Casa Diva Red & Green Sliced Cherry Peppers

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BRAND: CASA DIVA ORIGIN: PERU SLICED RED & GREEN CHERRY PEPPERS Taste convenience and quality in Casa Diva Sliced Red & Green Cherry Peppers. They are cut uniformly replacing endless prep time in the kitchen. Each pepper is picked at the peak of freshness, ensuring a quality product and spicy-sweet taste. They are packed in vinegar to preserve their crunchy texture.

ITEM# 421233 | PACK SIZE: 4/1 GAL

CULINARY APPLICATIONS • Use as the base for a homemade relish • Add sweet-heat to salads and sandwiches • Excellent topping for pizza • Chop and use as a unique filling for an omlete

FEATURES/BENEFITS • Pre-Sliced for Convenience • Packaged in a resealable container - use what is needed and preserve the freshness of the rest • All Natural • Fresh All Year Long

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