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 Welcome to ATA. In this edition: Chairman of ATA attends Australian Standards meeting in April 2012 for the ME-087 Committee meeting For Standard ISO Condition Monitoring & Manintance of



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Australian Standards In April 2012 Chairman Mr David Rice attended the Australian Standards offices in Sydney to discuss the acceptance of an existing ISO standard called Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Machines. Before an ISO Standard can be used in Australia, industry groups must first accept it. On reading through that standard it became clear that Electrical Thermography had not been considered, with the Standard relating only to Oil Condition Monitoring Management Ultrasound & Acoustic Emissions Vibration Thermal Imaging (machines only) At this meeting ATA Chairman Mr David Rice was elected Chairperson for thermography for this ISO Standard. The Australasian Thermographers Association’s current assessment of Thermal Imaging in Australia is confusing and fragmented. Training consistency and standards differ greatly across the country, and with no national competency currently available in thermal imaging, further confusion will ensue. An Australian Standard in Thermal Imaging will bring many benefits to this industry and ensure a much higher standard of competence and quality. It will also ensure proper training by qualified providers in this field where currently there is none.

ATA is open to all industry Sectors Including: - Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Gas, Pest, just to name a few To have your say and to get the benefits and discounts on Standards and Codes of Practices Go to and download the Application Form Continued My time at AINDT as part of the Certification board for Thermography under the JASANZ certification program in Australia became confusing. The only recognised thermal imaging Certification program in Australia is ISO 9712 /AS 3998 and again it is for Condition monitoring of Machines with no Electrical or other industry catered for. Some clever person decided to put a further name to the above standard and called it Multi-sector Training. Are you confused? Well nearly every thermographer in Australia is, as well as me, and to add further confusion there are many training providers here in Australia training Thermographers using overseas Standards. Some of these providers supply thermal imaging procedural standards from the USA, which are not recognized standards, but rather procedures written by a private company for the USA market. 8 to 10 of these standards are in existence. ATA decided to produce the first Code of Practice for the Electrical Industry (Procedural) with the development of this Code Starting in July 2010 many industry groups provided feedback to the Draft and in February 2012 the Draft Code of Practice went out for public comment.


Thermal Imaging In Australia


We are pleased to announce that the Code of Practice was published on the 28th of May 2012 The Code is linked to the Australian Standards AS 3008 If you would like to purchase this code of Practice you can buy it at

In 2010 AINDT ceased all Thermography Accredited JASANZ’S training courses in Australia. The State of play as it stands today is that AINDT will no longer provide Thermal Imaging Accreditation courses in any trade in Australia and New Zealand. ATA along with Master Electrical will later this year hold introductory evenings. These events are designed to advise Electricians on the type of camera to buy and how to get started in Thermography, and to address some of the issues facing Thermographers in Australia and New Zealand.ATA at present is writing the syllabuses and writing test papers for Electrical, Building Mechanical, and Pest Control, and it is hoped that the first Thermal imaging courses for Australia will be under way by 2013. Check out the ATANDT web site for start dates for all these courses.

New Thermal Imaging course The First Thermal Imaging courses under ATA came about in Early July 2012 with pressure applied from the pest industry. Some overseas and local pest control operators came to Melbourne to attend the new Pest Control courses.


Some of the Thermographers undergo their test

The course provider is Rapid Training from NSW, a registered RTO for the pest industry. To find out more or to enquire, go to their web site at


Australian Standards and ATA

A Thermographer’s Story The importance of engaging a certified Thermograher.

ATA (Australasian Thermographers Association) has made a major break through. ATA’S Secretary, Mr Martin White, is submitting a new proposal for thermal Imaging in Australia to Australian Standards. Why Thermography has been a basket case since its introduction in 1997 is a very long story. The issues identified will have or are likely to affect you. The proposal put forward to Australian Standards is to develop new Standards for Building, Electrical, and Pests. It is hoped that it will be called General Thermography,with trade specific sections. Level -1 will be Theory only for every trade or Industry Level -2 is trade specific; i.e. if you are a pest controller you will pick the pest control section: There will be no crossover of trades for this level unless you have qualifications in that section. Level-3 is for further training in a particular sector. Work has already commenced on course development. It is anticipated that a new committee will be up and running early September and some of you may be asked to help in Sub committees to do some of the work. Both Theory and Practice Standards are being produced and ATA has many industry groups backing this new Standards. Some Standards could be implemented within months as there is about 3 existing Standards that can be adopted and small changes can be made to them. ATA introduced the first code of practice for the Electrical Industry in 2010 with much success as well as the code of practice for the pest industry. Both of these Codes will be introduced to Australian Standards in 2012 and will become Australian Standards soon after I would like to thank ATA for their tremendous work in getting submissions to Australian Standards

About 4 years ago a qualified level 2 thermographer went to a building in the south east of Melbourne to undertake a thermal survey for his client. After chatting with his client he was given the report from the prior year, conducted by another (unqualified) thermographer. It was a pretty simple report; 4 pages only, no thermal images, and no digital photos, just typed words. On reading that report he noted that at the bottom of the pages the previous, thermographer had typed “22kv/415v Transformers (Through doors vents)“ Conclusion: This thermographer must be Houdini: It is impossible to make an assessment Without exposing the switchboard and/or electrical equipment being tested. The document did not say he was certified level-1 NOTHING AT ALL Out of 29 Switchboards viewed the unqualified thermographer found no Thermal anomolies (he calls them Faults). In fact the new report showed 16 anomalies. The level- 2 thermographer questioned the previous report, believing it to be false and misleading; given there were some serious issues in some of the switchboards viewed which would have been longstanding. The client had no idea that the previous Thermographer had misled him. It pays to be careful when dealing with un-certified Thermographers

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