Del Destino Olive Oil - 3 Varieties

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BRAND: DEL DESTINO® ORIGIN: ITALY EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Extra Virgin olive oil is the finest olive oil you can buy. This variety has been cold pressed to create an aromatic oil with a distinct full-bodied flavor and deep green-gold color.

ITEM# 055204 | PACK SIZE: 4/3 L

POMACE OIL Pomace oil is pale gold in color and has a mild taste. It is known for its high smoking point making it an ideal choice for deep frying.

ITEM# 055206 | PACK SIZE: 6/1 GAL

PURE OIL 100% Pure oil is an all-purpose blend that has been refined and enriched with Extra Virgin Oilve Oil. It has a subtle flavor and golden in color.

ITEM# 055207 | PACK SIZE: 4/1 GAL


CULINARY APPLICATIONS • Perfect base for building salad dressings • Use in marinades for chicken, seafood, and beef • Sautéed vegetables • Utilize in baked goods

• Cholesterol Free • No Added Preservatives • High in Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Acids

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