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N O C S T N E T spring 2009

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David McGonigle Managing Director Mazda Ireland

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n i p u what’s world mazda

i-stop starts

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The new Mazda3 was tested to the limits from minus 30 degrees to plus 40, in the icy north of Japan f and the deserts of Mexico . Click the photos to find out why

extreme measures

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It’s lighter, slipperier and greener, but the technology-packed all-new Mazda3 is even more fun to drive than ever. It’s Zoom-Zoom with a clean conscience

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environment The Mazda3’s sleek aerodynamics benefit fuel economy and Mazda’s on-going gram strategy ensures that no component weighs more than is necessary. Single-nanotechnology in the exhaust catalyst material uses fewer precious metals and traps smaller particles than regular catalytic converters – a world first. The Mazda3 is also the first Mazda with i-stop technology, which switches the engine off at traffic lights and automatically restarts when you move off.




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Engine Lycoming flat-six Power 300bhp Top speed 220 knots Service ceiling 16,000ft G limits: +/- 10g Max rate of climb 3,300ft/min 12 Zoom-Zoom Seats: 2



The Extra 300

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We send a w il the daredev ling – but nervous – re p il pilots who perform hea orter to join stunts with rtth video to see eir Mazda-liveried aircra stopping ft th the link to fi em laugh in the face o . Click the f gravity and nd out even m o r e a bout aeroba go to websit tics e




High Fliers


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r e k c i a r c ▼

We took a Mazda2 to the Dublin Fringe Festival for a truly weird and wonderful day. The Bootwork Theatre Collective performed their surreal Une Boite Andalouse – from inside the car – and then we watched in awe as Dynamic Movements, a local freerunning group, set about our Mazda2 with an amazing display of rolls, slides and handstands. For Mazda2 specs and details, click the boxes on the car. And if you’d like to pay a visit to the downright zany 2009 Fringefest, just follow this link. go to website

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k c a j r

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test drive2 a Mazda 8 World It’s the 200 ear! Car of the Y

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Slide rules Our racy reporter swaps horse power for gravity as she tackles the Olympic luge track at Lake Placid. Click to find out how she got on

'Balanced precariou on a piece of metal push off down the t

'I shoot into a sharp the velocity forcing high into the wall’

'The g-force kicks in feel the muscles in m neck working overti

‘I am addicted and c do it again. But this I want to go higher a

usly l, I track’

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n, I can my ime’

can’t wait to time and faster’

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Ja! Das ist richtig! The Roadpacer was made between 1975 and 1977 and fitted with a 13B rotary engine.

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Walter Frey is. He has a collection of over 100 classic Mazdas in a barn in Germany, making him the world’s top expert. But how well do you know the Mazdas of yore? Take Walter’s test to find out


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