows, appliances, and dusting high and low (including those corners where Central Texas spiders love to build their webs). • REFRIGERATOR COILS. Your fridge consumes 15% of your home’s energy. Vacuum the coils of the unit to ensure the motor continues to run efficiently. • INSECTS. Many organic alternatives are now available to help prevent those creepy crawlies from getting into your home. Ask your pest control professional about alternatives to use both inside and out.

• EXTERIOR CHECK-UP. Ensure gutter connections are secure and pointed in the right direction. Clean out leaf debris and touch up paint-chipped areas. Repair missing mortar between stone or brick and cracks around window sills. At the sign of any leak, repair shingles or areas where moisture has penetrated the home. • HVAC. Before summer hits, arrange to have your A/C serviced by a licensed professional. To prevent mildew or water issues, ask to have the coils cleaned and the A/C drain pipe flushed. • RAINWATER CATCHMENT. Eileen Parsons with Vista Verde Builders recommends shutting down and draining pumps after each growing season. Prior to freezing temps, drain the pump and open hose bibs. • WINTER PREP. Cover and insulate outdoor spigots to prevent pipes from freezing in the fall. Winterize sprinkler systems and store hoses.


Did you know?

Landscaping is all about soil

ARTICLE BY Brett Briant l Contributing Writer

When it comes to landscape and irrigation maintenance, the key is to learn how to deal with your specific types of soil. Soil is not only your yard’s first line of defense to battle periods of hot dry weather and pests but is also your landscape’s foundation regardless of plant type. Soils in Central Texas vary from rocky alkaline dirt to hard granite gravel to sticky clay. Here’s how to create a successful landscape using soil science.

Soil testing kits and meters are available at local hardware stores. Learn more about Texas A&M’s soil testing at 18 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE

TEST YOUR SOIL The first step toward creating a successful landscape is knowing what kind of soil is under your lawn. A simple soil test is an easy and straightforward way to determine the amount of organic matter and available nutrients. Soil testing also lets you know what nutrient deficiencies are present in order to supplement accordingly. Keep in mind that organic matter gives soil its water-holding capacity and natural biodiversity of beneficial bacteria and fungi.

APPLY COMPOST The next step for a thriving landscape is applying compost. All types of soil benefit from yearly or bi-annual applications of a quality finished compost following a deep tine aeration. Not only will compost add organic matter with beneficial microorganisms to the soil’s profile but also will help to retain soil moisture between rainfall. Roughly 1/4- to 1/2-inch applied twice a year should do the job. When determining your compost needs, a cubic yard typically covers about 1,000 square feet with a quarter inch deep of material. A simple trick is to take the area of the landscape, multiply by the depth of compost, and then divide by 326. March and October are optimal times to add compost topdressing.

WATER WISELY The final step in maintaining a flourishing landscape is to water wisely. Automatic irrigation systems account for 50 percent of the water used by most Texas households during the summer. Avoid wasting water by performing irrigation system checkups, repairing clogged filters and misaligned heads, and adjusting areas with too much pressure. If your water provider is a Lower Colorado River Authority customer, you may qualify for up to $350 in rebates for rain sensors, soil moisture sensors, and pressureregulating heads and nozzles through the LCRA WaterSmart program. Visit for information on WaterSmart rebates, free irrigation system checkups, and informative videos.


Specializing in highly efficient thermal envelopes constructed with spray foam insulation. Our product is the baseline for optimal energy efficiency strategies in commercial and residential structures. Point source self-reliance begins with the reduction of heating and cooling loads. 20 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE

Services Include:

Interior Window Treatments Shades Patio Screens Draperies Shutters Screens Upholstery Blinds


VISIT OUR SHOWROOM to view samples of our products and fabrics and meet our wonderful and experienced team

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Awnings/Canopies Outdoor Motorized Sun & Bug Screens

Serving the Texas Hill Country Since 1951



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Control4 Smart Home coordinates the devices in your home to create a personalized experience with solutions that maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment, and peace of mind. With one touch, dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the door, and arm the security system. Or, have your house respond to your schedule without touching anything at all. Take control with Control4.

MR Home Automation’s owner, Mike Russ, states, “We help you create a smart home where virtually every device and system can be controlled remotely and fully automated.” The possibilities are limitless. If you can imagine it, we can design a smart solution for your home or business. MR Home Automation can also design systems for commercial properties such as businesses, schools, and universities. “We can partner with anyone — homeowners, business owners, architects, builders, and interior designers, that share our vision and passion for excellence,” confirms Mike. • • • • • • •


Audio & Video Home Theater Whole-house Audio System Design Prewires Installation Residential & Commercial

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Building a tiny house for a big cause ARTICLE BY JEN LAMAR l Executive Officer, Hill Country Builders Association

The 2016–17 school year marked the beginning of a momentous project, as Hill Country Builders Association (HCBA) members joined forces with Fredericksburg High School (FHS) to implement a Concept House construction education program. HCBA members donated their time to provide students valuable on-the-job training right on campus. The kids worked closely with local builders and contractors to earn school credit through building a concept house from the ground up. So, what is a concept house? For starters, a tiny home is typically less than 400 sq. ft., whereas a concept house is small but can measure up to 1,000 square feet.

market,” said builder Todd Eidson, President of the HCBA Wine Country Division. “Our hope is that the Concept House program will spark students’ interests in pursuing rewarding careers in the building industry.”

Did you know? • The average age of a plumber is 65

“We’re all about joining forces to promote pride in building craftsmanship and to teach kids valuable life skills,” said builder Richard Laughlin, HCBA Trades Program committee chair. “We aim to soon create a model program that high schools around Texas can follow.”

• The average salary of a journeyman plumber can top $70,000

ADDRESSING THE LABOR SHORTAGE ISSUE The U.S. Department of Labor’s recent reports indicate that for every five skilled tradesmen that retire, only one will enter the workforce.

• For every 5 retired tradesmen, only 1 reenters the workforce

“Couple the shortage of labor with the remarkable community growth in the Hill Country region and you’ve got a high-demand construction job 24 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE

BOTTOM LEFT: Student-built house debuts at the FHS “Move That Bus” event. BOTTOM MIDDLE & RIGHT: Students and HCBA members present the golden key to auction winner Nancy Shaw.

FIRST CONCEPT HOUSE A SUCCESS The FHS Concept House (dubbed ‘Casa Über Alles’) took eight months to build and included a comfortable living area, dining room, full kitchen, full bath, one bedroom, 16 feet of closet space, and a laundry area, totaling approximately 576 sq. ft. Shortly following completion, Casa Über Alles was unveiled during a “Move That Bus” event in April and later sold in a live auction. Auction proceeds and HCBA fundraising events will help to fund the 2017-2018 Concept House, including the annual Sporting Clays Tournament organized by Trades Program committee member, Matthew Schumann. Currently, the HCBA is working with several local area high schools to implement similar career education programs. To see the Concept House build in action, follow the ‘Casa Über Alles’ Facebook page. 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE 25


Reduce water use and save money with LCRA conservation rebates and tips.


The Perfect DIY Project For That Concrete Slab

When you step outside the door of your home are you met by a concrete slab? Do you look down at that plain gray canvas and wonder, “what can I do to make this look better?” There must be something out there that can enhance the beauty of your patio or porch without breaking the bank, right? A perfect solution for that patio problem might be AZEK Pavers. What are AZEK Pavers?

AZEK® Pavers are a block-shaped product made from 95% recycled composite materials that resist stains and scratches. The pavers are easy to install and come with a 10 year limited warranty and no crack guarantee in residential applications. What sets these pavers apart is the patented grid system that reduces installation time by one–third and takes the frustration out of manually setting and aligning heavy concrete pavers. The grid also acts as a drainage system if your project is exposed to the elements.

How Easy To Install are AZEK Pavers?

AZEK’s website allows you to play with different patterns and colors then download the installation instructions so even if you have little construction experience you can install the pavers over a weekend. The key to the quick installation is AZEK’s grid system, which requires no gluing or

TimberTown 26 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE

screwing while still locking the pavers in place. First, you lay down the grid over the concrete slab, then you start laying down your desired pattern. When all the pavers are in place, the weight of the pavers keeps the grid from shifting, and the grid is tight enough that the pavers “lock” into place.

AZEK Paver Benefits

The cost and time savings of AZEK Pavers are considerable compared to traditional outdoor materials like decks and stone/concrete pavers. Plus, these pavers require little or no prep work when being placed on a smooth concrete slab. AZEK Pavers can be used for patios, walkways, resurfacing decks, commercial projects, rooftop decks and even custom driveways. Another great benefit to using these pavers is they are removeable! Since no gluing or screwing is required you can change out colors, patterns, or take the whole grid with you if you move. This project was installed by a pair of homeowners in less than 6 hours! Read the whole story at •

FIND-A-CONTRACTOR DIRECTORY (pages 27–40) ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING ATS Engineers, Inspectors & Surveyors Austin 512-328-6995 Black & Vernooy Architects Austin 512-474-1632 Chagnon Architecture PLLC San Marcos 512-757-9127 Delineations, Inc./U+R Design Collaborative Marble Falls 830-693-9408 Design Discoveries Austin 512-331-4800 Design Visions Fredericksburg 830-992-3640 Jim Carter & Associates, Inc. Marble Falls 830-798-9005

Larry Belk Designs New Braunfels 830-730-0246 Livingston Designs Burnet 210-834-2428 S&S Composite Designs Kingsland 325-388-5592 Texas Home Plans Kerrville 830-257-2311 Tri-Tech Surveying Company, L.P. Kerrville 830-257-3839 AUTOMOTIVE Cecil Atkission Motors Kerrville 830-257-6121 Johnson Sewell Ford Lincoln Marble Falls 830-693-8750

McLane Ford of Fredericksburg Fredericksburg 830-997-2129

LCRA Austin (512) 578-3229



City of Burnet Burnet (512) 756-6093 City of Fredericksburg Fredericksburg (830) 997-5398 City of Granite Shoals Granite Shoals (830) 598-2424 City of Johnson City Johnson City (830) 868-7111 City of Kerrville - Main Street Office Kerrville (830) 792-8395 City of Marble Falls Marble Falls 830-693-3615

Accent Granite & Marble Marble Falls 830-693-1144 Acme Brick Round Rock 512-244-7600 Action Propane, Inc. Leander 512-259-1196 Advantage Roofing Granite Shoals 830-445-9170 AG&M Agricultural Granite & Marble Spicewood 512-263-7628 Alexis Granite Design, LLC Marble Falls 830-798-2539


Allen Gass Roofing Llano 512-299-7656 Alpha Granite Kerrville 830-896-8746 Andersen Windows Marble Falls 512-265-4552 Antique Timberworks Fredericksburg 830-997-2280 Atmos Energy Abilene 325-690-7561 Baystone Flooring Marble Falls 830-798-3865 Biedermann’s Ace Hardware Fredericksburg 830-997-7611 Blackburn Plastering, Ltd. Ingram 830-257-0066

BMC Austin 512-977-7401 BMC Hill Country Windows & Doors Distribution Division Fredericksburg 830-990-5717 BMC Millwork Helotes 210-695-3667 Braunbach Granite Fredericksburg 830-990-0768 Builders First Source Fredericksburg 830-997-2106 Buttery Company Llano 325-247-4141 CaraCasa Windows & Doors Marble Falls (830) 798-2272

1119 Hwy. 16 South, Fredericksburg • 830.997.2106


Central Texas Glass Company Marble Falls 830-693-2039 Cornerstone Roofing Horseshoe Bay 512-796-8685 Creative Sheet Metal Works Marble Falls 512-734-1057 Dean Mitchell Masonry, Inc. Kerrville 830-896-2252 Diego Roofing, LLC Austin 512-266-6180 Double E Painting & Decorating Burnet 512-756-3605 Educated Roofing Systems, Inc. Driftwood 512-755-5572 Element 7 Concrete Designs Marble Falls 830-798-2717

Elevators of Texas Marble Falls 830-637-0628 Elmer’s Construction Granite Shoals 830-613-8157 Exclusive Windows & Doors of Austin LLC Austin 512-341-9282 Expressions Home Gallery — a Morrison Supply Showroom Austin 512-422-5068 Five Star Rentals/Sales, Inc. Kerrville 830-896-0282 Ford and Crew Marble Falls 830-693-5566 Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber Co Marble Falls 830-693-4347

Fredericksburg Custom Cabinets Fredericksburg 830-997-7371 Fredericksburg Flooring Center Fredericksburg 830-997-8375 Fredericksburg Gutter Solution Fredericksburg 830-708-9069 Gardner Construction Marble Falls 830-265-6362 Gutterman Raingutter Company Fredericksburg 830-990-0068 H&H Drywall & Painting Granite Shoals 830-385-6123 Hager Plumbing, Inc. Kerrville 830-895-4190 Heights Lumber & Supply, Inc. Harker Heights 254-669-3491

Hester Window Coverings Kerrville 830-896-5663 Hill Country Propane, Inc. Fredericksburg 830-997-8621 Hill Country Surface Restoration Fredericksburg 830-990-9340 Hollywood-Crawford Door Co. San Antonio 210-494-3434 JDJ Contractors Granite Shoals 830-265-0121 Kelly Moore Kingsland 325-388-3703 Kingwood Fine Cabinetry Fredericksburg 830-990-0565

Kohutek Construction Horseshoe Bay 512-481-9971 La Ventana LLC Austin 512-344-9362 Lakeline Seamless Gutters Liberty Hill 512-515-0180 Lampasas Building Components of Texas Lampasas 512-556-2180 Lauren Concrete Round Rock 512-801-9910 Longhorn Granite Marble Falls 830-613-1788 M.G. Building Materials Kerrville 830-257-2300

Marble Falls Glass & Mirror Marble Falls 830-693-2535 McCoy’s Building Supply Center Kerrville 830-896-8171 Mike’s Floorcovering Marble Falls 830-693-3694 Milgard Windows & Doors Grand Prairie 817-525-2601 Morrison Supply Company Kerrville 830-895-1550 Nixon Roofing, Inc. Fredericksburg 830-997-7923 Pella Products of South Texas Austin 512-633-3359


Phil Jackson’s Granite & Iron Store Fredericksburg 830-997-4716 Price’s Custom Cabinets Marble Falls 830-693-2131 Quality Overhead Door, LLC Marble Falls 830-693-4008 Quality Roofing Boerne 830-816-8230 Residential Elevators, LLC Tallahassee 210-313-6866 Ryan Wholesale, Inc Jonestown 800-799-3237 Sanchez Concrete Fredericksburg 830-456-2438

Schumann Granite Fredericksburg 830-997-1818 Schweiger Services Buchanan Dam 325-423-0106 Sherwin Williams Marble Falls 830-798-0788 Steel Frame Solutions and Drywall Supply, LLC Kerrville 830-792-0435 Sunspace Texas College Station 888-271-5810 T Becker Masonry Construction Marble Falls 512-715-2582 Texas Railing Systems Kerrville 830-928-1327

The Front Door Company San Antonio 210-340-3141 TimberTown Pflugerville 512-528-8112 Tradition Custom Cabinets Marble Falls 512-627-6201 Tri-Supply Temple 254-771-3500 TWC Architectural Mouldings San Antonio 210-662-2800 TWI Millwork, Inc. Kingsland 325-270-3831 United Rentals, Inc Marble Falls 830-693-0000

518 Main Street, Marble Falls 830.693.9408


VAPO Propane Co., Inc. Fredericksburg 830-997-2659 Vic’s Concrete Marble Falls 512-755-0107 Woodwright’s Custom Woodwork, LLC Fredericksburg 512-736-4668 CONSUMER & BUSINESS SERVICES Bonded Builders Warranty Group St. Petersburg 800-749-0381 Brian Carpenter Insurance Agency Marble Falls 830-637-7688 Capitol City Insurance Managers Austin 800-473-8962 Centennial Bank Fredericksburg 830-997-5544


U+R is a Delineations powered business developed to better serve the needs of the Central Texas community.

Jerome Rugen, CPBD • Debbie Rugen • Curtis Fish, AIA, RID • Ron Kruhl, PE 30 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE

Central Texas Land Titles, Inc. Horseshoe Bay 830-598-4898 Decker Jones, P.C. Fort Worth 817-336-2400 First State Bank Dripping Springs 512-894-2059 First State Bank Central Texas Marble Falls 830-693-3595 First United Bank Marble Falls 830-693-3676 FirstCapital Bank of Texas Horseshoe Bay 830-613-3604 Grand Bank of Texas Marble Falls (830) 693-8501

Highland Lakes Title Marble Falls 830-693-5500 Hill Country National Bank Burnet (512) 756-7363 HNB Mortgage Marble Falls 830-693-3373 Home Builders Insurance Services Waxahachie 469-517-1770 Hotchkiss Insurance Agency San Antonio 210-240-5155 Imagine Marble Falls 830-798-1244 Lone Star Capital Bank Marble Falls 830-693-5318

Massey-Itschner & Co., PC Kerrville 830-257-5330 McMurrough & Associates Jonestown 512-252-7200 Northstar Bank of Texas Marble Falls 830-693-0501 Pinnacle Insurance Group, Inc. Austin 254-751-9545 Salem Insurance Marble Falls 830-693-4343 Security National Mortgage Company Austin 512-795-5596 Security State Bank & Trust Marble Falls: (830) 693-5553, Fredericksburg: (830) 997-7575, Kerrville: (830) 895-2000,

Service Title Company Marble Falls 830-693-3631 Starkey Mortgage San Antonio 210-545-9300 StrucSure Home Warranty LLC New Braunfels 210-232-3947 Texas Affil. of Afford. Housing Providers Austin 512-476-9901 Texas Housing Foundation Marble Falls 830-693-4521 Watkins Insurance Agency Marble Falls 830-693-4391 West Central Wireless Kerrville 830-896-1201

Hill Country National Bank ~ A Branch of Llano National Bank ~

Homeowners Commercial Auto • Life • Health Experienced. Friendly. Efficient. “Banking as it should be.”

1210 S. Water (Hwy. 281 South) • Burnet, Texas 78611

(512) 756-7363

w w w. h i l l c o u n t r y n a t i o n a l b a n k . c o m Lobby Hours: Mon-Thurs 9am -3pm Fri 9am - 5pm

Drive Thru Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am - 6pm Sat 8am - Noon

830-693-4343 701 Hwy. 281 Marble Falls 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE 31

DESIGNERS & DECORATORS Blissful Interior Design Fredericksburg 830-285-0838 Custom Creations & Interiors Marble Falls 830-693-8206 J. Sloan Studio Midland 432-528-7775 La Ti Da - The Rug Queen - Michele Hart Marble Falls 830-693-3700 Marci Kaye Interiors Spicewood 512-267-1504 More Space Place Austin 512-419-7911 One Swanky Shop Marble Falls 830-798-0125

Robin Colton Studio Austin 512-569-3453 Rosanne Davis Design Horseshoe Bay 830-598-2727 Rostrata Builders, Inc. Pflugerville 512-251-7722 DEVELOPERS & REAL ESTATE Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS Marble Falls 830-693-5787 Jim Berry Hill Country Ranch Sales/ The Peninsula on Lake Buchanan Burnet 512-756-9230 Lake Life Realty Kingsland 325-388-4565 RE/MAX of Marble Falls Marble Falls 512-755-1355

Real Estate Advisory Team Fredericksburg 830-997-3400 Stone Ridge Development Co., Inc. Fredericksburg 830-990-2464 Teeple Partners, Inc. Austin 512-329-5755 EXCAVATION & CONSTRUCTION SITE SERVICES Edmund Jenschke, Inc. Kerrville 830-896-6706 Pristine Clearing Bertram 512-525-5434 FINISHES/FIXTURES/HARDWARE/ APPLIANCE Broadway Showroom Marble Falls 830-798-0239

C&D Home Products & Appliance Studio Marble Falls/Fredericksburg 830-693-4222 Ferguson Enterprises Marble Falls 830-693-7048 Hill Country Lighting Center Kerrville 830-257-2425 JJ Orion Austin 512-953-7556 Kerrville Window Fashions Kerrville 830-733-0041 Legacy Lighting Austin 512-481-9971 Lights N Such Marble Falls 830-693-1729

GAIN ENGERGY EFFICIENCY THROUGH WINDOW TREATMENTS Many of today’s window coverings are more than attractive - they offer homeowners a variety of ‘green’ options that make a room look great. In fact, energy efficient window coverings come in several different types and styles that offer insulating values of R-2 to R-4, a measure of thermal insulation that doubles the value of a standard double-pane window that already has a low-E coating.

HONEYCOMB SHADES have areas of inert air which greatly reduce heat conduction, effectively creating a barrier between the window and the room. Most shades have R-values between R-2 and R-5, with the Hunter Douglas Duette Architella achieving R-7.8 in some fabrics.

PLANATION SHUTTERS are a classic, with the Energy Smart Alliance reporting that wood shutters offer R-values between 2.77 and 3.17. Both wood and vinyl shutters are effective insulators, although wood is slightly better. Because they fit tightly in window frames, shutters also block the transfer of heat.

DRAPERY is another great energy-saving window covering. Blackout lining blocks the sun and protects from summer heat while providing a lovely finishing touch to your room. Maximum efficiency is achieved with a shade that is mounted in front of the window along with floor length drapery.

Visit Custom Creations & Interiors in Marble Falls at 513 Main Street in Marble Falls, and Kerrville Window Fashions at 507 Junction Hwy in Kerrville, today. 32 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE

Facets — a Moore Supply Showroom Marble Falls 830-693-1023 Facets — a Moore Supply Showroom Fredericksburg 830-733-9193 Out Back Patio Furnishings Kerrville 830-890-5532 Out Back Patio Furnishings Marble Falls 830-798-9761 The Custom Home Theater Store Marble Falls 512-577-8663 Turney Lighting Boerne 855-981-5579 Vertical Stone, Inc. Marble Falls 512-233-9177

HEALTH & WELLNESS Hill Country Memorial Hospital Marble Falls 512-299-8369 HOME MAINTENANCE & CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS Aaron Plumbing Company Kerrville 830-257-6877 Aaron Sanders Construction Lampasas 512-734-0911 All Corners Cleaning, LLC Granite Shoals 512-626-8256 American Electric Company Austin 512-263-1214 Apex Audio Video Austin 512-371-6363

Best Insulation Dripping Springs 512-422-5803 Blanco A/C, Electrical & Plumbing Blanco 830-833-2558 Boyd’s Electric Horseshoe Bay 512-755-6643 Brinkman’s Finish Carpentry Spicewood 512-629-9698 Bristow Insulation Co. Burnet 512-756-2683 Centerline Services LLC Kingsland 325-270-0684 Central Texas Coating Marble Falls 830-798-5701 Comfort Seal Insulation Kerrville 830-257-2799

Counts Electric Marble Falls 830-798-0055 EZ Floorcoverings Round Rock 512-808-7050 Foam One-One, LLC Spring Branch (830) 228-5040 Garland Insulating Dallas 214-341-0254 Hill Country Energy Smart Homes Boerne 830-446-2279 Installed Building Products San Antonio 210-764-4602 IWP Water Treatment Marble Falls 512-573-4704

DESIGN - BUILD - REMODEL DESIGN - BUILD - REMODEL 830-688-6912 830-688-6912 830-688-6912 Serving Boerne, Kerrville, Bandera, and Surrounding Areas 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE 33

Key Insulation San Antonio 866-937-1082 M&M Inspection Service Granite Shoals 830-613-9814 MLAW Engineers/MLA Labs, Inc. Austin 512-835-7000 MR Home Automation Kerrville 830-315-2033 Pennington’s Plumbing, LLC Spicewood 512-789-6213 Plumbrite Services Kerrville 830-285-5177 Rhea Plumbing Llano 325-247-2114

Satellite Station Fire & Security Kingsland 325-388-9278 Texas Air Testing Marble Falls 830-220-9273 Tex-Tech Mechanical Contractor Marble Falls 512-755-4182 TopBuild Home Services Austin 512-201-7239 HVAC Air King Service Company Llano 325-247-5229 D’Spain Sales & Service Bandera 830-796-3697 Hill Country Heating & A/C Marble Falls 830-693-4185 J & S Air, Inc. Austin 512-804-5535

Kingsland Air Conditioning & Heating Kingsland 325-388-4776 Marble Falls Electric & A/C Marble Falls 830-693-5776 Robert Madden Ind. Marble Falls (830) 693-9560 Wayne’s Air Kingsland 325-388-6463 POOLS/LANDSCAPE/PEST CONTROL A.C.I. Pest & Lawn Solutions Kingsland 325-388-0300 Assassin Pest Control Spicewood 512-264-1760 Blue Hole Pool Spicewood 512-751-1345

Bugz Pest & Lawn, PPC Burnet 512-756-9236 Central Texas Pool & Patio, LLC Salado 254-251-1193 Falco Pest Management Fredericksburg 830-992-2900 Mi Tierra CLAD Wimberly 512-517-8230 MosquitoNix Austin Austin 512-929-9000 Paradise Pools Liberty Hill 512-515-7665 Perennial Landscape Materials Fredericksburg 830-990-4891

Proudly serving Llano & Burnet Counties for Over 25 Years!

New Home Installations Service on all Makes & Models Blown-in Insulation

Primary Homes, Second Homes, Investments Purchases, Refinancing, Cashout Refinance

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Melinda Norris, Mortgage Consultant

512-B Hwy. 281 • Marble Falls • (830) 693-3373 Llano: 402 E. Collins • (325) 247-5229 Marble Falls: (830) 693-7350 TACL# B26233E


Please call for information on annual A/C & heating maintenance, heating services, and all needs for home climate control.

Serving the Hill Country Since 1996

NMLS #1131958

Perennial Landscape Materials Marble Falls 830-693-1600 Serenity Aquascapes Marble Falls 405-501-7474 Wagner Lawns and Irrigation Marble Falls 830-798-9200 RAINWATER COLLECTION & WATER WELLS AgriTek Marble Falls 512-755-4549 Aqua Sphere, Inc. Burnet 512-756-7710 Harvest Rain // Rainwater Collection Dripping Springs 512-645-2955 Rain Harvest Resources Bertram 512-864-4226

REMODELERS/GENERAL CONTRACTORS/ BUILDERS A Paragon Builder Blanco 830-833-4249 Amera Custom Builders, LLC Bertram 512-756-9999 BCI Custom Homes, Inc. Boerne 830-257-6000 Beckham Homes, Inc. Llano 325-247-5064 Bo Williams Homes, Inc. Spring Branch 210-857-5139 Brother Sun Builders Kingsland 830-613-1338 Burdett Hill Country Custom Homes Marble Falls 830-693-2693

BW Burdett Builder Marble Falls 830-693-2693 C.T.S. Horseshoe Bay 832-814-9391 Cactus Companies Marble Falls 830-693-3286 Centurion Custom Homes Kerrville 830-895-1226 Chris Kaiser Builder, Inc. Fredericksburg 830-990-2255 Clear Creek Construction Copperas Cove 254-547-6100 Clint’s Concrete Works Marble Falls 830-613-6650 Crenwelge Motors Kerrville 830-896-4835

CSCB, Inc. Horseshoe Bay 512-755-6900 CW Designer Homes, Inc. Burnet 512-756-6901 Dartez Brothers Construction, Inc. Fredericksburg 830-997-3043 David Young Homes Austin 512-402-0716 Delz Custom Homes Kingsland 325-388-4488 Diamante Custom Homes San Antonio 210-341-6430 Doug Holley Construction, Inc. Meadowlakes 512-715-4256

Building Luxury Custom Waterfront Homes in the

Texas Hill Country

Call to discuss building a unique home for your lifestyle

830-613-1338 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE 35

Protecting the Possible.

210.581.0420 |

If your bathroom looked like this you’d fire your housekeeper! So why should you put up with it from a sanitary restroom company?

Immaculate cleanliness should be a standard... not a luxury Special Event Units • Guaranteed clean and graffiti free • Women’s units • Solar power lighted units are STANDARD at J Bar • Hand wash stations •Family accessible units with baby changing tables

Construction Site Units & Holding Tanks Also!

J Bar Contractor’s Services

830.598.JBAR(5227) Roll-Off Dumpsters • Portable Toilets • On-Site Storage • Mobile Offices • Temporary Fencing 36 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE


Durst Homes, Inc. Fredericksburg 830-997-8587 F&H Construction Burnet 512-756-4411 FieldsCo Builders Marble Falls 830-693-4413 Frasier Construction Marble Falls 830-693-3459 Fusion Master Builders, LLC Fredericksburg 830-456-1577 G.G. MacDonald, Inc. Kerrville 830-257-5323 G2 Construction & Design Boerne 830-249-8054


Gary S Slaton Construction Marble Falls 830-693-2781 Godsey Homes Boerne 210-414-6458 Graceful Homes, LLC Boerne 847-572-9455 Grubbs Construction Horseshoe Bay 830-598-4728 Hawkeye Builders, Inc. Marble Falls 512-755-0095 Hays Dream Homes Llano 512-585-1074 Hazel Properties, Inc. Llano 325-247-4777

Hegemann Construction Kerrville 830-257-7007 Hill Country Classics, Inc. Boerne 830-249-2920 Hill Country Design Build Johnson City 830-868-4108 Hills of Texas Homes Fredericksburg 830-889-7900 Homes By Donahoo, Inc. Bluffton 325-379-1787 Hominick Homes Fredericksburg 830-997-2222 J.N. Phillips Construction Marble Falls 830-637-0545

JB REI, LLC Keller 817-471-4286 Jon Morgan Homes, LLC Liberty Hill 432-528-5730 K Bar T Custom Homes, Inc. Burnet 512-585-6256 Keith Wing Custom Builders, LLC New Braunfels 210-995-0478 Kip Steele Custom Homes Round Mountain 830-613-8551 Langley Homes, Inc. Burnet 512-734-3172 Laughlin Homes & Restoration, Inc. Fredericksburg 830-997-4974

Lemburg House Fredericksburg 830-998-3383 Lone Star Construction Bandera 830-688-6912 MacDonald Companies Kerrville 830-257-5323 Michael Hurst Custom Builder Fredericksburg 830-992-9810 Nash Builders, Ltd. Horseshoe Bay 830-598-2454 Neiman Homes Horseshoe Bay 254-258-3081 Outland Construction Group Kerrville 830-377-3585

Powers Construction Kingsland 210-722-5313 Reven Builders Kingsland 325-388-6613 Riley and Sons Roofing and Construction Spicewood 512-986-9135 Riverbend Homes, Inc. Kingsland 512-740-8012 Ronnie Gesell Construction, LLC Center Point 830-329-7800 Ryan Homes, Inc. Marble Falls 830-693-6096 Schultz Construction Burnet 830-798-8821

Shafer Cook Construction LLC Medina 210-387-9949 Showcase Builders LLC Burnet 512-745-7241 Sierra Homes Fredericksburg 830-997-5020 Steve Reitz Company, Inc Marble Falls 830-693-7553 Stout Associates Construction & Consulting Corp. Horseshoe Bay 830-598-2949 Strong Core Builder’s Burnet 325-248-3446 T and T Construction/Charlie’s Docks Kingsland 325-270-0247

Tango Homes LLC Kerrville 830-370-3576 Texas Remodeling Solutions Austin 512-887-8788 The Carver Group, Inc. Marble Falls 512-767-0098 Tilson Home Corporation Boerne 800-929-4663 Treo Signature Homes Horseshoe Bay 281-389-0065 Verano Homes LLC Spicewood 254-368-4780 Verdant Homes LLC Austin 512-422-0766


Vista Verde Builders LLC Ingram 830-367-2181 Voltaire, LLC/Grandview Homes, LLC Horseshoe Bay 830-598-2100 Westway Custom Builders Horseshoe Bay 830-613-7479


White Construction Company Kerrville 830-257-7477 Winsborough Construction, Inc. Marble Falls 830-693-2800 Zbranek Holt Custom Homes, Ltd. Lakeway 512-261-0444

UTILITIES & MUNICIPAL SERVICES Capitol Environmental, Inc. Austin 512-535-4368 Fredericksburg Metal Recycling, LLC Fredericksburg 830-990-4400 J Bar Contractor’s Services Burnet 830-598-5227

Republic Services Marble Falls 830-693-2214 Z Hauling Kingsland 325-247-6208

Vista Verde Builders, LLC Custom Homes & Renovations

NAHB Certified Graduate Builder Age in Place Specialist Certified Green Professional

Specializing in Energy-Efficient, Hill Country Elegant Homes Office: 830-367-2181 / Mobile: 832-455-9730

Electrical Services Pro Handyman Serving the Community with Pride Joey Goff TECL# 27781 Office: (325) 270-0684 Cell: (719) 671-1475



Acme Brick Is Your Source for Quality Outdoor Living Products.

Fire pits, fireplaces and kitchens are among homebuyers’ most sought-after features for outdoor spaces. You know these outdoor amenities can help close the deal on a home sale. But do you know just how well your local Acme Brick showroom can fulfill your outdoor product needs? From top-quality outdoor kitchen grill units and full kitchens to stand alone systems, Acme is your source. And we don’t stop there. We can help

you create inviting custom outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, and beautiful patios and walkways with Acme pavers. Acme Brick Company is your convenient single source for a full range of quality outdoor products at many price points – products that can help you sell homes. Visit your local showroom soon and see just how great an outdoor resource Acme Brick can be.

New Braunfels Area Marshall Davidson, Sales Representative ■

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New Braunfels/San Antonio 16121 College Oak Dr. (210) 493-2612 2017 HILL COUNTRY LIFE 43 Austin/Round Rock 631 Round Rock West Dr. (512) 244-7600 ■

At FirstCapital Bank of Texas, we’ll put our significant

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experience in commercial and residential construction financing and residential mortgage lending to work for you. We’re the financial institution you can count on to get to know you by name, take an interest in your future, and do all we can to make sure you achieve your goals.

Ken L. Burgess Jr. Chairman

Scott Streit Market President

Tami Randolph Mortgage Loan Officer


NMLS# 282034

Our team of knowledgeable lenders is ready to move when you are. Stop by our full-service branch in Horseshoe Bay, call 844.FCBTEXAS or go to



All loans are subject to credit approval.

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