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food experience We are a global family food business that relies on the talents and entrepreneurial spirit of our people and suppliers to provide the best possible food experience to our customers. We relentlessly source the global market for new products with the highest quality standards and innovative solutions.

WE STRIVE TO BE A PART OF EVERY FOOD EXPERIENCE As we grow, we will remain a family-oriented business and will embrace the changes needed to continue our success. Whether it is our selection of olives, our extensive line of artisan cheeses or our unique spreads and gourmet oils, this guide presents just a few of our many specialties. We pride ourselves in building relationships with our customer. So, whether you operate in retail, foodservice or manufacturing- we’re here to help you build your business. Contact your Atalanta sales representative for more information.









HOLIDAY ENTERTAINING MADE FAMOUSLY GOOD Hand-crafted, award-winning goat cheese made with 100% goat’s milk from family run farms in Southern Ontario, Canada.


CELEBRITY® SPICED SWEET POTATO GOAT CHEESE Think tangy goat cheese meets grandma’s famous sweet potato pie. Cinnamon and spices lend warm autumnal flavors to Celebrity’s classic fresh goat cheese. These comforting flavors can make your side dish a star. Try crumbling it over seasoned squash or use to elevate your favorite seasonal desserts. 063907 | 12/4 OZ

CELEBRITY® MAPLE TOFFEE GOAT CHEESE Indulge in true Canadian flavors. Premium Celebrity® goat cheese gets a sweet fall twist with the addition of maple and toffee. Serve on crackers with a drizzle of maple syrup, or crumbled over pancakes or French toast to sweeten up brunch. This cheese makes a great celebratory holiday appetizer, especially with a glass of sparkling wine. 063904 | 12/4 OZ

CELEBRITY® DOUBLE CREME AMARENA CHERRY GOAT CHEESE Rich goat cheese rolled with ruby morsels of Amarena cherries is a statement for summer entertaining. Crumble into salads or spread over grilled crostini for an authentic taste of Modena, Italy. Pairs perfectly on a sweet ending cheese board.​ 063902 | 12/4 OZ

CELEBRITY® TRUFFLE GOAT CHEESE Smooth, creamy Celebrity® Truffle Goat Cheese is made from 100% pure Canadian goat’s milk and complemented by the rich, earthy flavors of fine imported truffles. Spread on a baguette and enjoy with champagne, for the perfect celebratory treat. The truffle-infused cheese also makes pasta and egg dishes extra decadent. 063906 | 12/4 OZ

CELEBRITY® CRANBERRY GOAT CHEESE Evoke the true feeling of the holiday season with tart cranberries and hearty cinnamon. This flavor combination is truly outrageous. 063041 | 12/4 OZ 063034 | 6/10.5 OZ

CELEBRITY® FIG GOAT CHEESE A hand-folded blend of creamy goat’s milk and Dalmatia® fig spread build this luxuriously palatable cheese. Be prepared for a hint of sweetness, rich velvety textures, and the unmistakable aroma of imported exotic fig from one of the world’s most beautiful coastal regions. 063079 | 12/4 OZ 063078 | 6/10.5 OZ

HOLIDAY GUIDE | 08 ENTREMONT COMTÉ 12 MONTH One of the world's greatest cheeses, Comté PDO has been made from the unpasteurized milk of Montbéliarde and French Simmental cows high in the Jura Mountains for centuries. Entremont Comté is aged between 10 and 12 months in naturally hot caves, ensuring a complex roasted aroma and sweet mountain flavor. 354583 | 8/ 7 OZ

ENTREMONT EMMENTAL This French Emmental comes from the heart of the French Alps near the ski resort of Chamonix, where mountain springs feed the dairy cows who provide the milk for this classic cheese. This cheese has a sweet, nutty and complex flavor. It melts gorgeously and is equally satisfying for snacking. Naturally cave aged for a minimum of 42 days. 354585 | 3/8 LB


HOLIDAY GUIDE | 09 ENTREMONT FRENCH BRIE Made with fresh milk collected from 250 small family farms from a 60-mile radius around the dairy in the Auvergne hills. Enriched with cream from the making of Entremont Cantal PDO cheese for a creamy flavor and luxuriously smooth texture. 356859 | 1/6.6 LB

EIFFEL TOWER® TRIPLE CRÈME BRIE Eiffel Tower® Triple Crème Brie is an ultra-rich experience of gentle sweetness and exceptional palate pleasing textures. Featuring a buttercream-colored, soft interior that oozes at the peak of ripeness. This soft cow's milk cheese is a decadent and versatile option for holiday entertaining. 063754 | 6/9 OZ


PMS 2985

PMS 128

PMS 7672

C-10, M-15, Y-80, K-0 C-10, M-15, Y-80, K-0 C-90, M-90, Y-5, K-0

LATTEBUSCHE PIAVE EXTRA AGED P.D.O. A dominant product of the Dolomite mountain range, Piave Extra Aged is a traditional cheese made with centuries old traditions and methods. Characterized by a sweet, full-bodied flavor, this Piave is aged for over 12 months for a true taste of the Belluno cheese making tradition. Because the cheese ages for a full year, the texture becomes quite crumbly and grainy, wonderful for snacking and grating. 053716 | 1/14 LB 738903 | 12/5 OZ | EXACT WEDGE


IL VILLAGGIO® PARMIGIANO REGGIANO P.D.O. 24 MONTHS Parmigiano Reggiano, a Grana-style cheese from the Parma region of Italy, is a cooked and unpressed, semi-fat hard cheese made from raw cows’ milk with a hard golden rind that bears the iconic pin dot Parmigiano Reggiano studded rind. This cooked and unpressed, semi-fat hard cheese made from raw cows’ milk features a grainy texture which highlights its light ivory to golden hue. A primary feature of this special 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano is the presence of small white crystals, indicative of the lengthy ripening period. Parmigiano Reggiano is unique and inimitable with flavor notes of spices and nuts. 056799 | 12/5.3 OZ | 24 MONTHS

IL VILLAGGIO® PECORINO ROMANO Il Villaggio® Pecorino Romano is carefully matured for 8 months to attain its extra-sharp intense, distinct flavor. This sharp sheep's milk cheese is a terrific grating cheese and can enhance any pasta dish. Add it to olive oil for dipping or stuff tomatoes with Romano. 736852 | 12/7 OZ

IL VILLAGGIO® BURRATA [PRE-ORDER] Burrata begins with only the finest Grade A 100% Certified rBST free milk. The result is an award-winning semi-soft mozzarella shell filled with a soft, stringy curd and cream. This cheese truly defines “artisanal” as it can only be made by hand! 637406 | 6/2x4 OZ

IL FORTETO TRUFFLE BOSCHETTO A beautiful sheep’s milk cheese combined with shavings of real Umbrian truffle make this cheese a special treat. Earthy, smooth and unique, enjoy this cheese with your favorite Tuscan wine and crusty bread. 053081 | 6/1.5 LB


ST. CLEMENS BLUE CHEESE WEDGE Known for its ideal balance of creamy texture and tangy flavor, St. Clemens Blue Cheese is an award winner from Denmark, and the ultimate snacking & entertaining cheese during the holidays. 293083G | 18/4.4 OZ

ST. CLEMENS BLUE CHEESE CRUMBLES Blend these convenient and delicious cheese crumbles into dips and sauces for an easy appetizer or side dish during a last minute fête. 293003 | 12/6 OZ

TUXFORD & TEBBUTT STILTON CHEESE Set deep in the heart of traditional Stilton cheese making country is the small English market town of Melton Mowbray where the Tuxford & Tebbutt Creamery stands unchanged in appearance since its construction in the eighteenth century. The Tuxford & Tebbutt brand is a guarantee of prize-winning traditional Blue Stilton which will delight the palate of the most discerning cheese connoisseur. 203767 | 1/17 LB | WHEEL 203769 | 1/9.5 LB | WAXED HALVES 203768 | 12/5 OZ | WEDGE


ATALANTA® FETA Produced in Bulgaria using traditional methods, Atalanta Feta is made with 100% sheep's milk and carries a bold and creamy flavor profile. Enjoy crumbled on a salad or spread on toast. 929549 | 12/7 OZ

MEVGAL® FETA This delicately textured cheese is quite smooth, while still providing the clean bright taste and crumbly texture of classic feta. Produced with both goat and sheep's' milk, this Grecian feta is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product. Use in classic Mediterranean cuisine or as a surprise feature on a cheeseboard. 183002 | 12/7 OZ

HOLIDAYGUIDE GUIDE ||0414 HOLIDAY BELTON FARM RED FOX Matured for over 16 months, Red Fox is an aged Red Leicester. Red Fox uses a unique recipe which was developed over many years. This along with carefully selected cultures and the skill of our cheese-makers produces an intense and complex blend of sweet and savory distinctive flavors. This delicious handcrafted russetcolored cheese has a cunningly unexpected crunch. The subtle crunch comes from the naturally occurring calcium lactate crystals which form as the cheese matures. 200480 | 8/7 OZ (200G) 200483 | 2/5.5 LB (2.5KG) 2090057G | 2/6.6 LB (3KG) | VINTAGE

BELTON FARM SAGE DERBY One of England’s oldest cheeses, Sage Derby is thought to date back to the 17th century when cheese makers began adding sage to cheddar because of its health benefits. Softer than cheddar, this pale yellow Derby cheese is marbled with aromatic sage to create a creamy yet delicate herbal flavor and a unique color. 200486 | 2/4.4 LB (2KG)

WENSLEYDALE WITH CRANBERRY Coombe Castle’s Wensleydale with Cranberry contrasts a deliciously mild and creamy Wensleydale with the tang of juicy cranberries, creating a delightful taste combination. 204806 | 12/7 OZ

SHEESE PLANT BASED WENSLYDALE WITH CRANBERRY Wensleydale-Style Sheese with Cranberries is a tasty, fruity and wonderful dairy-free alternative to cheese. Like our other Sheeses, our Wensleyday style is made with coconut oil and is perfect for specialist diets like kosher and vegan cuisine. The fruity succulence of Wensleydale with Cranberries is the perfect vegan option for appealing cheese boards or cubed in salads for extra tang. 376904 | 6/7 OZ


SNOWDONIA BLACK BOMBER The award-winning Black Bomber Extra Mature Cheddar is widely loved for its immense depth of flavor and smooth creamy texture. The flagship cheese from Snowdonia's line of show-stopping Welsh cheddars pairs nicely with a Cabernet Sauvignon. 204707 | 6/7 OZ

SNOWDONIA GREEN THUNDER Balancing rich roasted garlic with aromatic garden herbs, Snowdonia Green Thunder(R) is a fresh and creamy mature cheddar that creates a delicious savory experience. 204708 | 6/7 OZ

SNOWDONIA BOUNCING BERRY A mature creamy Cheddar with delicious bursts of sweet cranberries throughout. 204709 | 6/7 OZ

DEVON CREAM CO. CLOTTED CREAM Devon Clotted Cream is silky smooth, indulgently creamy and deliciously thick. Perfect spread thickly over a warm scone with a dollop of strawberry jam. The essential ingredient to a traditional English cream tea. Try with fresh strawberries, berries or on pies as an indulgent alternative to whipped cream. 203006 | 12/6 OZ 204597 | 24/1 OZ

DEVON CREAM CO. CRÉME FRAÎCHE Créme Fraîche is a smooth, tangy but mild cream that has a higher fat content than sour cream, making it useful for everyday cooking or baking. Since the cream has been slightly soured, the taste helps to balance sour with sweet, or sharp with salty. 204615 | 12/ 6 OZ


MIFROMA LE GRUYÈRE AOP A staple of all gourmet cheese platters and a versatile cooking and eating cheese, Le Gruyère AOP takes on extremely noble notes when aged to full maturity. This cheese features a distinctive crystalline crunch, a hard crumbly and grainy paste and outstanding melting qualities. 030777 | 1/70 LB | WHEEL 030771 | 8/7 OZ | EXACT WEIGHT 031406 | 9/3.5 OZ | SHREDDED

MIFROMA FONDUE & FONDUE EXPRESS These ready-to-eat fondue delights blend authentic Swiss cheese, including Emmentaler AOP and Gruyère AOP. The resulting creamy cheese has a balanced earthy flavor and sweetness that make it a perfect melting cheese to pair with potatoes, meat and winter root vegetables. 030733 | 10/14 OZ | FONDUE 031404 | 12/5.3 OZ | FONDUE EXPRESS

MIFROMA TETE DE MOINE ROSETTES This cylindrical-shaped cheese is shaven with a Girolle or Pirouette to unmask its deliciously characteristic taste. Transforming degustation into a beautiful journey of the senses though the most hidden and unexpected nooks of Switzerland. 036902 | 7/3.35 OZ


MIFROMA RACLETTE Mifroma worked with their master cheese makers and affineurs to produce a Truffle Raclette, filled with black truffle shavings, and a naturally Smoked Raclette. These decadent new flavors add an incredible depth and richness to this already luscious cheese. Packages in convenient pre-sliced packs, they are perfect for a traditional raclette meal or to elevate burgers, sandwiches or any other cheesy dish. Now available in Smoked, Truffle and Original. 031403 | 12/7 OZ | ORIGINAL 036855 | 8.5/3 OZ | SMOKED 036856 | 8.5/3 OZ | TRUFFLE

HOLIDAY GUIDE | 18 DON JUAN MANCHEGO P.D.O. 12 MONTHS Manchego exhibits a nice level of complexity and has just the right mix of savory and sweet. Its rich golden paste is firm and surrounded by the herringbone imprinted rind to mimic the traditional look when cheese curds were pressed in a straw cheese basket. 563071 | 2/7 LB

DON JUAN MANCHEGO P.D.O. 6 MONTHS An aromatic cheese featuring a floral start and a nutty finish, this six-month aged DOP Manchego is made with the milk of Manchega sheep, using old world techniques and state-of-the-art facilities. Ideal for a plethora of culinary uses, Manchego is an old-world cheese that has received a sort of renaissance in recent years, with a growing interest in regionally specific cuisine in the culinary world. 563066 | 2/7 LB 563934 | 12/5.3 OZ | WEDGE

DON JUAN MANCHEGO P.D.O. 4 MONTHS Don Juan Manchego DOP is produced exclusively with high quality milk from the Manchega breed of sheep. By combining old world techniques with a state of the art facility and equipment, this 4-month PDO Manchego has great character. This cheese has a floral aroma with a gentle, nutty flavor, making Don Juan Manchego the mildest version of this Spanish classic. 563079 | 2/7 LB


BEEMSTER® CLASSIC P.D.O. GOUDA, AGED 18 MONTHS Beemster Classic, aged 18 months, is considered the classic Gouda throughout Holland. The complex flavors develop as the cheese ages, naturally and slowly, on wooden planks in our stone ripening house. Classic has a firm, yet creamy, texture dotted with crystallization throughout, a deep ochre interior and notes of toasted walnuts, caramel and a brown-butter finish. Perfection! World Cheese Awards Super Gold Winner. 012200 | 1/24 LB 730978 | 12/5.3 OZ

BEEMSTER® VLASKAAS P.D.O. GOUDA Beemster Vlaskaas is a centuries-old recipe that was historically made only once a year to celebrate the flax harvest. It was unanimous that this cheese was too good to make only once a year and it’s now available year-round. Vlaskaas is a PDO North Holland Gouda aged to its specific flavor profile, about 5-6 months, and has a semi-firm and very smooth texture, with a unique sweet-milk flavor with notes of almonds and a whisper of sharpness, adding complexity to this harmonious cheese. Beemster Vlaskaas appeals to fans of young, mild cheeses and aged, bolder cheeses alike. 012207 | 1/34 LB 730977 | 12/5.3 OZ



HOLIDAY GUIDE | 22 DON JUAN CHORIZO IBERICO Don Juan Iberico ham comes from the superior Iberian heritagebreed. Free-range foraging on natural pastures and natural curing provide the ham with a flavor and texture unlike any other ham. This deep red Chorizo offers a complex, full-bodied flavor and bite. 563982 | 10/3 OZ | SLICED 561203 | 6/1.25 LB

DON JUAN JAMON SERANO Don Juan Serrano hails from the Village of Calamocha in Spain. Using traditional techniques, only the highest cuts of pork leg are selected. They are salted and cured for a minimum of 13 months. It is slightly less fatty than its Italian counterpart Prosciutto, giving it a firmer texture and a rich, deep flavor. 563983 | 10/3 OZ


BLACK KASSEL SALAMI WHIPS For centuries, Black Kassel has been crafting high-quality salami using time-honored traditions. Each variety features its own unique combination of lean ground pork, black pepper and other spices. Then they are naturally hardwood smoked and dry-cured to perfectio. Pre-packaged Salami Whips are perfect for on-the-go protein- now available in Hatch Chile and Honey Bourbon. 069554 | 16/2 OZ | HONEY BOURBON 066562 | 16/2 OZ | HATCH CHILE

HOLIDAY GUIDE | 24 TANARA CULATTA Culatta is a premium version of Prosciutto di Parma that Italians have been enjoying for decades. It is crafted with the same quality pork used to create its traditional counterpart. Rather than curing the entire leg, the most select portion is removed and cured individually for a minimum of 12 months to develop a rich flavor and soft butterytexture. 051183 | 2/11 LB 058533 | 2/8.5 LB, LOAF 058545 | 10/3 OZ | SLICED

TANARA PROSCIUTTO PARMA, 30 MOS Tanara Prosciutto di Parma is celebrated for its robust flavor, unique sweetness, and delicate texture. This prosciutto is hand salted and cured extra-long for 30 months. Extra care is taken at every step of production by the Tanara family, leading to a truly special Prosciutto. 059791 | 1/15 LB


https://www.nytimes. com/2021/03/22/dining/ culatta-prosciutto.html


PIACENTINI SLICED COPPA P.D.O. Coppa Piacentina features a delicate scent with a touch of pepper, and a sweet balanced flavor. Crafted in Emilia, Italy using only local pork, this premium cured cut is hand wrapped in natural casing and cured for a minimum of 6 months. 059154 | 10/3.5 OZ

PIACENTINI ANTIPASTO TRAY P.D.O. Piacentini's Antipasto Tray provides an opportunity to sample all three of the brand's premium PDO specialties at once- Coppa Piacentina PDO, Salame Piacentino PDO, and Pancetta Piacentina PDO. Piacentini's products uphold their PDO standards by only sourcing local pigs from the Emilia Romagna and Lombardia regions and only packing products in the Piacenza province to ensure traditional craftsmanship and premium quality. 059155 | 10/4 OZ

Ibéricos Covap is the sum of more than 300 small farmers who, for four generations, have been dedicated to raising the finest Ibérico pigs. The free-range pigs roam one of the largest holm oak forests in the world, eating up to 20 pounds of acorns a day. These fallen acorns are sweeter than most, and as a result, Esencia Unica cured ham, salami and chorizo are nuanced and very balanced instead of salty.

ESENCIA UNICA CHORIZO SALAMI Born of a deep respect for traditional recipes and dishes, acornfed Ibérico Salami offers a characteristic flavor with nuances of natural spice and slight notes of pepper. 569262 | 12/2.5 OZ

ESENCIA UNICA CHORIZO BELLOTA Made from high-quality clean label, nitrate-free Ibérico Chorizo features notable aromas of paprika and spice. 569263 | 12/2.5 OZ

ESENCIA UNICA BELLOTA IBERICO JAMON This dry-cured, acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Jamon is truly exceptional. The lean meat, beautifully marbled with fat, offers a unique flavor with both sweet and savory notes that evoke acorns, honey, and damp earth, and result in an explosion of intense, persistent taste that leaves you wanting more. 561229 | 12/2.5 OZ



HOLIDAY GUIDE | 28 Indulge in these sweet crisps as a lighter substitute to breakfast donuts, evening cookies or holiday pastries. Our favorite way to enjoy these phyllo crisps is paired with Brie, chevre or goat cheese for a mouth-watering flavor combination. NUBAKE PHYLLO CRISPS Carefully layered by hand, fresh Phyllo dough sheets are topped with dried fruits, jumbo oats, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and a dash of cinnamon. They are cut into bite-size pieces and baked to a perfect golden brown, with a finishing drizzle of honey. 481359 | 12/2.8 OZ | APRICOT HONEY 481360 | 12/2.8 OZ | APPLE CINNAMON 481361 | 12/2.8 OZ | CRANBERRY OAT


DREAM PRETZELS PRESSELS A plant-based twist on a classic pretzel chip. This baked snack is crafted using unique, state-of-the-art-technology creating a thin texture and great taste with low breakage making it ideal for dipping, stacking, and snacking. Available in 7.1 oz, 2.1 oz and bulk sizes along with flavors like sea salt, sesame, everything and sriracha. 616156 | 12/7.1 OZ | EVERYTHING 616157 | 12/7.1 OZ | SEA SALT 616158 | 12/7.1 OZ | SESAME 616159 | 12/7.1 OZ | SIRACHA


DON JUAN MARCONA ALMONDS Known as the “Queen of Almonds,” Marconas are praised for their sweet, creamy taste and high nutritional value. The almonds are roasted, fried in olive oil, then salted for a taste of savory and sweet. 563780 | 1/8.3 LB BUCKET | FRIED & SALTED 563781 | 1/8.3 LB BUCKET | WITH OLIVE OIL 563988 | 1.83 LB BUCKET | ROSEMARY & SEA SALT WITH ADDITIONAL OLIVE OIL 563958 | 12/4.2 OZ | FRIED & SALTED 563966 | 12/4.2 OZ | ROSEMARY & SEA SALT 561208 | 12/4.2 OZ | TRUFFLE

SNOWDONIA CHUTNEYS Traditionally handcrafted by cooking the finest ingredients in copper pots, Snowdonia's new chutney collection is bursting with flavor. Produced in North Wales, all three unique recipes are the perfect complement to Snowdonia cheese and any holiday board. 201204 | 12/3.5 OZ | BALSAMIC AND ONION 201205 | 12/4 OZ | PEAR, DATE & COGNAC 201206 | 12/3.5 OZ | TOMATO VODKA


EDMOND FALLOT DIJON MUSTARD Black and brown mustard seeds are steeped in verjuice, brine and wine vinegar then stone ground and sieved for a smooth, golden past with a ton of bite! This is the classic ingredient in true mayonnaise, vinaigrettes and pan sauces, a necessity for any pantry. FAL100A | 12/7.4 OZ FAL610 | 24/1 OZ | PORTION JAR

EDMOND FALLOT OLD FASHIONED (SEED STYLE) MUSTARD A combination of black and brown mustard seeds macerated in verjuice, brine and wine vinegar, then roughly milled leaving some seeds whole. This version is not sieved. A hearty, more rustic, less spicy version of Dijon that adds crunch and texture to your dish. Excellent for coating a leg of lamb for roasting or cuts for the grill. FAL103A | 12/7.4 OZ FAL611 | 24/1 OZ | PORTION JAR



Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean and a taste of Dalmatia®! Dalmatia’s award-winning spreads are ideal for holiday entertaining –perfect with cheeses of all varieties, as fillings for baked goods— and the savory spreads are a wonderful addition to any charcuterie or antipasto plate.



Strawberry’s sweet and innocent scent and flavor reminds us of how beautiful life is! It’s unique and fruity flavors inspire us to explore nature’s purest moments. Allow your senses to write their own lovely story, while your palate explores the essence of strawberry!

The rose is known for its simplicity and its magnificence. Its regal beauty and gentle fragrance move and intoxicate us. Dalmatia® created Rosehip Spread with the idea of maintaining the essence of this beauty, with its mild flavor and alluring texture.

481347 | 12/8.5 OZ

DALMATIA® ORGANIC APRICOT SPREAD One of the most aromatic fruits, apricot has a vivid and irresistible scent which will charm and enchant. Its golden color and gentle floral aroma entice the senses and the bright yet subtle flavor lingers on the palate 481350 | 12/8.5 OZ

DALMATIA® ORGANIC BLACKBERRY SPREAD Queen of the forest fruits! blackberry’s combination of sweetness and tartness with its rich, deep color is mesmerizing. This beauty from the Eastern Balkans has an unforgettable allure. Allow nature to introduce your palate to this wild treasure. 481349 | 12/8.5 OZ

481352 | 12/8.5 OZ

DALMATIA® ORGANIC SUPER BERRY SPREAD A super day begins with a super morning and a super breakfast. Our new spread is a perfect mix of antioxidant superfoods - sweet blueberries, exotic goji berries and deep purple aronia berries. Great for breakfast or any time of day! 481366 | 12/8.5 OZ

DALMATIA® ORGANIC HAZELNUT SPREAD This delicious nutty flavor of hazelnuts accented with a hint of cocoa and our seedless sweet figs creates a unique, decadent experience. The deep hazelnut aroma and flavor combine with a Dalmatia’s signature texture to give you a truly wonderful treat! 489527 | 12/8.5 OZ


DALMATIA® SOUR CHERRY SPREAD Perfectly ripened sour cherries from the Pannonian Valley of Eastern Croatia are cooked with great care to preserve their natural character and create a wonderfully tart, yet sweet spread, overflowing with flavor. 481336 | 4/3.3 LB | PAIL 481338 | 12/8.5 OZ 481348 | 30/1 OZ

DALMATIA® FIG SPREAD This all-natural, fruit-rich spread is made of Adriatic figs. Cooked with great care to protect the integrity of the fruit and to create a rich, full-bodied, fruity flavor - an unsurpassed tasting experience! Each and every fig is inspected by hand for quality. 481335 | 4/3.5 LB | PAIL 487360 | 12/8.5 OZ 481342 | 30/1 OZ


776 DELUXE GREEK CONIFER & ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY A unique blend of ‘forest’ or ‘honeydew’ honey from the Peloponnese with honey made from the blossoms of orange trees in the region. It has a refreshingly light citrus taste balanced with slight orange peel bitterness. This honey pairs exceptionally well with young goat and cheddar cheeses. GRK302 | 6/ 8.8 OZ

PORTOMAR SPANISH COCKLES IN BRINE Cockles are collected by hand on the beaches of the Galician coast at low tide. Because of the richness of the waters, their flavor is unbeatable. They are seasoned only with sea salt. POR100 | 12/111 GR

PORTOMAR SPANISH MUSSELS IN PICKLED SAUCE FROM GALICIAN ESTURIES The Galician Rias (D.O.P.) is one of the most important places to cultivate mussels. These premium mussels are lightly fried and packed in the traditional regional sauce, Escabeche, made with vinegar and a paprika marinade. POR120 | 12/111 GR

PORTOMAR SPANISH OCTOPUS IN OLIVE OIL Portomar octopus is hand-packed in olive oil; they are perfect for tossing in a salad with orange or grapefruit segments and radicchio or tossed with celery and olives. Excellent with boiled or sautéed potatoes and a light dusting of pimentón. POR130 | 12/111 GR


HOT CALABRESE PEPPERS Each of these hot red peppers has a distinct palate stimulating flavor created by a unique marinade of herbs, oils and spices to infuse a fiery twist in any dish. 051095 | 12/9.17 OZ

GREEN CERIGNOLA OLIVES They have a crisp bite, firm texture with an extremely mild and buttery flavor. The green Cerignola are known to be the firmest while the black variety is the softest. Delicious as a snack all by themselves. 051252 | 12/6.7 OZ

GREEN CASTELVETRANO OLIVES Medium-sized and round, these olives are harvested in September before their natural ripening so the olive boasts a beautiful bright green color and crisp pulp. 051250 | 12/6.7 OZ

ITALIAN OLIVE MIX A fully seasoned blend of pitted Italian olives and bell peppers that will add color and taste to any meal or recipe. This acclaimed mix is seasoned with sunflower and olive oil tossed with garlic cloves, parsley, oregano and basil. 051097 | 12/10.23 OZ




L’ESTORNELL 100% ARBEQUINA This striking white bottle contains 100% Arbequina olive oil and exhibits all the traits this olive is prized for. The flavor of artichoke predominates with a sweet aftertaste and a smooth, subtle finish with no pepper. VEA017 | 6/500 ML

GALATEO & FRIENDS TAGGIASCA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL WHITE WRAP BOTTLE 100% Taggiasca monovarietal olives. Clear golden yellow. It is mild with a smooth finish. Traces of ripe fruit, flowers, almonds and pine nuts. It is languid and sweet with a round and delicate finish. GAL104 | 6/500 ML

MELCHIORRI EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, L`INTENDITORE D.O.P 100% Moraiolo olives from Umbria. A delicate and fragrant floral bouquet with almond and fresh grass notes. Full and fruity flavor with a medium-mild pungency. 050670 | 12/500 ML

A L’OLIVIER EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL True to Provençal style, the oil is low on acidity and high on versatility. Beautifully presented in a traditional stoneware bottle and stylish tins and drums, this is an ideal oil for those looking for a fruity, mild olive flavor. AL801 | 6/700 ML | WHITE DRUM AL2200 | 6/250 ML | SPRAY BOTTLE

A L’OLIVIER EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL INFUSED WITH PORCINI-TRUFFLE The truffle essence is extracted in Grasse, France, the world’s perfume and essential oil capital. This rich oil is for enhancing mushroom risotto, pasta and pizza. AL514 | 6/8.45 OZ

ALBERETO EXTRA VIRGIN IGP TUSCAN OLIVE OIL CERTIFIED ORGANIC A portion of Badia a Coltibuono’s olive grove At podere Albereto, overlooking the Arno river valley, is dedicated to the production of this organic oil. Pressed immediately after harvest to achieve the full expression of this rare oil’s aroma and flavor. Production is limited. C0010 | 6/500 ML



TRADIZIONALE ACETO BALSAMICO Two consortiums, one from Modena and one from Reggio Emilia, taste and determine which products will be labeled as Tradizionale Aceto Balsamico DOP. It is made only with cooked grape must (mosto cotto), from specified local varietals. It is fermented and aged in casks of oak, cherry, mulberry, chestnut and juniper of decreasing size (batterie), using the solera method. The result is a nuanced, viscous elixir with a harmonious balance of sweet and sour. It is aged for no less than 12 years before being presented to a panel of judges.

CAVALLI TRADITIONAL BALSAMIC - GOLD SEAL (OLDER THAN 25 YEARS) MASTERCASE OF 4 UNITS An extraordinarily complex and rich balsamic with harmonious fragrances. It is more sweet than sour. It is dense, suave and persistent. This balsamic is splendid drizzled over savory and spicy cheeses, strawberries, cherries, and creamy desserts. It also makes the perfect ending to a meal, sipped from a spoon or cordial glass. Each 100ml bottle of Gold Seal Balsamic Vinegar is numbered and comes boxed with an informative booklet containing the Company’s history and recipes. G0127 | 4/100 ML

CAVALLI TRADITIONAL BALSAMIC - SILVER SEAL (AT LEAST 12 YEARS) MASTERCASE OF 4 UNITS Silver Seal has a strong, sweet fragrance with thick, rich acidity and an intense bouquet. Plummy sweetness, cordovan color and delicate balance render this balsamic the leader in its category. Bottles are numbered and come boxed with an informative booklet containing the company’s history and recipes. G0128 | 4/100 ML

ACETAIA CAVALLI SOFT & SPICY BALSAMIC The newest member of Cavalli Balsamic is infused with the flavors and aromas of the winter holidays; star anise and cinnamon. To accompany lamb, roasted winter squash, beets or zabaglione. G0138 | 6/250 ML


VILLA MANODORI DARK CHERRY BALSAMICO VINEGAR OF MODENA Aged in barrels made from the region’s famed Vignola cherry trees for nine years, use it to glaze game, pork or duck. The dark cherry notes impart a beautiful flavor to vegetables and salads, serve as the perfect foil to a cheese course, and complement desserts exquisitely. VM101 | 6/250 ML

A L’OLIVIER BALSAMIC VINEGAR OF MODENA Taste and practicality meet in this Balsamic Spray from A L’Olivier. The spray bottle allows for maximum coverage and minimum use of balsamic when dressing salads or finishing dishes. AL2202 | 6/250 ML | SPRAY BOTTLE

TOSCHI GEMMA NERA GOLD IGP MODENA Crafted from the highest quality Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Gemma Nera has a round, velvety taste. Its flavor represents a perfectly balance harmony between sweet and bitter. Aged for two months, the Gemma Nera vinegar has a 75% grape must, making it sweeter and thicker than traditional balsamic vinegars. 050824 | 6/250 ML



AMARENA CHERRIES Only the finest black Amarena cherries are selected for Toschi’s famous candied treat. Try these sweet cherries alongside tangy Gorgonzola cheese for a robust cheese platter or use them to top a decadent Belgian waffle. Pair with your favorite cocktail, such as an old fashioned. 052019 | 6/8.8 OZ 050625 | 6/10.6 OZ 050846 | 6/18 OZ 055315 | 6/1 KG

NUBAKE BAKLAVA These crispy, sweet pastries are delicately hand-made with the finest phyllo pastry sheets, filled with almonds, cashews and walnuts, which are steeped in butter and then gently coated with light syrup. The hand-cut and hand-crafted pieces of Baklava are a divine treat; enjoy one with coffee, tea or a dessert cocktail. 481365 | 32/2.5 OZ

HOLIDAY GUIDE | 45 SAN IGNACIO®, DULCE DE LECHE TRADITIONAL San Ignacio’s heirloom recipe yields Dulce de Leche with a smooth, silky and creamy mouth feel with deep, caramelized flavor and milky sweetness. Simply used as a topping for ice cream or yogurt, alongside flan, to make sandwich cookies (alfajores), as dip for fruit or simply spread on toast.

SAN 100 | 12/16 OZ

DECA & OTTO DULCE DE LECHE Deca & Otto's Dulce de Leche is the most sophisticated version of this traditional dairy sweet. Fresh water buffalo milk is sweetened and cooked to obtain very elegant flavor and aroma. This Dulce de Leche has a silky and smooth texture, a shinybronzed color and a natural sweet taste. Use it as an "secret" ingredient in desserts like cheesecake and custards, as a filling for crepes, or as a topping for ice cream. Or enjoy it the best way: simply off the spoon! 0990001 | 6/14 OZ


LA ROSE NOIR SMALL ROUND VANILLA TARTSHELL Shells are handmade and 100% straight-edged, both inside and outside. The hand coated shells are made with pure butter and natural vanilla extract without preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, GMO's and trans fat. Durable, easy to use and vacuum packed with nitrogen to ensure freshness. 8090417X | 1/125 CT

LA ROSE NOIR LARGE ROUND GLUTEN-FREE TARTSHELL Buttery and flaky, these gluten-free tart shells are crafted with premium all-natural inredients including free-range eggs and fresh butter. They are packed in biodegradeable trays and make elegant desserts filled with lemon curd, chocolate mousse, glazed fruit, or vanilla pastry cream. 8009517 | 1/45 CT

LA ROSE NOIR MEDIUM ROUND GINGERBREAD TARTSHELL These unique gingerbread tarts are a mix of exotic spices: cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, pepper and ginger. Perfect for holiday desserts. 8095171 | 1/120CT


HACO CRÈME BRÛLÉEE DESSERT MIX No bake crème brulee mix that provides excellent taste and texture while reducing labor behind the counter. This easy, egg-free custard can be poured into tart shells or paired with our no-flame crème brulee topping for a made-in store gourmet treat. 8000801 | 6/12OZ

BAKBEL MIRROR GLAZE A ready-to-use, high-quality line of cold application glazes designed to use on pastries, cakes and desserts such as mousses, cheesecakes and fruit tarts. Simply apply with a brush to fresh fruits or spread using a palette knife on cakes. 8041021 | 1/7KG



TORINO GROUND DRIP COFFEE Torino is an aromatic roast of 100% Arabica coffee harvested from the highlands of Central and South America. The delicate taste is balanced with a pleasant acidity and complex fruit aromas. 050470 | 6/12 OZ

VENEZIA GROUND DRIP COFFEE Composed of 100% Arabica selected from the finest Central and South American sources, Venezia makes a cup that is fragrant with a smooth, delicate flavor. 050471 | 6/12 OZ

FIRENZE GROUND DRIP COFFEE Firenze blends the sweet flavor of Central American Arabica and the intense chocolate aroma of Asiatic Robusta for a delicate and fragrant yet full-bodied coffee. 050469 | 6/12 OZ



This blend of the finest washed Arabica beans cultivated in Latin America and African finished off with a touch of Robusta acidity. Releases fresh citrus and floral aromas with a scent of cedar wood.

A blend with a strong and decisive character. A full and fragrant aroma with spicy notes combined with a rich and persistent body with slightly bitter nuances, typical of Robusta origins.

050460 | 6X10/5 G 050467 | 4X50/5 G

CREMOSO A full and fragrant blend of Arabica beans from Central and South America an African Robusta which contribute spice, chocolate and a slight bitterness. The extract has a compact hazelnut colored crema. 050461 | 6X10/5 G

DECAF A decaffeinated selection of Arabica beans from Central America and African with intense fruity notes and hints of sandalwood from Asian Robusta, make a blend rich with a warm spicy aroma. 050462 | 6X10/5 G

NAPOLI A blend with a strong and decisive character. A full and fragrant aroma with spicy notes combined with a rich and persistent body with slightly bitter nuances, typical of Robusta origins.

050468 | 6X10/5 G

051063 | 4X50/5 G

CAFFE V CAPSULE ESPRESSO LUNGO A blend of select Arabica and Robusta origins from Center-South America and Africa. Aromatic and balanced, with citrus aromas, slightly spicy tones strong, persistent flavor and a pleasant aftertaste of dark chocolate. Ideal as a long pour/ double serving. 050464 | 4X50/5 G