Phyllo Crisp

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Try with your favorite soft cheese or indulge as a simple dessert snack

Indulge in this sweet crisp as a lighter substitute to breakfast donuts, evening cookies, or holiday pastries. However, our favorite way to enjoy these phyllo crisps is paired with brie, chevre or goat cheese for a mouth-watering flavor combination. Carefully layered by hand, fresh Phyllo dough sheets are topped with dried fruit, jumbo oats, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and a dash of cinnamon. They are cut into bite-size pieces and baked to a perfect golden brown, with a finishing drizzle of honey.

MSRP $4.99

APRICOT HONEY 481359 | 12/2.8 OZ

APPLE CINNAMON 481360 | 12/2.8 OZ

CRANBERRY OAT 481361 | 12/2.8 OZ

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